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I've just seen Flavor of Love...

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Mistajam | 23:32 UK time, Sunday, 17 September 2006

and all I can say is Oh. My. God....Cringing for the whole show, but something tells me I'll be watching next week.

In other news, Flava Flav is the same age as my father. THAT is scary.


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  1. 1.

    Great Blog.

  2. 2.

    Heh... Season 1's women are sane in comparison to the munters in Season 2...

    one girl defecated on herself, and then bragged about it because it made her STAND OUT from the crowd...

    (or so I hear... because of course I don't watch any of that mindless brain-rotting drivel)

    *adjusts glasses*
    *refolds Wall Street Journal*
    *sips claret*
    *switches Fox News back on*

  3. 3.

    you need to find the episode where some chick poops on the carpet on youtube!

  4. 4.

    ^haha....that was horrible. The old girl just drop a little load on the stairs whilst running to the toilet.

    That Hoops bird was buff though.

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