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Steve Phillips Steve Phillips | 10:00 UK time, Saturday, 17 July 2010

Crowding on the Tube

So earlier today I put this question on our Twitter feed...

'What would you describe as bad manners on the Tube or the buses?'

To coin a phrase, I was inundated by the responses.

Can you add to this list? Also, have you done of any of the list below, but don't see it as bad manners?

Breathe in, let the floodgates open:

  • Starting to get on a tube before people have finished getting off
  • Standing in the doorway and not moving to let others get off at a stop
  • Coughing on someone
  • Hot and smelly food
  • Snogging
  • Playing music on a speaker
  • Loud headphones
  • Phone keypad tones
  • Feet on seats
  • Bags on seats
  • Not making room on seats so others can sit down
  • Sitting on outside seat and not moving to let someone sit on inside seat
  • Not giving up a seat for pregnant/elderly passengers
  • Taking up a seat and a half
  • Not washing or brushing teeth
  • Body odour pushing on, pushing in
  • Forcing buggies onto crowded buses
  • Spitting
  • Leaving chewing gum on the floor/seat
  • Leaning/hugging on a pole when the tube is crowded so no one else can use it
  • Walking up busy stairs against the flow.
That's a list and a half.

Got anymore?

What makes us so bad mannered on the Tube?


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