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Oscar Fever

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Mistajam | 07:18 UK time, Sunday, 18 February 2007

The Oscars Are Coming

As it's the Oscars this coming weekend, this week on the HipHop M1X Show, I'm gonna be playing 4 HOURS (yes, the whole 4 hours) of the biggest tracks either from films or inspired by films.

I need help though. I need help filling those 4 hours so what are your biggest tracks either from a movie, sampling a movie or inspired by a movie?


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  1. 1.
    • At 01:06 PM on 22 Feb 2007,
    • Nelson wrote:

    Gotta play the classic track 'Criminology' from the cuban linx lp mistajam. Heavy sample on the intro lifted from the classic that is Scarface!

  2. 2.
    • At 05:01 PM on 22 Feb 2007,
    • SikRik of Notts wrote:

    Mobb deep ft Nas "It's Mine" (Scarface sample)

    Coolio "Gangster's Paradise" (Dangerous Minds)

    Mobb deep "Shook ones" (8 mile) (Opening scene & Last battle)

    MethodMan & RedMan "How High" (How High)

    Ice Cube "Ghetto Bird" (menace to society) Although "Ghetto Bird" wasn't on the soundtrack which i found disappointing.

    Soul to soul "Back to life" (Belly) (opening scene) It's sick when the beat drops over the accapella. I managed to get this on vinyl from selecter disc for £2.50 buzzing!

    Cage "Agent Orange" (Clockwork Orange Sample) Great production from Necro

    Necro "Dead body Disposal" (Snatch sample)
    But i know you probebley can't broadcast this track on the air. Murderous tune tho!

    Cant think of anymore at the mo, but will submitt more if i do


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