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White & Nerdy

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Mistajam | 17:11 UK time, Thursday, 21 September 2006

Just incase you didn't see it on the messageboard

Weird Al still got the crazy parodies! Jokes!!


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  1. 1.
    • At 11:24 PM on 21 Sep 2006,
    • martin wrote:

    that is funny as man love it m8 spotty dog

  2. 2.

    I'm listening to Mistajam and enjoying every moment. The Hip Hop and Show is great.

  3. 3.
    • At 03:04 PM on 22 Sep 2006,
    • stu c wrote:

    still laughing from hearing it on last nights show...funny as !!!!

  4. 4.
    • At 07:38 PM on 22 Sep 2006,
    • elliot wrote:

    this song is wicked, although they are taking the piss!

  5. 5.

    This is a great video from Weird Al Yankovic. If you want to see this video on national music channels, such as TMF, The Hits and MTV UK, then vote for it!
    Make the radio stations play White & Nerdy -help to make it a chart topper in the UK!
    Al's album, "Straight Outta Lynwood" is out now to buy in the stores!
    Why not check out Al's Myspace page:

  6. 6.

    Do you want to see "Weird Al" Yankovic tour the UK?
    Make your demands at the following link - we need your help:-

  7. 7.
    • At 09:47 AM on 02 Oct 2007,
    • Zihtuvxs wrote:

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