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Tuesday 7 January 2014, 15:28

Mark Kermode Mark Kermode

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Here are just some of the films that are coming our way in 2014.

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    Comment number 1.

    EDGE OF TOMORROW - easily the best trailer in 2013 - pretty darn excited - sic fi set in england feels fresh - maybe cruise is back

    HER - annoyed i didn't get to see it in 2013

    Zero theorem - hope its good wish i saw it in 2013

    UNDER THE SKIN - indie favourite - wish i saw it in 2013

    Godzilla - fingers crossed

    a million ways to die in the west - need an annual comedy

    Interstellar - obviously a little curious

    Child 44 - needs a trailer - but cast wise i'm in

    The grand budapest hotel - looks fun

    The double - getting good gossip

    pompeii - might surprise me

    robocop - maybe

    tmnt - lol

    noah looked horrific - exodus will probably win that fight

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    Comment number 2.

    oh and alex garlands - Ex Machina

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    Comment number 3.

    Calvary - John Michael McDonagh's followup to the wonderful In Bruges with the wonderful Brendan Gleeson.

    Big Eyes - New Tim Burton. Much like Gilliam..always worth watching.

    But of course Interstellar is the glory of the year. Just a shame it's literally a year away.

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    Comment number 4.

    Inside Llewyn Davis - I've been waiting long enough and the wait is nearly over. Considering how the Coen's weaved Jefferson Airplane's 'Surrealistic Pillow' album into A Serious Man, I'm really looking forward to their treatment of the early '60s Greenwich village folk scene.

    Godzilla - I only saw Monsters for the first time the other night, so this could be really good indeed.

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    Comment number 5.

    I never thought i'd be the least bit interested in a Godzilla movie, but that brief clip has peaked my curiosity. Two films that have gone down well in America 'Dallas Buyers Club' and 'Her' open here in February.
    Now that '12 Years a Slave' is EVENTUALLY opening in the UK (Americans saw it back in October) this gives me an opportunity to tell everyone about a film that would make an interesting companion piece to "12 years". Camp 14 - Total Control Zone, opened in one cinema in London doesn't appear to have been press screened and yet for me was the best film of last year. Everyone will doubtless see "12 years" so track down 'Camp 14' as well and compare the two as one deals with historical slavery and the other with contemporary slavery in North Korea.
    Also, there is a documentary, exclusive to Curzon on Demand, called 'Interior. Leather Bar' which recreates the 40 minutes of lost footage, which according to legend, William Friedkin had to cut from 'Cruising' to appease the MPAA. I've not seen it yet and i'm not aware if it's even on Kermode's radar, but it's surely worth a look.

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    Comment number 6.

    @3. DJB
    I think you mean his follow up to THE GUARD not In Bruges. But I am also greatly looking forward to Calvary.
    Others coming up this month: 12 Years A Slave, Wolf of Wall Street, Her. I am dead excited for. But I am fascinated by the Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson, Midnight Special from Jeff Nichols, Boyhood by Richard Linklater but most of all I am looking ahead to Paul Thomas Anderson's Inherent Vice which promises to be basically the cinematic event of the year because as we all should realize, PTA is the greatest director working today. And of course I must also mention Interstellar (fantastic cast) and Gone Girl because David Fincher is David Fincher.

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    Comment number 7.

    For me Godzilla, Interstellar and Transcendence are the three biggies this year. Was also surprised to see the Good Doc neglect to mention Dawn of The Planet of the Apes, until I remembered the kerfuffle of him forgetting to see its predecessor ROTPOTA until its blu-ray release. Will we have the same issues this year, or will Andy Serkis' mastery of the mo-cap form actually be viewed as it is meant to be, on a cinema screen?

    On a similar note, I was disappointed last summer that Mark's holidays co-incided with Only God Forgives, and we still have not heard his opinion on this divisive piece. I for one would love to hear it, only to live in the hope that he backs up my thoughts on this film as being a dull, turgid, pretentious mess!!!

