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Sway Wins - Real Talk

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Mistajam | 18:08 UK time, Wednesday, 1 November 2006

BET Award winner Sway at UK Takeover 4

That's right, you voted Sway the artist you wanted to win the BET award for Best UK HipHop and imho (in my humble opinion for those non web-geeks) he deserves the award.

Real talk time...

Without doubt, there has been no other artist in British music (never mind just British HipHop) who has promoted and marketed and sold his INDEPENDENT material to the level that Sway has done. Every magazine, every website, even every newspaper had something about Sway at one point - hell, I even saw him on the BBC's Culture Show! Say what you want about his lyrical ability, his songs or the fact that he didn't get a top 10 hit; the man has paid dues, been consistent, been smart and done more by himself and for himself in the past 18 months than most (notice I said most, not all...before you all jump on me) British HipHop artists have done in the past 18 years. In fact you can count the others on 2 hands...

That's not to say that Blak Twang, Dizzee Rascal and Kano didn't deserve to win the award (notice I didn't mention Plan B?) just that 2006 has been Sway's year.

Sway and I haven't always seen eye to eye, in fact, we haven't spoken at all since the UK Takeover and truth be told - we didn't talk on the regs before that but - real talk - Sway, well done. Make sure you fly the flag for the UK in Atlanta and tell them Americans we're coming!

Check the info about the awards here - and if you want to win VIP treatment to see the prestigious event in Atlanta, USA, make sure you're listening to Semtex's Friday Night Mixtape, 7-10pm and my Friday night show coming live from the Southport Weekender from 10pm-12am this Friday 3rd November.


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  1. 1.

    No history between me and Plan B... Just don't think he's as good as his PR would have you believe. Absolutely nothing against the bloke at all, people who have met him said that he's a pretty decent bloke; just dont think that he's that good...

    Simple as really.

  2. 2.

    I\'l be back... :)r

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