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3D - Dead Or Alive? Your Responses

Tuesday 2 October 2012, 11:52

Mark Kermode Mark Kermode

I said recently saying that I thought 3D was half-dead - here are some of your reactions to that post.

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    Comment number 3.

    I just don't understand how people can compare this splurge of 3D to the introduction of sound in film. Sound was a complete game changer. As a means of story telling, a silent and a talkie are two very different things. The difference in acting styles alone changes how the story is or can be told. Many silent stars didn't survive the transition to talkies because of this enormous change. I don't think any current star will see their revenue decline because their face doesn't look right floating a little above the screen.

    Static image to moving image is one thing. Silent to talkie is another. 2D to things occasionally poking out of the screen to remind you you're watching a 3D film just does not compare.

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    Comment number 4.

    After recently watching my seven year old son reaching out to pop a bubble floating across the screen in Ice Age 4, I began to doubt my sanity. I have NEVER had that kind of immersive 3D experience in the cinema. It got me to thinking about my eyesight. After a little research it turns out that as many at one in twenty of us cannot see 3D at all. After trying the eye-hop game (http://www.vision3d.com/ehop.html), I can confirm that I am "3D blind". I am not alone. MORE 2D please!

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    Comment number 5.

    Sorry, here's that link again:


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    Comment number 6.

    i say get rid of 2d and just give us imax and 3d - why go to a cinema to watch 2d?? when you can download it to the comfort of your non distracted laptop?? if i want to go to the cinema i want the wow factor like i'm at universal studios florida - so my 2 choices would be imax and 3d - get rid of speckled 2d and keep moving forward - heck i want interactive hologram movies before i die

    and here's another argument i would love you to discuss good dr - why oh why in this day and age do films not release on the same day worldwide - how can hollywood not expect people to download dvdrips or hd camcorders if they wont release the film on a twitter trending same day - i dont want the story spoilt during the month that i wait for it to come to the cinema - this is something i am hating a lot currently living in cyprus - dredd 3d hasn't even come to this country and i don't think it will

    also blurays should come out a lot sooner - heck films like weird science haven't even been put on bluray yet - i'd love to help hollywood by giving them my money but they can't help themselves

    everything is so painstakingly slow in what i would consider the future of technology compared to 10 years ago

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    Comment number 7.

    i dont think IMAX is for everybody or for every film. I saw DKRises at the worlds largest IMAX in sydney. i had to get up from my seat half way through to sit at the back just so i could actually see the whole image (not a joke). the front 10 or so rows actually made the film unwatchable as it was like putting your nose against the screen of a TV. Id like to say i embrace change but in the case of 3d and to some extent IMAX im not sure i like it. cant i just have my old enjoyable cinema experience back please, no stupid glasses, no extra fees and no vertigo.


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