    Cheers Doc!!!

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    Comment number 8.

    I'm open to anything this year, within reason. That said, there are a few key highlights for me;

    Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, because I loved the first one and I'm hoping for a repeat performance (even though much of it has been recast, so here's to absent friends!).

    Mr Peabody and Sherman, purely for nostalgia's sake.

    Maleficent, because I love a good villainess backstory. It's also the best Angelina Jolie has looked in a good while - the healthiest she's looked in a while, at that, which is odd considering...

    Blackbird; I've only heard mutterings about this (and it could slip to 2015). But it's a story that resonates a little with me; of learning secrets hidden away only after the person you trusted has departed, and can no longer continue to weave the illusion.

    Films I plan to be avoiding include; the new Resident Evil film (actually, as a long-time fan of the games series and having Capcom tell me in my mid-30's I'm "too old" for their series, they can jam it in dark and unexplored recesses far from the reach of human eyes...), Paranormal Activity 5 (JUST STOP MAKING THESE! Seriously!) and The Expendables 3 (Bringing in younger talent with gadgets kind of defeats the point in my mind...). Oh, and Need for Speed - because there's not much chance of this being anything more than a F&F pretender...

    But as always, I would like to be proven wrong on all counts. Still, Michael Bay had a fun day yesterday... a director who relies on technology, couldn't direct himself when that technology failed him. Mmm delicious irony, so thick you could eat it with a butter knife! This bodes well for Transformers 4.

    Still, there's no human way he can make anything worse than Pain and Gain. The only way is up - no matter how small the increment!

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    Comment number 9.

    The films I'm looking forward to in 2014, so far, not in order

    The Wolf of Wall Street: A Scorsese comedy? Worth seeing

    Godzilla: Not a fan of monster movies, but Monsters was one of my favourite films of 2010, and it was a major, major surprise. Also it has Sally Hawkins, and to see a potential blockbuster with Sally Hawkins is worth a look

    Under The Skin: Judging from the trailer, it has all the hallmarks of a surreal indie aka a cult classic in the making. Might turn out to be my favourite film of the year? Can't wait to see it.

    Intersteller: You can't go wrong with Chris Nolan. I hope he doesn't break his winning streak.

    Transcendance: The directorial debut of a master cinematographer of both film and soft core erotic melodramas. What's not to like so far?

    Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit: I'm surprised Kermode didn't mention this considering the reverence he had for Kenneth Branagh in the past. Despite all the problems with the release date held back from December to January and all the muted hype, I'm still hoping for a good spy thriller. The spy genre is probably my favourite genre, and with Branagh both directing and fulfilling villian duties, Ryan has attracted my interest.

    Films I have no interest in:

    Transformers 4: Didn't even know it was in production. And no Dr. K. Don't keep an open mind with this one, we all know where its heading.

    The Raid 2: Shame there's no Dread 2 on the horizon.

    Nymphomaniac: Shia La Boef (is that how you spell his name?) Jumps ship from a gigantic robot into a bed with Lars Von Trier filming the process. Yet another cinematic con from Von Trier? Only time will tell.

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    Comment number 10.

    12 Years a Slave, The Wolf of Wall Street, All Is Lost, and some others have opened here in the US previously in 2013 so they don't really count as 2014 films for me, but Her has yet to open where I live due to its very limited release in late December; I'll see that on Friday, The Monuments Men looks solid, Non-Stop could be okay, Muppets Most Wanted, Noah, and Transcendence all look good. The Grand Budapest Hotel looks terrific and I'm really looking forward to 22 Jump Street since the first was hilarious and surprisingly biting and smart, The Boxtrolls looks great since it's from the creators of ParaNorman and has Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, The Equalizer could be fine given its cast, Interstellar and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 look great, and Exodus looks interesting despite the fact that Ridley Scott has been really sketchy lately.

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    Comment number 11.

    @ KamiTheGamer

    Sin City: A Dame For The Kill: Can't believe I forgot all about this. I've been waiting for it long enough.

