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American Gangster - soon come!!!

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Mistajam | 21:47 UK time, Friday, 9 November 2007

I've been really busy with the show this week so haven't had time to write that "American Gangster" review...SO... I'm off to see the movie on Monday - I'll be hitting you up with a review of not only the Jay-Z album inspired by the film but I'll also get my Jonathan Ross on and give you a review of the Denzel & Russell flick!

To hold you off til then - here's the video for Jigga's Roc Boys off the album. By far the best video I've seen from Jay since 99 Problems:


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    Hey! Get that review up, the film looks great and look forward to hearing your thoughts heh! Also, you might want to check out a film called Cocaine Cowboys, which is a documentary about the real life drug traffickers in Miami. Looks amazing, think they have a site at

    Lookin forward to hearin this album!

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