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The start of the big transport squeeze?

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Tom Edwards Tom Edwards | 19:02 UK time, Wednesday, 30 June 2010

We are begining to get a drip drip drip of projects that have been "descoped" (that's cut back to most people) and today another one plopped into my inbox.

This time its the electronic counters at bus stops that tell you how long there is to the next bus.

London Travelwatch says the original 4000 is be cut to only 2500. That means only 1 in 6 bus stops will now have them. London Travelwatch thinks bus passengers will feel short-changed. I await the response from Transport for London but I assume it's a cost cutting measure due to budgetary constraints.

Also, we've heard from Network Rail that it isn't now going to update platforms 9-14 at Clapham Junction.

And a real sign of things to come. A new re-vamped station like this one at Whitechapel built with a big saving. Remember savings were also delivered on the Crossrail station at Canary Wharf.

Rumours abound that other stations like London Bridge will go the same way and be functional and not another St Pancras. If the tube upgrade and Crossrail is protected is this all fair enough?

On a separate note. You might have seen a report I did recently about a trial by Ealing Council where they've phased out some traffic lights. Well, it seems a 140 traffic lights are now going to be scrapped by Transport for London on it's road network. Not everyone likes that. Val Shawcross from Labour on the London Assembly says:

"Pensioners, those with disabilities and parents of young children might not shout as loud as car drivers but they're ones who stand to lose out under these plans."

What do you think??


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