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    Comment number 12.

    Inside Llewyn Davis. Which I've already seen but Inside Llewyn Davis.

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    Comment number 13.

    One of the films I'm looking forward to most in 2014 is Million Dollar Arm which starrs Jon Hamn and Lake Bell. The reason I'm looking forward to it is because it is written by Thomas McCarthy. I'm a massive McCarthy fan as e has written and directed some fantastic films which I have watched over the last few months like Up, The Station Agent and The Visitor.

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    Comment number 14.

    Godzilla - I loved "Monsters", it's one of the most affecting sci-fi films I've seen in year (the other was the brilliant "Moon"), and if Edward's can bring the same measured emotional tone and characterisation to his "Godzilla" then I think it has to potential to be a film the fulfils not only the need for spectacle, but also a satisfying adult drama - and hopefully a film that will bury the 1998 Emmerich/Devlin abomination for good.

    Interstellar - it's Chris Nolan, so expectations are high, but hopefully he won't deliver a "Prometheus" level disappointment.

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    Comment number 15.

    If I was only allowed to see three films this year they would be:

    1) Godzilla - like many unsure about the merits of a reboot/remake etc BUT a good director, interesting cast and a stunning teaser have piqued my interest. Can't wait.

    2) Interstellar - Nolan, Sci-Fi, 'original' blockbuster, good cast, count me in.

    3) The Hobbit: There & Back Again - still have faith that Jackson and co will pull it all together and deliver an epic conclusion worthy of Tolkien. I think Smaug, White Council and Battle of the Five Armies will more than suffice!

    Plus lots of others, think the big director films like Inherent Vice, Grand Budapest Hotel and Gone Girl will be very interesting but it's the blockbuster's that initially excite me. With that being the case notable mentions for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Dawn...of the Apes and Transcendence.

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    Comment number 16.

    For me, because I don't get to go to the cinema very often - either I can't afford to go or the films I want to see are only showing on the mainland (therefore, see point 1) - in the last couple of years I've earmarked A film that I absolutely cannot miss. In 2012, it was 'The Master' and last year it was 'Only God Forgives'. This year, it's 'Jimmy's Hall'. Ken Loach is one of my absolute favourite directors and the thought that this could be his last film means I can't bear the idea of not seeing it in the cinema. I've missed far too many of them as is so I will make amends this year.
    Otherwise, my other choices would be:
    12 Years a Slave
    Mr. Turner
    The Wolf of Wall Street
    The Zero Theorem
    and Inherent Vice

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    Comment number 17.

    @ spaceodds; It feels like a lifetime ago, doesn't it? But yes, as far as I am aware, it IS coming this year (touch wood!).

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    Comment number 18.

    Surprised nobody's mentioned X Men: Days of Future Past. Ok, the comic book genre may be saturated to bursting point right now and the X franchise particularly hit-and-miss, but this is one of the rare examples of adapting a classic comic story, Brett Ratner's not around to screw it up this time (poor Phoenix saga, what did they do to you?!) and the cast is almost once-in-a-lifetime good.

    There may be other films I am looking forward to more (Interstellar, Godzilla, Wolf of Wall Street) and may probably cherish more in years to come, but DOFP has "big screen" written all over it.

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    Comment number 19.

    I really don't know what I'm looking forward to in the movies this year. By that I mean it's always the unexpected gems that really take the whole experience of cinema to a higher level. Sure they'll be Hobbits and superheroes along the way, but it's experiencing the films like 'A Field in England' or 'Nebraska' or 'All is Lost' that will challenge my expectations and really make me sit up and take notice. Come on film-makers; bring it on!

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    Comment number 20.

    The Raid 2 is the film I'm looking forward to above all else.

    Other films worth a mention include The Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman, The Double and - yes, I'm not gonna lie - Sabotage.

    I'm also really looking forward to the Japanese remake of Unforgiven. Anyone know if it's due a UK release?


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