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Mistajam | 23:35 UK time, Monday, 8 January 2007

Been in bed for the past few days with some wipeout flu business going on - apologies for lack of updates. Being in bed with flu aches/nose/throat/head etc... coupled with a laptop at the repairers has meant I've been nowhere near tinterweb at all. Been watching a fair amount of telly and there's a lot of WACK ish on the TV right now.

Soaperstar Superstar? Please. If any of those soap actors/actresses get a recording contract off the back of that show then the A&R that signs them is clearly deaf!

Celebrity Big Brother has been SUPERwack. I know, I know, it always is right? This time I had held out hope as I thought we were going to have Lil Kim or maybe even Whitney Houston as per the rumours but instead we get Jermaine Jackson - the world's most boring Jackson! I suppose I shouldn't complain as it's been so boring, watching it has been helping me get some sleep!

Shout outs to Waking The Dead & Coronation St for being my respite from ru-hu-bb-ish TV. Tracey Barlow is gangsta.

Anyway, before normal blog business resumes tomorrow (back to a post a day - the doctor prescribed it!!) this past Friday I covered for Ace & Vis on the 1Xtra Takeover on Radio One. For the uninitiated, it's a 1 hour show giving Radio One listeners a taste of what we do on 1Xtra 24 hours a day. Check it out here if you wanna listen again to it. I won't hold it against you if you don't. Or I might...

Have a play with this courtesy of VH1's The White Rapper Show, but beware, it's addictive!

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