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BBC Travel News: A site in progress

Steve Phillips Steve Phillips | 12:04 UK time, Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The new BBC London travel site

Pretty simple request really - have a look at this. It's the new website for London's travel news from ourselves and will replace the current one which sits at

The new version's main feature is the draggable map, sprinkled with incidents across the capital. This will sit alongside the more familiar list that you've been used to.

At the moment, the site is in 'beta' version which basically means 'trial', so now's the time to get your thoughts in about what you like or don't like.

The current BBC London Travel index

Myself, I'm hoping that once the finished version is live it'll have a link to this blog (shameless promotion I know, that's me all over), plus links to travel stories similar to what we used to post on the old site (photo on the right).

I posted the link on our Twitter feed yesterday and the first opinions are favourable.

But I'm sending you, the jury, out. What's your verdict? Are we on the Road to Nowhere or have we taken the right turning? I'll stop now...


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