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Oscars And Kermodes

Friday 11 January 2013, 15:42

Mark Kermode Mark Kermode

The 2013 Oscar nominations have now been announced. What did you think of them and what do you predict will win the highly coveted Kermode Awards this year?

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Kermode Awards 2012


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    Comment number 41.

    Sorry to post again so soon, this forum needs an edit post feature.

    Anyway, has Andy Serkis received a Kermode yet?

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    Comment number 42.

    Best Film: The Master
    Best Director: Ben Afleck (ARGO)
    Best Actor: Jean-Louis Trintignant (AMOUR)
    Best Actress: Marion Cotillard (Rust and Bone)
    Best Supporting Actor: Omar Sy (The Intouchables)
    Best Supporting Actress: Diane Kruger (Farewell My Queen)
    Best Foreign Film: The Intouchables

    Oscar wise although I think Argo is the dark horse but I'm sure it will win best film.
    Lincoln long slightly dull
    Django - too much controversy regarding the n word
    Les Miserables - not everyone loves a musical
    Silver Linings Playbook - humour about psychiatric illness is not everybody's cup of tea
    Beasts of the Southern Wild - very limited screen release/ promotion
    Dark Zero Thirty - way too political!
    Life of Pi - too obvious, not an epic + in 3D, 3D movies don't win best film..... yet

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    Comment number 43.

    Well... As usual, half the films nominated are either from this month or simply aren't even out in the cinemas yet!! Hardly relevant and representative awards then are they?

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    Comment number 44.

    Still annoyed at some Oscar omissions, but no point getting annoyed and really it's simply because there are more and more good/great movies every year. There's too many films and people like me will just get annoyed. However I am disappointed with no screenplay, director nom for Paul Thomas Anderson or music nom for Jonny Greenwood or best film nom for The Master. My best film of the year, I know it wasn't universally liked by all and confused alot of people which is probably the reason for it being snubbed but to me that does ring with same old same old, if it ain't happy and heartwarming then it ain't going to get nominated. At least they did have sense to nominate joaquin phoenix phew, and phillip seymour hoffman and amy adams. I wish Joaquin would win, but I doubt it against the might of DDL in Lincoln not because hes better than Joaquin but being Lincoln and being good and making Oscar history by winning a third best actor trophy will mean he will probably win.

    Your winners will be:
    Best Film: Royal Affair/Berberian Sound Studio
    Best Actor: Mads Mikelsen for A Royal Affair
    Best Director: Sam Mendes?
    Best Actress: I dont know
    Best Foreign Film: Even the Rain? The Raid?
    Best Doc: Trumped?

    Mine would be, (and yours)
    Best Film: The Master
    Best Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
    Best Actor: Sam Rockwell (SP) or Bruce Willis (Moonrise Kingdom)
    Best Actress: Judi Dench
    Best Foreign Film: The Raid
    Best Doc: Haven't seen any
    And then I'd have...Best Screenplay: PT Anderson
    Best Score: Jonny Greenwood (who should be Oscar nominated, its frankly ridiculous, espicially to keep nominating John Williams for the thousandth time, its actually 43 times which is alot)

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    Comment number 45.

    As always, there's no real surprises with this years Oscar nominations, are there? Someone always wins 'the award for the biggest film snubbed by the Oscars'.
    The Kermodes are where it's at! Iron Sky HAS to be up for one, surely? The methods and work that went into making it, is in some ways reminiscent of/inspiring in the way that Peter Jackson and everything he put into Bad Taste, was for me as a teenager.

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    Comment number 46.

    I think these could be Mark's choices.What the hell,make them mine too!

    FILM: A Royal Affair
    ACTOR: Toby Jones
    ACTRESS: Elizabeth Olsen
    FOREIGN FILM: The Raid
    DIRECTOR: Peter Strickland
    DOCUMENTARY: You've Been Trumped

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    Comment number 47.

    BEST PICTURE: The Master.
    BEST ACTRESS: Elizabeth Olsen.

    That is all.

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    Comment number 48.

