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Big Views on Big News...

Mistajam | 14:26 UK time, Tuesday, 5 September 2006

Don't think I'm gonna ask for people's help on this blog lot are LONG!! I'mma take that ish to the message board.

While you lot are LONG, as always I remain on it (yeah right, which is why it's taken me 4 days to get round to writing this post) so let’s go through some news...

Everyone's favourite living fat Puerto Rican rapper, Fat Joe (notice I say living because everyone's favourite fat puerto rican rapper is Big Pun - and that's a fact) has recently signed a new deal with Jermaine Dupri and Virgin Records after leaving his former and 3rd label Atlantic. While this is good news for JD as he seems to have loads of decent female R&B singers signed but very few decent emcees signed (I'm looking at you Dem Franchize Boyz and Daz!) something tells me that the DITC reunion album the true schoolers (formerly known as backpackers) were waiting for might not happen. It's been quite a rocky road for Joe and record labels but it's good to know that he's signed with another major rather than the former-major-label-rapper-retirement-home or the used-to-be-dope-retirement-home (with the exception of Lord Jamar & Hi Tek of course). Good luck to him I say...but please don't feature any more dog ugly female rappers please.

Speaking of fat Puerto Rican rappers, congratulations to my boy Joell Ortiz who was recently signed to Aftermath! I predicted at the top of the year that he was one to watch and it seems like the good Dr Dre was listening to me! That's a damn good look for all involved, Joell is a SICK emcee and with the right backing, has the potential to be very big.

My favourite track at the moment, Push by Pharoahe Monch is currently getting a lot of support from both us at 1Xtra and also at our sister station Radio One (big up Zane and Annie). The video for it is here and it looks like Pharoahe's new label are spending some decent money on the project. About time too - Pharoahe's been one of my favourites since Internal Affairs (I'm a little too young to really remember Organized Konfusion) so I'd like to see this do well for him. I predict that it will actually enter the UK top 20 chart but this will only happen if people support it so don't holla at Limewire or Kaazaa for Push, buy it.

Has anyone seen the new advert for Diddy's perfume, sorry, aftershave "Unforgiven"? Even if it smells nice, the advert puts me off. Remember the cheesefests that were the Calvin Klein Eternity tv ads - where there'd be a half dressed man and woman, lots of soft lighting, waterfalls, beaches, wafting silk, soft focus and all that crap? Well, imagine that with Diddy. It's CAR CRASH TV. Someone put it up on youtube please! Never mind Unforgiven, more like Unforgivable. He needs to be careful, it's ammo for Fiddy Cent with their current beef. Diddy needs to stick to being a music mogul and signing artists like this. Aasim is the truth son! His new street song "And You Say NYC" is RIDICULOUS! You know where to go if you want to hear it!

That should do it for now. For legal reasons I've stayed away from commenting on Lil Kim vs Tanya Stephens' legal battle, Mos Def being arrested outside the VMAs and Ronald "Mr Biggs" Isley being arrested over non-payment of taxes - don't want to get myself arrested or sued!

Agree/Disagree with my views? Let me know...


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  1. 1.
    • At 10:34 PM on 05 Sep 2006,
    • Tee Dogg wrote:

    Wow Joell Ortez has signed to Aftermath?! that's big but it'll be 2010 before he drops if ever. Dre's got Stat Quo, Bishop Lamont, maybe Eve and Gage to put out.

    Been waiting 7 years for that new Pharoahe, mad hearing Zane play 'Push' out in Ibiza! If Steve Rifkind and SRC promote it right they could have a 'Hey Ya' on there hands. Apparently the albums real soulful, can't wait to hear it.

    Big up Mos Def for speak out! Oh n for missing that child support too.....haha conscious rappers, hey?

  2. 2.
    • At 03:12 PM on 06 Sep 2006,
    • Mr_soled wrote:

    There's a reason why Zane and Annie Mac have been all over the new Pharoahe Monch joint - ITS WACK! Commercial hip-hop by numbers for the masses what know no better - SPARE ME PLEASE JAM! There's at least a 100 UK tracks that deserve the money his label have spewed all over that video - support the homegrown!!

  3. 3.

    There's at least a 100 UK tracks that deserve the money his label have spewed all over that video

    Name them.

    support the homegrown!!

    I do support the homegrown if it's decent. UK Takeover says hi.

    Couple questions for ya:

    How is Push commercial HipHop by numbers? Where's the bling? Where's the bitch*s? Where's the cars and jewels?

    Some people just don't get SOULFUL music...

    As Jigga said "do you dudes listen to music/or just skip through it"

  4. 4.

    Hey MistaJam, you up early to be posting on 'the internets' -8.31!!!

    I do support the homegrown if it's decent.

    -that says it all really. I totally agree with Jam, and i only buy uk! (I can only afford a few records now and then so i choose to support homegrown.)

    Pharoahe deserves it, he's been around for time and it's a fair track.

    p.s i just sat here and tried to name 100 uk tracks that have deserved it, is very hard. For that matter trying to name 100 US tracks that deserved it is pretty hard!

  5. 5.
    • At 05:33 PM on 08 Sep 2006,
    • aamani wrote:

    Fat Joe....doesn't seem to matter which label he's on...his material doesn't resonate with lean back & that wasn't even a solo joint!!....

    Sean John...advert...uh please....his 'sexy''s not working for me....not impressed..would have preferred something fresh..original....

    Pharoah away from i do like him, however, after 7 years..this isn't exactly what i was expecting....i've heard it a few times & nah...not for me

    I know it seems as if i'm on a negative vibe, i promise you i'm's stirring me...need inspiration..that's alll..something for me to get excited over...

  6. 6.
    • At 10:18 PM on 13 Sep 2006,
    • Amy Jones wrote:

    what is the song that is featured on sean john's advert??? because i really like it and want to download it but when i try to find out i keep gettin told its by eminem and obie trice when its not!

    please help! and i think the advert is good!

  7. 7.

    The work the webmaster has done is worth bookmarking.

  8. 8.
    • At 03:22 PM on 09 Dec 2006,
    • jade wrote:

    what is the song called off the sean john unforgiable advert as i've been trying to download it as i love it

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