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Crossing The Borderlands

Friday 4 April 2014, 14:04

Mark Kermode Mark Kermode

I was really creeped out by the final act of a new British horror film called The Borderlands. Have you seen it and what really pushes your buttons when it comes to being scared?

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    Comment number 1.

    I had waking up in the middle of the night gripping the bed nightmares after seeing Wolf Creek. Not seen a horror film since. They freak me out to much.

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    Comment number 2.

    In terms of ratcheting up the fear count, The Descent and Funny Games (both versions) were almost unbearable. It's a sense of not knowing where it's going, caring about the characters enough to know what happens to them rather than do the obvious thing of turning off the DVD, however tempting that is. You feel what they're feeling. Someone said to me re The Descent 'watch it in the dark', and this was virtually impossible at times (spent most of it under the covers). Watching them again, you wish the situation is not as you know it will turn out

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    Comment number 3.

    The Borderlands, now very eager to see it based on your recommend Dr K.

    Off topic, sort of: The BBFC is proposing changing its rules so that material that already has been rated will have to be submitted again for DVD release.
    The idea is to stop ‘stronger’ material being slipped in as extras/bonus material in films children are able to see.

    This change includes films already rated 18, even though in the case of horror movies etc any extras would already be covered by the original 18 certificate.

    Why is this important? Because many small production houses can’t afford to have their films vetted and rated twice. Many make most of their money from DVD releases and customers are more likely to buy if promised bonus material.
    There’s quite a lot more about this here:

    There’s an e-petition to add your name to here:

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    Comment number 4.

    I haven't seen The Borderlands, but now really want to is, like you, it's been a very long time since a horror film had a visceral impact on me and 'creeped me out'.

    The only two films which really have done that have and continue to do so are The Vanishing (original) and The Blair Witch Project.

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    Comment number 5.

    The Japanese version of Ring scared me witless. The whole film has an omnipresent sense of dread and then "that ending" finished me off. The problem I find with recent horror films is they play the wild card too early on, revealing too much and rob you of your imagination, which (lets face it) is usually far more terrifying than anything handed to you on a plate. Suggestion is the key to a genuinely scary film.


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