    Compared to last year the oscars are great this year but as per usual a number of ridiculous snubs especially for skyfall and ben affleck. as for the kermode awards...
    Best Film- Berberian sound studio (deservedly so)
    Best Director- Sam Mendes for Skyfall
    Best Actor- Please Mark consider Denis Lavant for Holy Motors, undoubtedly the best performance of the year.
    Best Actress- Marion Cotillard- Rust and Bone
    Best Documentary- Has to be The Imposter.
    Best foreign language film- The Hunt

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    Comment number 49.

    Kermode Award Winners are.......drum roll please!

    Best Film - Berbarian sound studio
    Best Actor Mads Mikelson
    Best foreign film - The Raid
    Best Director - Kathryn Bigelow or Ben Affleck
    Best supporting actor Javier Bardem
    Best supporting actress ?
    Best cinemaphotography - Wally Phister
    Best Documentary - McCullen
    Music score - Howard Shore - The Hobbit

    So if i get most of these right i expect an invitation to said awards and a front row seat Dr K?

    I think Spielberg's Lincoln will win most of the awards it's nominated in. The academy love Spielberg and historical epics and Daniel Day-lewis is a cert for best actor. Amazed how Wally Phister didn't make it in to the Cinematography noms! but i hope Roger Deakins picks this up for his fine work in Skyfall. Best actress id go for Jessica Chastain,even though a best supporting actress has never won for a film not nominated in the best film category. I might be wrong about that but that's what i seem to remember. Anne Hathaway is a cert for Les Mis.

    Lets have the Kermode's shown on Sky HD this year!

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    Comment number 50.

    Suggestions for Kermode Awards

    Best Actor: Leos Carax in Holy Motors
    Best Actress: Martina Garcia in the Hidden Face (Toughest pick for me because I think the list of nominees is actually rather good and I'm limited by the comparatively small number of films I've seen this year. For instance I would love to pick Marion Cotillard for this category but I have yet to catch up with Rust and Bone)
    Best Film: The Master (I know you love Skyfall Mark but I'm more shocked that PTA's latest didn't even get nominated)

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    Comment number 51.

    Re:post 46.

    Changed my mind.The film that has really got under my skin this year has been Martha, Marcy, May, Marlene even though i don't think the good doctor will agree. He has to give A Royal affair best film because it cannot be Best Foreign film, ergo Best Actor and Director for Berberian Sound Studio.

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    Comment number 52.

    Amour? That’s unusually interesting, I’ve heard its very good though it’s still a very big jump for the Oscars to nominate a foreign film. Nothing but costume for Hitchcock, but there wasn’t much for it elsewhere. I wonder if its actually going to be worth a watch when it comes out now with mark not really liking it.
    A lot for Silver Linings Playbook which I didn’t think was *that* good. Jacki Weaver really? I mean she didn’t have that much of an interesting character and she didn’t do much with it
    Disappointed there’s no Imposter, but it did get a bafta nomination and to be fair doccumentarys always get a mixed bag with some liking it and some not. Totes will win marks best doc award (and mine)
    Did not think the hobbit deserved visual but happy that Prometheus was included in the list as it did look absolutely stunning

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    Comment number 53.

    Best Film - Skyfall

    Best Actor - Suraj Sharma for Life of Pi

    Best Actress - Emma Watson for The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    Best Supporting Actor - Javier Bardem for Skyfall

    Best Supporting Actress - Charlize Theron for Prometheus

    Best Director - Ben Affleck for Argo

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    Comment number 54.

    I predict the winners of the Kermodes are:

    Best Film: Berberian Sound Studio

    Best Actor: Mads Mikkelsen (The Hunt)

    Best Actress: Marion Cotillard (Rust and Bone)

    Best Film Not in the English Language: The Raid

    Best Director: Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight Rises)

    Best Documentary: The House I Live In

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    Comment number 55.

    I think the Kermodes will look like this:

    Picture: Berberian Sound Studio/A Royal Affair
    Director: Sam Mendes (Skyfall)
    Actor: Toby Jones (Berberian Sound Studio)
    Actress: Marion Cotillard (Rust and Bone)
    Supporting Actor: Javier Bardem (Skyfall)
    Supporting Actress: Judi Dench (Skyfall)
    Original Screenplay: Berberian Sound Studio
    Adapted Screenplay: A Royal Affair

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    Comment number 56.

