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Man Of Steel - Your Verdict

Tuesday 18 June 2013, 14:28

Mark Kermode Mark Kermode

The long awaited Superman reboot Man Of Steel opened at the weekend. I liked it in parts but some people seem to REALLY hate it. Where do you stand?

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    Comment number 1.

    I felt the action sequence(s) were mostly a loud blur. I also wasn't pleased with the way it cut back and forth in the first half with young Clark, and Kevin Costner was underused.

    I was happy with all the cast and the acting was superb most of the time. I think it's an OK film. How much of the stuff I liked which was there before Snyder took over, I may never know.

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    Comment number 2.

    I Actually really liked man of steel i was not disappointed but then i wasn't surprised either. I feel that the first 2 acts of the film are great and are the reason i liked the film so much. I think (very much like batman begins though that is a better film) that Goyer, Snyder and Nolan all had a really great idea for the film and that is clear in how to first two acts play out Lots of emotion and even some really interesting changes to the superman mythos. The last act i think is a result of studio meddling, i think they were putting pressure on snyder to fill it with mostly bland CGI action (again very similar to batman begins). I do hope they make a sequel and that the studio trust Goyer and Snyder enough not to meddle... But then we can only hope

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    Comment number 3.

    I did not actively hate Man of Steel as some people have. But for me it definitely was a film of two halves and I think this has to do with the reaction to Superman Returns when it was released in 2006.

    The main complaint that fans about Bryan Singer's movie was that there was too much soul searching and not enough Superman action eg. the buildings falling and the level of destruction in Man of Steel.

    It seems that Snyder and David S. Goyer were struggling on this point to make the Superman movie they wanted which was the first half about Superman and his search for his identity and the demand from fans for more action, more destruction. Now I quite like Superman Returns, in fact I think I'm one of a few people who actually do like that movie, but it seems that in trying to swing the pendulum the other way, more towards an action orientated superman movie, which is what fans seemed to want going by their reaction to Superman Returns, it seems that Snyder and co. have swung it too far, overloading the movie with action. It's almost as if they were thinking "Great, we've got all this great stuff with young Superman and his Earth dad, but we haven't had any action for a while. Remember Superman Returns? We can't have too much soul searching. Fans will complain again".

    In the end it seems that Man of Steel was a huge compromise, with the ghost of Superman Returns hanging over them all throughout the process.

    It just seems than Superman can't win when it comes to fans.

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    Comment number 4.

    I did think that Man of Steel had a problem very much like Prometheus did last year. I think when you see a big sci fi super hero blockbuster promoted on the side of every bus, on every bus shelter and on countless tv spots, it's a big promise you are being told and a big promise to live up to and that promise is that the film is the bees knees. Personally, I wanted an origin story and I got it. Clark Kent being the drifter man and the boy who suppressed his abilities from society, the idea of Lois Lane finding him was great and the threat of zod seeking him out was the perfect setup you could ask for. Even the unhappy event at the end of the film for me ticked boxes, but that 40 minutes of Michael Baye inspired "stuff" happening all over the screen made me really question if I liked this film. When the DVD of Man of Steel comes out, I suggest a 40 minute cut. Only then will it be the Movie I waited for after all this time.

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    Comment number 5.

    Not super, man...

    I was profoundly depressed by this film. And, to be clear, I'm not a comic book fan but I loved the Donner films. The first half, as for many people, was okay... I got very irritated with the jittery, semi-handheld camera in the pseudo Malick scenes with Costner... I quite enjoyed the 'God's lonely man' stuff and could have seen more or it...

    But a $200 million budget requires people to flock to it and the film makers couldn't risk people walking away disappointed. So they blew up New York ... sorry, 'Metropolis'... and seemingly everyone in it... not once, not twice, not three times but again and again and again...

    And I felt attacked, cheated, abused, beaten up and deeply, deeply disappointed that this cacophony of empty, violent and meaningless effects is what passes for entertainment and storytelling in the modern age.

    Not good. Not good at all...


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