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Friday 5 October 2012, 11:19

Mark Kermode Mark Kermode

This week I saw 9 films in two days. Some people might think that affects your judgement but I don't agree. What is the most number of films you've seen in a compact period of time and do you think it blurred your critical faculties?

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    Comment number 1.

    I forced myself to watch 4 films in a day once. I didn't particularly enjoy it at the time but looking back on it I did feel like I was thinking about things I never used to. Maybe I'll do it again. Jobbies and peepees all over ma face.

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    Comment number 2.

    I once watched all 8 Harry Potter films in one day, then all 4 Pirates of the Caribbean films (sorry but i think they're really good except for the 4th) then American Pie 1 then Titanic. So I watched 14 films in 2 days. I found it very enjoying, just because they were all different in their own way, it sorta kept giving me a new fresh taste. They did not affect my judgement, they improved it. I thought about all those films as separate films and then compared them.

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    Comment number 3.

    4 years ago I had terrible 'flu...NOT MAN 'FLU but actual 'flu...from Boxing Day through to New Years' Eve . I watched all the Bond movies in sequence from Dr. No to Quantum of Solace one after the other only stopping for sleep in the evening. These are films I've seen over and over but watching them in sequence and with quick turnarounds I had an epiphany: I now consider them works of collective genius. The economy of the storytelling where dumb exposition and navel gazing is avoided. After 50 years and 22 movies they can still find layers to Bond's character. The shifting influences with each movie that charts a story of Western pop culture. Each new era with each new actor in the lead role was like a breath of fresh air (none more so than with Roger Moore to Timothy Dalton) and I renewed my love of the series as I coughed, sneezed and whined to my wife for more lemon and honey drinks. It was like taking in Picasso's Guernica in detail but with a man who shoots people, imbibes decadent drinks and kisses loads of beautiful women.

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    Comment number 4.

    thats a fine, well presented piece Mark - but who's driving the car?

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    Comment number 5.

    The most films I've watched in a short period of time was at a Halloween All-Nighter at my local cinema. Five films back-to-back and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the experience (except Saw 3D. I fell asleep during that yawn-fest). I don't think it affected my judgement at all. Psycho was as brilliant as ever and it was a real treat seeing it on the big screen and Saw 3D was as rubbish as I knew it was going to be.


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