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BAFTA Film Awards 2014 winners

Monday 17 February 2014, 12:42

Mark Kermode Mark Kermode

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So the waiting is over and this year’s BAFTA awards have been announced. Here is my take on the winners and losers.

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    Comment number 1.

    If the Kermodes were set up to right wrongs, what happens when there are no wrongs to right?

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    Comment number 2.

    I think 12 years got really hard done by and Kermode has a lot to answer for!

    Kermode has been a huge champion of Abdi but his performance is at best passable and at worst amateurish, a much better performance was Abdihakin Asgar's in the far superior A Hijacking. But that film did not have the backing of a major studio like the sub United 93, Captain Phillips. (we won't even mention Fassbender's much richer performance)

    Kermode has also championed the hair in American Hustle, which unbelievably won. another outrageous decision. the hair was so over the top that it actually got in the way of this messy confused film and it rendered the characters completely cartoonish ( I really don't know how Bale got away with doing a second rate De Niro impression)

    best director was another weird decision, Gravity was technically outstanding but Cuaron's direction of actors was laughable, both performances from Clooney and Bullock were pretty dire

    bafta did get some decisions right, like awarding best cinematography to gravity over sean bobbit'ts overrated work in 12 years (a lot of shots were suprisingly out of focus and it did have a paint by the numbers period feel to it)

    anyway, it's turning out to be the most interesting oscars race in years

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    Comment number 3.

    Wow, what is going on with awards season -anybody?

    Gravity scooped six BAFTA awards, thats fine, but one for direction, really? Sure, Gravity deserves to triumph in all of it's technical categories, but best film, best direction, c'mon? I really hope not this is not repeated on Oscar night, that would be totally ludicrous.

    Gravity belongs to Framestore and the producers who stuck with it and believed it possible to achieve what was set out on paper, storyboards and animatics….. please, lets all be honest here, the script was dreadful, in fact, I'd say it had moments on par with such 'classic' lines as Four Weddings humdinger "…is it raining? I hadn't noticed." Both Clooney and Bullock turn in a 'well, we showed up on time didn't we?' level of performance, so how anyone can say this film ought to be winning awards for direction is quite baffling. Alfonso is a terrific director, as Children Of Men clearly demonstrated, but Gravity? I really don't think so. That script and those performances, not a chance, not in a year of such strong nominations. Any Oscar win for direction or best film or best actress, would just add to the conspiracy theory that money can buy you an Oscar.

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    Comment number 4.

    I've come to the realization that film awards are like the Olympics being held in a stadium, behind closed doors and the the public only getting to see who jumps on top of the medals podium to be presented with their trophy. Who crossed the line first and in what time? How the hell should I or anyone else know!

    I can see there was a superior turn-out of major movies this year however, so that's something.

    I honestly think I'd be more interested in rotten tomatoes doing some sort of award each year somehow. Kermodes are more like a "best of the rest" version which is good as it indicates purely a critical/personal slant compared to a commericial/public slant. But some data-crunching and qualitative voting (perhaps) of rotten tomatoe fans using their "super-secret formulae" (lol) could be a fun version of awards season. :)

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    Comment number 5.

    It's worth noting that most of the major winners, were films that had major distributors behind them. This result reinforces my suspicion that voters for these kind of awards don't even bother watching half the movies nominated. How else can you explain the the mess that is American Hustle winning three awards and Nebraska getting nothing, and whilst i think Alfonso Cuaron deserved Best Director, was it really more deserving of Best British Film over The Selfish Giant?.

    The Act of Killing was always going to walk off with best Documentary, although i'm not sure "wonderful" is the word i would use to describe it, Mark.

    The Great Beauty seems to be winning every foreign film award going but in a year in which world cinema gave UK audiences A Hijacking, Kuma, Blancanieves, Easy Money, I Wish, Like Father Like Son, and Metro Manila (which was nominated) was 'Great Beauty' the best of the bunch?

    But for me the biggest "WHAT" moment is Kelly + Victor winning Outstanding British Debut. Any film which causes you to take against it in the first ten minutes, is doing something very wrong and if Bafta consider this an 'outstanding debut' i want to even contemplate a mediocre debut. If the Kermodes are a correction to the Oscars then this year the Oscars are gonna have to be a correction to the Baftas. Now there's a scary thought.


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