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Mistajam | 16:46 UK time, Friday, 16 February 2007

Just seems oh so relevant.


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  1. 1.
    • At 08:56 PM on 16 Feb 2007,
    • amy clynes wrote:

    roll deep i love u ya great xxx xx

  2. 2.
    • At 09:23 PM on 16 Feb 2007,
    • brownz wrote:

    very good video. its good for the youts who look up to mans like nasty to have this very clear message on the way guns ruin lives including your own!

  3. 3.
    • At 09:35 PM on 16 Feb 2007,
    • elliott wrote:

    yh ot 2 trident sz if i aint spet it right lol stop da guns. guns dnt solve ny fink ppl wen u all gunna gt it into ya head ot 2 drb nd sev nd ffg dnt foget SRW london lot yh ot ppl but most of all roll deep yh man i c u reppin it all ova da place l8rzz

  4. 4.
    • At 12:25 PM on 17 Feb 2007,
    • just askin' wrote:

    True that. Trident dropping this on disc on them estates for free? Plant that seed of thought in the clubs for free too cos aint no wayward wannabe gangsta thug juvenile watching it on BBC from a computer...they getting high roaming the streets and fighting over road they don't own. just askin'...

  5. 5.
    • At 01:22 PM on 17 Feb 2007,
    • tara wrote:

    this is a phat tune xXx

  6. 6.
    • At 06:44 PM on 17 Feb 2007,
    • leanne wrote:

    gud 2 see sumthins steppin up 2 help waste youts realise how stupid they are being carrying guns on the streets. they dont make you look bad they make you look weak! if you need a weapon to sort your troubles then ur just stupid. heavy tune still!

  7. 7.
    • At 09:13 PM on 17 Feb 2007,
    • merrick wrote:

    youts need to start using dem head and stop actin on impulse. what they are calling badness is pure madness. tuff vid good tune blood

  8. 8.
    • At 12:57 AM on 18 Feb 2007,
    • SoniK MC wrote:

    nice to see mans being positive but still holding it down and keeping it gritty...that's street knowledge, keeping it intelligent yet relevant. better than the pop pop bang bang waste mans on channel U atm...i think some big names from the UK scene can take notes here, rolldeep leading the way with this. stop the guns people.

  9. 9.
    • At 12:44 AM on 19 Feb 2007,
    • BIGBO$$D wrote:

    Yo Yo Respect Going Out To RollDeep Man Phat Tune And The Message It Send'z Is Sound Blud Stop The Gun'z Don't Do Nutting Sept Make Live's Worse Big Up n Respect Peace Out BIGBO$$D

  10. 10.
    • At 10:11 AM on 19 Feb 2007,
    • mc muffin wrote:

    badman is a phat tune! BIG respect to ROLLDEEP nd there right gunz dnt do any ting 4 the streetz.

  11. 11.
    • At 11:34 AM on 20 Feb 2007,
    • KELLY wrote:

    keep it real

  12. 12.
    • At 12:02 PM on 20 Feb 2007,
    • mc dime wrote:

    best mc in eats london love 2 all

  13. 13.
    • At 04:46 PM on 20 Feb 2007,
    • MC DIME wrote:

    yo dis is mc dime im from east london i think dis song fat and shows that gunz r bad and that anyone can pull a triger so u aint hard if u ave a gun love ya all

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