The Life Of Brian was banned by Truro council back in the 70s. Isn’t it finally time for this comedy classic to be seen in the city?


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  • Comment number 17. Posted by strothermartin

    on 18 Sept 2014 15:37

    #12 - How do you "satirically mock" someone? Is it a bit like booing, but winking at the same time, to indicate you don`t really mean it? Or is it like laughing at people in a savage manner, while covertly giving them the thumbs-up? I can`t wait to try this out on the Millwall fans that congregate near my house!

  • Comment number 16. Posted by PJ Hughes

    on 26 Aug 2014 11:37

    Same here, being too young. I have also heard about the furore as well. He was certainly right to bring it up, but I think it could have been discussed etc!

  • Comment number 15. Posted by Sir Cumference

    on 26 Aug 2014 11:22

    #14 well I'm way too young to remember him saying it, but I'm aware of the furore it caused. I do know that he subsequently explained his comment was made to indicate his opinion that, to Beatles fans, the group was more relevant to their lives than Jesus or religion in general. Indeed, you could go so far as to say that people worshipped the Beatles.

    He certainly had a point, and given the way that for many people there is almost a religious fervour around authors, films, tv shows, celebrities, bands, sports, etc., his comment was indeed quite prescient.

  • Comment number 14. Posted by PJ Hughes

    on 26 Aug 2014 09:16

    #13 - Would you say that, in a way, John Lennon had a point about being bigger than Jesus, albeit somewhat ahead of its time?

  • Comment number 13. Posted by Sir Cumference

    on 26 Aug 2014 08:39

    I'm a Christian, and I love the film. It probably makes my top ten list of favourite movies. But unlike a lot of those who have condemnded it, I've seen it (many times). I remember going to see it when it first came out, aware of the blasphemous accusations, and loved it to bits. So much so that I went to see it again the next day.

    You only have to watch the opening scene to see that a clear distinction is made between Jesus and Brian. The film does take a humourous look at religion as a whole but it doesn't target any one religion specifically, nor does it say that faith is wrong.

    It does poke fun at people who don't think for themselves and who blindly follow anything unquestioningly and attach huge importance to unimportant things. In these days of the internet and celebrity culture that's pretty much spot on, as tv shows and celebrities have become the new religion.

  • Comment number 12. Posted by Brian - New Forest

    on 26 Aug 2014 00:00

    On a more serious note. I remember protesters in my middle of the road area of the States, and I missed Brian on its initial release because I couldn't get any of my Christian friends to come along. I saw it first at film night at uni.

    I satirically mocked protesters of Goddard's Hail Mary as I queued outside the now sadly departed great Philly rep cinema Theater of the Living Arts, but by the end I wanted to join them not on religious grounds but the blasphemy of boredom. I might have done the same for those pickets I could see from my front yard for In The Realm of the Senses (I grew up across the street from a movie theater), but I was too young to have sampled its gruelling repetitive scenes of unerotic asphyxiation.

    The best film protest I ever witnessed was at the very first public showing of The Last Temptation of Christ at the Cineplex Odeon in Manhattan. Our queue around the block had a barricade separating us from the protesters thronging the other side of the street, if it hadn't been for the placards it would have looked like carnival. They even had Tiny Tim on their side. The saddest thing being that this great film did more to make me understand Christianity than their objections made in pure ignorance. Schrader's script, Scorsese's direction and Dafoe's performance gave Christ a humanity the has rarely been equalled. (only downside is that really cheesy shot of the angel/demon child with red glowy eyes straight out of an Italian Exorcist rip-off).

  • Comment number 11. Posted by Trevor

    on 25 Aug 2014 08:42

    Can my comment just consist of a quote from the film (or in fact any quote from any Monty Python source that seems vaguely appropriate) and we'll leave it at that?

  • Comment number 10. Posted by Brian - New Forest

    on 24 Aug 2014 00:19

    I've been to Truro. They let me in with no fuss whatsoever.

    (Terry Jones did actually tell me I was not the messiah and that I was a very naughty boy, but that was in Edinburgh not Truro*).

    [Grail vs Brian? Grail is funnier**, Brian is a slightly better film at least having a consistent protagonist and plot, but the sound mix is often poor so a lot of the comedy is best appreciated on multiple viewings {** or at least has better sound so you hear the lines properly}]

    [* No realli! He was muftiless. I had him sign his Fantastic Tales book. There was no møøse.]

  • Comment number 9. Posted by FoolishBoy

    on 23 Aug 2014 22:21

    Did they fwee Wodderwick? I weeley can't wemember. Have to watch it again.

  • Comment number 8. Posted by Arch Stanton

    on 22 Aug 2014 18:02

    Harry Limes Shadow@3

    Brian just about trumps Grail for this Python fan, and the only head scratching I've ever done concerning Cronenberg's Crash, has been in response to why this outstanding film isn't currently available on blu ray!

    Other opinions are available.

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