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The Great Gatsby - Greater In 2D?

Friday 17 May 2013, 12:31

Mark Kermode Mark Kermode

The Great Gatsby opened in America with great box office figures - but not in 3D. The studio is saying this is because men like 3D and women don't - really?

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    Comment number 7.

    Ironman 3 has taken 1 billion dollars and it was in 3D... I saw it in 3D and I was happy to you know why? It is just a film. Nothing more nothing less. Why cant we have both versions? If there are two versions of the film I dont see what the problem is. Am I not aloud to see the 3D version just because some people like you dont like it? Have you EVER thought about the other side to this argument? That there are people who DO want to see it? Do they not have the right to? Who are you to try to deny me the right or ability to see a 3D movie? Anyway, yet again you desire/hope to see 3D gone is premature which is what you are hoping for with this frankly minor film release which will have NO effect one way or the other as to whether 3D stays or goes. Big blockbusters NOT taking money will be the demise of 3D and NOTHING else. I dont understand why you keep banging this drum. Im sorry but you are just demonstrably wrong about this. In case you missed it I will say again, the latest film to pass the 1 billion mark was Ironman 3 and it was in 3D. It clearly is not going anywhere. Executives will look at that figure, rub their hands and say 'more of the same please'. My point (As with all of your posts about 3D) is that I get it. We ALL get it that you dont like 3D. SURELY there are other more interesting things to talk about? You have this amazing platform and you refuse to stop beating this dead horse. Please please please talk about any other of the MULTITUDE of issues that are in film today. I had no intention of seeing TGG. I will now go and see it and make sure that I get a 3D ticket to do my part to boost 3D sales and make sure that it stays just that little bit longer.

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    Comment number 8.

    This is probably the most idiotic statement I've ever heard! Is Warner's statement for real!? Personally I think its all down to personal tastes, and to the demography of how many screens are playing the film in 2D and 3D.

    I hate 3D but these days to find a 2D screening of films such as Star Trek - Into Darkness (which I enjoyed immensely) are pretty scarce and I'm glad that such a major film like Gatsby is proving a point that 2D can still hold its own against 3D. This statement is another example of how Hollywood studios are so far behind the times and are trying to stick it to an audience who just couldn't care less. The statement in fact is so dated that it's almost as if Scott Fitzgerald took time out from writing The Love of The Last Tycoon and wrote this drivel. Now I know why Tycoon was never completed.

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    Comment number 14.

    The comment itself is hilariously stupid. Women aren't any more or less discerning of 3D than men. The likely reason for the smaller sales for 3D is probably to do with the fact that I can't really see what 3D can do to The Great Gatsby. With an action blockbuster, it (is intended to) improve the spectacle, but Great Gatsby is a drama, what is it gonna gain from 3D? It seems like audiences in general are discerning of that fact than anything else. However, he is right that women seem to like Great Gatsby more than men: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1343092/ratings?ref_=tt_ov_rt It may not be the most reliable source, but imdb's user ratings breakdowns can be very helpful. Granted, the number of women rating the film compared to men is a lot smaller, but the sheer difference in score more than makes up for it: an average of 7.1 from 6700 men, and an average of 7.9 from 2800 females. That's a big difference in imdb terms.

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    Comment number 15.

    I do agree with Warner Bros' view that The Great Gatsby is aiming at more of a female audience, as it is a Baz Luhrmann romance film. However, the view that females aren't into 3D as much as males sounds like an excuse from Warner Bros to justify the disappointing 3D sales. It sounds stupid, but seeing as 3D screenings do generate more profit (based on a single ticket), they're going to try to defend 3D as much as possible, even if their excuses make little sense.
    Nonetheless, I honestly still don't get the reasoning for 3D hatred. Sure, it's more often than not inferior to 2D, but if you don't like it, just don't see the 3D version. With Dr. K I can understand his annoyance seeing as he usually has to see the 3D version anyway, but nonetheless I'm getting bored of listening to the same "3D's always rubbish" argument over and over and over and over...

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    Comment number 17.

    I don't like 3-D, and I do every thing I can to avoid it. My brother isn't a fan either, but my sister loves it. I'd be surprised if there is a big differance between the genders. I think there is more chance of seeing a differance between the age groups.


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