My dad took me to see Zulu when I was a kid and I’ve remembered the experience ever since. What are the films that you recall being taken to by your parents?


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  • Comment number 119. Posted by Chris Haskins

    on 26 Dec 2014 22:22

    Hi Mark, just seen this blog even though 6 months old.... Dad took me to see Zulu as our first film and as a result have seen it dozens of times at the Cinema in 70's. ( thought it would get a 50 year anniversary limited release... What happened?) bought the script, started to study Zulu War as a thesis, seen John Barry live conducting the Zulu score and bought his old vinyl records of Zulu music...monkey feathers if you recall?!

    Dad also took me to see The Guns of Navarone and later The Wild Bunch when I was 16 years old. Because it was an 'X' Certificate he made me wear a tie because, he said, it would make me look older!!!
    As a result, these 3 films will remain in my top 10 of all time for me..
    1. Zulu
    2. The Wild Bunch
    3. The Guns of Navarone
    4. Twelve Angry Men
    5. Godfather Part 2
    6. The Sound of Music
    7. Lawrence of Arabia
    8. King of Comedy
    9. Heat
    10. Brief Encounter

  • Comment number 118. Posted by Michael A Getgood

    on 25 Dec 2014 13:37

    First film was Carve her Name with Pride with my mother, but seeing Ben Hur on 16th Jan 1960 was more eventful as I was taken to Leicester Square as a punishment ( I can't remember what I had done). I was meant to be going to Fulham with a friend to see them play Everton, but as a ten year old I felt I had to accept my fate. Fortuitous, as this block buster of a film got me hooked on the movies just as Johnny Haynes had done for football. Both remain a passion fifty years on.

  • Comment number 117. Posted by BRAVEHEART

    on 24 Dec 2014 18:37

    My parents took me for a holiday in Devon, which was a a big treat at the time !
    Dad took us to a cinema in Plymouth to watch " Ice Station Zebra "
    Thats the first film i ever remember watching with my parents.

    Mum was furious ,and watched it through gritted teeth....On leaving the cinema, mum bought me candy floss, rock and other stuff, to try to make a " Holiday"

    It was only years later, that we found out Dad had served on submarines, during the Korean War

  • Comment number 116. Posted by Stevo

    on 23 Dec 2014 14:36

    I remember my parents taking me to see Close Encounters of the Third Kind for my 8th birthday.

  • Comment number 115. Posted by Gav

    on 1 Jul 2014 14:28

    I had a very similar experience *twice*. The first that I remember was seeing a double bill of Superman 1 & 2 when I was very young. I remember being bowled over them then and I am still bowled over when I watch them now. I just love those films.
    The second would have been a year or two later (I was in the middle of primary school I think). My dad took me to see Star Wars AND Empire Strikes Back. I've never forgotten the experience. As dad has passed away now experiences like this are some of the most positive memories I have of him.
    I would have seen both of these in the (now demolished) nameless cinema in Livingston. One of the few pleasant (but very brown) places I can think of in that particular town.

    ps. He also took me to see Ghostbusters at the Odeon, Clerk St in Edinburgh. A beautiful cinema with a listed art deco frontage now sadly dilapidated and neglected since Odeon made the inexplicable decision to vacate it. I saw all 3 LotR films there on their opening. It's number 1 auditorium was considered one the best places to see movies like that.

  • Comment number 114. Posted by Feel The Magic

    on 30 Jun 2014 11:17

    Not sure which was first, but as a 6 year old I was taken to see Disney's Jungle Book, and also Doctor Doolitle, at either the ABC or Gaumont in South Shields. Jungle Book remains one of my favourite films to this day.

  • Comment number 113. Posted by Owain Parry-George

    on 30 Jun 2014 04:32

    Indiana Jones: And The Last Crusade at Theatre Elli in Llanelli, when I was 5. One of the main reasons that the Indiana Jones TRILOGY (selective memory engage) is still my favourite trilogy of all time. Also the first time I had seen anything scary on film, the "He chose poorly" moment, prepped me quite nicely for the Hammer movies that came a few years later.

  • Comment number 112. Posted by CaptainRhodes

    on 25 Jun 2014 20:05

    Please don't laugh, Mark, but my first experience at the cinema was to see The Transformers: The Movie in December 1986. I was 7 at the time and my mum took me and my 4 year old brother to see it on a cold Sunday evening in the Odeon Aberdeen, that incidentally has long since been converted into a gym. I was Transformers-daft and Optimus Prime had been my hero for a couple of years from watching the tv show. I had no idea how big the screen was going to be and the opening scene with the planet-munching Unicron blew my mind. To this day, I remember being genuinely upset to see Optimus Prime die. I seem to remember music videos being played before it, in particular Madonna's "Material Girl". Combine this with a piping hot chippie tea afterwards and a bemused mum who had no idea what she was watching, only knowing her wee lads wanted to see it, and you have a fantastic memory. It's proof, Mark, that there *is* a good movie to be made from The Transformers. It's just they haven't found the right director.

  • Comment number 111. Posted by Dillspooch

    on 24 Jun 2014 09:55

    The Poseidon Adventure in the early 1970's at the Odeon in Swindon. I was about 10 years old. Shelly Winters was like my Mum, Gene Hackman was like my Dad and the wonderful Ernest Borgnine was like one of my grumpy uncles. I was in floods of tears, it was deeply moving and memorable. Perhaps for an adult the characters might have seemed a little cardboard cut-out, but for a young impressionable boy it was full of emotion and spectacle. I will always remember it fondly.

  • Comment number 110. Posted by alli

    on 23 Jun 2014 06:38

    My Mother took me with her because she wanted to see Wages of Fear with Yves Montand when I was 7! I just remember how frightening it was and the danger of it all but it did leave me with an abiding love of foreign, subtitled films. Somehow Bambi was a bit tame after that...

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