    Best Film: I have yet to see Berberian Sound Studio and I can't wait to get it on Blu-ray. So until then ill go for Killer Joe which I absolutely loved !. Sad to Moonrise Kingdom not get nominated this year thought it was a shoe-in when I saw it.
    Best Director: Tough call between Gareth Evans ( The Raid ) and Sam Mendes (Skyfall). I'll go with Mendes.
    Best Actor: Toby Jones brilliant in The Girl which I was watched over Christmas again yet to see BSS. So until then it has to be Mads Mikkelsen who was brilliant in Royal Affair/The Hunt.
    Best Actress: Annalynne Mccord gave extraordinary performance in Excision but Marion Cotillard in Rust and Bone is winner here.
    Best Supporting Actor: Struggling....
    Best Supporting Actress: Judi Dench Skyfall
    Best Foreign Film: The Raid just pips it from Holy Motors a close second.
    Best Documentary: West of Memphis was certainly my favourite this year although I very much found the The Imposter and The House I Live In riveting.

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    Comment number 57.

    It was definitely a more interesting selection than it has been in recent years, although I'm still completely baffled by the amount of nominations Lincoln got. It's a beautifully made film and deserves a few nods in the technical awards, but I found both the film and the acting within it to be disappointingly weak.

    Both my personal choices and my predictions of what you might nominate for The Kermodes:

    Best Film: The Master
    Best Director: Paul Thomas Anderson - The Master
    Best Actor: Suraj Sharma - Life Of Pi
    Best Actress: Marion Cotillard - Rust and Bone
    Best Film Not In The English Language: Untouchable
    Best Documentary: The Imposter

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    Comment number 58.

    The Likely Kermodes:

    Best Film: Berberian Sound Studio
    Best Film Not in English: A Royal Affair
    Best Director: Sam Mendes
    Best Actor: Toby Jones
    Best Actress: Dame Judy Dench
    Best Documentary: The Imposter

    On the Oscars:

    I was glad that Skyfall did not get any recognition. A half-decent Bond flick but nothing memorable. Casino Royale set the bar pretty high and just because Skyfall was better then Quantum of Solace does not mean it was a good Bond film, let alone a good film per se.

    I cannot understand that Lincoln got such high praise. The film is a veritable bore-fest. Endless verbose monologues, uninspirational photography, horrible lighting (check out the windows in the interior scenes - seems there was no sunlight back then) and not a single memorable shot or scene in the whole film (when could that have been said of a Spielberg film?!). Sure, DDL was excellent and the make-up and costumes were pretty good but sitting through this was at least as laborious as Lincoln's attempt to end slavery.

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    Comment number 59.

    I wouldn't say I was surprised by the Oscars. Like others I think Anne Hathaway is the surest bet on that category.

    The one I'm surprised at is no Best Score nomination for Beasts of the Southern Wild. I liked that film, but wasn't totally blown away by it the same way some were. I do appreciate Quezenghenae Wallis' brilliant performance of course, and I count that score as one of the most memorable and enjoyable I've heard for a long time.

    As for the Kermode Awards, I thinking it's gonna go:

    BEST FILM: Berberian Sound Studio
    BEST ACTOR: Toby Jones for Berberian Sound Studio
    BEST DIRECTOR: Sam Mendes for Skywall
    BEST ACTRESS: Elizabeth Olsen for MMMM
    BEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM: The Hunt mainly because A Royal Affair is nominated.
    (although someone pointed out to me that The Hunt will be released in 2013 in America so may be nominated next year. We may get another Chico and Rita here)
    BEST DOCUMENTARY: You've Been Trumped

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    Comment number 60.

    As usual, I found the nominations predictably disappointing. The Academy are, in fact, dimwits.

    I'm particularly bothered by the fact that Lincoln, rather flawed and unremarkable film, has been nominated for Best Picture, Best Cinematography, and Best Score, but The Master, my favorite film from this year, has only been recognized for its acting talent. Also, more significantly, Jonny Greenwood has been left completely unnoticed for his beautiful and majestic score for The Master (which is even better than his score for There Will Be Blood), the second time this has happened.


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