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The good doctor's new book

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Mistajam | 22:19 UK time, Sunday, 8 October 2006

In honour of my interview with his advocate tomorrow, here's a little Dr Dre news taken from

A new Dr. Dre opus is coming sooner than you think, but it's not the long-awaited Detox album--and it's not by Dr. Dre. The acclaimed producer has lived a largely reclusive life outside of the media, but author Ronin Ro's upcoming book Dr. Dre: The Biography aims to reveal the artist's celebrated life through extensive reporting, interviews, and research. "We see his life in context--a few important facts about his personal life, how many of the hits were created, and how he runs Aftermath," Ro told "[Also], the chain of events that led to Tupac's comments [and] how Dre reacted to the changes Hip-Hop underwent during the past few years." The book also examines the viewpoints of insiders around Dr. Dre while chronicling many of the luminaries he introduced to pop culture, including Eminem, 50 Cent, and the Game.

If you read "Have Gun Will Travel" then you know already that this will be a definite must read - but I'm not too sure if it's gonna be that accurate. Dre's always been a quiet guy so will this blow the lid of the shroud of secrecy or just leave us with more questions? Will it tell us why it takes Dre years to get his projects out there? Will it shed light on what really went down with Death Row? or more topically, will it break down what his view of his working relationship with the Game and 50 Cent is? What do you think??


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