We are halfway through 2014 and here is the second half of my bottom ten of the year from January to June.


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  • Comment number 38. Posted by corylus

    on 1 Sept 2014 18:30

    @37 - Afraid for me there were no redeeming features - I thought the visuals were soulless and very synthetic CGI, from the watchers to the super-green plastic forests.

    I'm no fan of Ray Winstone either - can't stomach his cockney hard nut schtick any more than I can Danny Dyer's.

    Never saw Monuments Men - thought it sounded pretty slack. Maybe it was worse as you say, but all I can say is I've never enjoyed a film less than Noah... apart from the Matrix Reloaded... and Tintin... and Frances Ha... and I am Love...

    I think the last 2 were 2014, so should've put them on the list!

  • Comment number 37. Posted by Berba_Was_King

    on 21 Aug 2014 11:09

    @36 - I thought the first 30mins or so was quite good. Some interesting visuals & Crowe's Noah seemed an engaging man. The Watcher's were interesting but then Ray "'Ave It!" Winstone turned up and the actual flood was pretty underwhelming apart from the scene of human's clinging to a mountain peak as the water rose.

    Overall though it was pretty much pants. Looked that way in the trailer though to be fair, reason I waited for the Blu-Ray.

    The Monuments Men though was worse - just very very dull and extremely average. Maybe I laughed once, maybe.

  • Comment number 36. Posted by corylus

    on 19 Aug 2014 16:46

    I generally avoid films that I don't like the sound of so I thankfully enjoy most of the films I see. So my top 10 worst films of 2014 so far:

    1. Noah
    2. Noah
    3. Noah
    4. Noah
    5. Noah
    6. Noah
    7. Noah
    8. Noah
    9. Noah

    I think it's actually possibly my least favourite film ever! I wouldn't have been surprised to hear that it was directed by Michael Bay rather than Aronofsky. Brain-dead action with some mutterings about biblical stuff and women giving birth while men fight does not a profound movie make.

  • Comment number 35. Posted by Berba_Was_King

    on 19 Aug 2014 16:01

    @33 - American films are foreign. What's your point? Ah you're a snob or a troll or just plain miserable.

    @30 - really Bob? Boxtrolls? Interstellar? The Hobbit? Fury? Exodus? Must be something deemed worthy enough of your attention and interest? No? Oh well, roll on 2015 then I guess but heads up, I'm not sure you're going to like much that's released next year either!


  • Comment number 34. Posted by JK

    on 18 Aug 2014 10:22

    I must admit I have not seen many films on your list, however my worst so far is 'The Angriest Man in Brooklyn'. It was almost unbearable, especially given the level of talent involved. The characters were so shallowly written, the humour was non existent while the sappy sentimentality drowned any moments of enjoyment out. To top it off, the thrid person narration just confused things even more.

    I was really looking forward to it when first announced as well. In light of recent events, I really hope this one gets lost in history.

  • Comment number 33. Posted by king whim-bim-olé biscuit-barell

    on 17 Aug 2014 07:10

    Wow! Perhaps not massively pertinent, but how is it that there so much money, be spent on so much rubbish filmmaking? Box office takings I hear myself answering my own question. So the trash trailers don't put people off. Maybe people just go to the movies on the off chance, and hope? So much money in the world, to be spent on so much utter trash.
    The best films I have seen in the last decade go under the heading of "Foreign" Rarely, if at all has there ever been any disappointment.

  • Comment number 32. Posted by stuff the tories

    on 16 Aug 2014 15:47

    Who the hell is Kermode to tell me what is funny and what is not? the whole point of Mrs Brown is that it is unpolished and unprofessional. It doesn't need a great plot, it is supposed to be silly. The humour comes from the situation and the daftness of the characters. MK obviously doesn't get this and should maybe stick to jokebooks. It is not a great comedy film in the way that, say, The Life of Brian is, but it does not deserve this kind of panning.

  • Comment number 31. Posted by CharlieB

    on 16 Aug 2014 14:04

    I'll go with yr No1 it should never have been released considering they didn't even ask for details from the Grimaldi family .
    I'm looking forward to seeing between now and Dec :
    The Drop
    Maps to the Stars

  • Comment number 30. Posted by Bob

    on 15 Aug 2014 22:40

    I do hope all at the film show are paying attention to the spelling - and therefore pronunciation - of Mal-ef-i-cent, with the emphasis on that "eff" sound...

    I can think of very little I'm looking forward to for the rest of the year. It's looking pretty dire...I'm sure this list is on the money. as I've no intention of seeing any of the films Mark mentioned.

  • Comment number 29. Posted by Yes_Mr_Luthor

    on 14 Aug 2014 21:24

    I'm not sure how Robocop escaped this list, it's certainly two of the most painful hours I have spent in the cinema this year.
    To much shaky cam, watered down action scenes, no decent human baddy to speak of, terrible soundtrack, Samuel L. Jackson in annoying shouty mode, the Murphy death scene had as much dramatic impact as stepping in a muddy puddle, Gary Oldman wasted, no emotional journey to follow Murphy on, Joel Kinnaman giving one of the most boring performances ever. I could go on and on, I will never watch that piece of rubbish again and will not go anywhere near a sequel if one happens.

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