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The Great Donuts Mix Fraud...

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Mistajam | 17:49 UK time, Thursday, 25 January 2007

Last year, I posted up here a link to a blog that contained a mix of all the original tracks that J Dilla had used for Donuts after featuring it on the HipHop M1X Show. The mix, I was informed, was done by a guy called Jzzy from Holland - we discovered the mix via Jzzy's blog and emailed asking for permission to air it before we did.


Seems that Jzzy didn't do the mix. Instead the mix was done by AME, a producer/DJ from Belgium; so as per the Hip Hop vernacular, PROPS to AME - whoever did it, it was a great mix and a fitting tribute to a passed genius. Check AME's myspace and his myspace blog post about it. There may even be a link for you to "hear" the mix...but I didn't tell you that.


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    • At 10:34 AM on 26 Jan 2007,
    • depics wrote:

    j Z Z Z y

    Big Up AME

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