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Blog posts by year and month June 2017

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  1. Disaster Movie

    The Book Of Henry has been torn to pieces by critics but I have a sneaking sympathy for the film’s director Colin Trevorrow.

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  2. Filmspotting

    I recently caught up with Josh Larsen - one half of the Filmspotting podcast team - to talk internet movie criticism and the spiritual power of cinema.

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  3. Moonlight Revisited

    I’ve just watched the Oscar winner Moonlight again and realised how my perception of the film has changed in the time since I first saw it.

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  4. Car Car Land

    Edgar Wright has curated a fascinating season of films at The BFI that have inspired his highly anticipated new car chase movie Baby Driver

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  5. Accidental Soundtracks

    The Graduate is about to be re-released to celebrate its 50th anniversary. This got me thinking about the soundtrack to this brilliant film and how it came about...

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  6. When Is A Remake Not A Remake?

    There’s brilliant new animation out now called My Life As A Courgette - it turns out to be a remake. Or does it?

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  7. Final Analysis

    A few months ago I predicted that Resident Evil: The Final Chapter might not be the last we saw of the franchise - well guess what?

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  8. Fry on Film

    I talk to Stephen Fry at the recent Hay Festival about books, movies, critics and his novel The Hippopotamus - now a feature film.

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