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Tuesday 12 November 2013, 14:40

Mark Kermode Mark Kermode

I admitted last week that Gravity is a film actually worth seeing in 3D. Have you seen it yet and if so what did you think?


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    Comment number 1.

    i am pro 3d and always will be pro advanced technology

    ever since the 3d terminator 2 ride at universal i saw as a kid in the 90s

    i saw gravity twice in amsterdam october 4/5th on imax 3d

    it was just like being back at universal

    and even if you are unsure of early 3d tech - lets all support it not being a marvel sequel

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    Comment number 2.

    Yes I went to see it - yes I saw it in 3D and YES I think this may be the only film to use 3D properly.

    I still think that Avatar warranted the 3D experience as the environments hat were painstakingly created were begging to be seen in 3D - the film is not great on a story level though.

    With Gravity I think there is a great story idea that I think DOES have plenty of depth. Looking at the world with a God's eye view and appreciating the silence that space gives you from your life on the planet were interesting thematic ideas. I never thought the cinematic bravado and technology got in the way.

    Just like Jurassic Park we are given SFX that become part of the story - will stand the test of time and simply do not ever look like effects (despite the fact that we know it's not really happening).

    Time after time we are given SFX that do not allow the viewer to suspend their disbelief and enter into a world of imagination.

    Too often are we given tripe like Wrath of the titans and The Hobbitt movies that just feel like worlds within a Playstation game console.

    I want more of this and I want filmmakers to experiment with 3D so that the technology improves and requires NO GLASSES!

    I think only then will the argument for converting past films like Jurassic Park to 3D be justified

    I am not a 3D supporter though - I detest the Elton John glasses but I respect the technology as being fledgeling and destined to improve rapidly (just like Digital photography has).

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    Comment number 3.

    I saw Gravity in 3D although not on an imax screen. Just seeing the above clips of the film in standard 2D, admittedly on a small computer screen, made me realise how essential the 3D is to this film. I loved seeing it in 3D and am really worried that when I see it on DVD in standard 2D it will lose all it's impact. The 3D really felt immersive, almost as if I was in space with them. I have a feeling that in 2D it might just prove to be another standard by the numbers action flick. I hope not because the film really did give me 90 minutes of pure cinematic hedonism....

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    Comment number 4.

    Where-as Avatar is just pants, 3D or no 3D.

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    Comment number 5.

    It's definitely going to win a lot of technical oscars, and be nominated for a lot more, but I worry that if I saw it again in 2d, it wouldn't seem half as good. The acting was superb and the FX incredible, but the plot left a lot to be desired, and the spectacle wouldn't be there. Definitely the best 3D film yet, and needs to be seen on a big screen, but I think it might not be quite the same flat.


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