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The White Rapper Show

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Mistajam | 17:07 UK time, Thursday, 21 December 2006

Here's something we need to see over here in the UK: Ego Trip's The White Rapper Show.

The man responsible for introducing the world to Nas and MF Doom as the frontman of 3rd Bass - MC Serch - is hosting a new reality show on VH1 in the USA called 'The White Rapper Show'.

The show takes 10 wannabe white rappers and moves them to the birthplace of HipHop culture - The Bronx in NY, where they'll learn about HipHop culture, history and how to be an emcee. Big brother style, rappers will be voted off each week until the last rapper standing gets $100k and "something money can't buy...respect"

Knowing what the Ego Trip guys and MC Serch are like, I think this is going to be hilarious. I mean, FLAVOR OF LOVE hilarious (which anyone who saw that show will know is HILARIOUS with a capital HIL!). Check more info about it here here and here

What do you think? If we did a UK version, who would win?


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  1. 1.

    HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR TO MY FAMILY AT BBC 1XTRA AND MISTAJAM. Sorry to yell it out but I believe it deserves to be told across everywhere.

  2. 2.
    • At 02:26 AM on 24 Dec 2006,
    • rish wrote:

    hahaha, over here it'd be more like tommy evans taking ten black rappers to the home counties to win £100 and the respect of jeremy and thomas lol.

  3. 3.

    rish - so on point its unreal!

  4. 4.
    • At 08:04 PM on 10 Jan 2007,
    • jbeat wrote:

    Anyone know if the white rapper show will be available on UK TV in the near future?

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