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Worst Of The Year... So far

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Mark Kermode | 11:56 UK time, Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Mark reveals his bottom five films of 2011 - so far

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    • Comment number 1.

      Bridesmaids- Almost walked out of this film but I didn't because it was tipping it down outside. Bear in mind I sat through all of Blair Witch 2 in the hope it would get better.

      The Hangover 2- The same thing in a different country. Here's hoping The Hangover 3 does end with Doug stood at 3 gravesides.

      Any other bad films I've seen have been blanked out of my memory I'm sure.

    • Comment number 2.

      Whilst I haven't seen The Hangover 2 yet, some of these films were terrible, but I am a big fan of Sucker Punch for a number of reasons. I don't disagree that on the outside, SP looks like a string of Music videos - but I do think that there is something below the surface of the film that many critics have totally avoided or all together missed.

      The movie is an action movie about action movies, it's about the way women are portrayed in action movies most importantly. The film is also a Psychodrama (google it if you don't immediately know) and I think not a single critic, apart from those who knew, picked up on this.

      Zack Snyder might not be Werner Herzog, but he certainly is not Mr Bay. Dawn of the Dead remake was a solid remake, one of the best. 300 was a great adaptation and any underlying issues with the story lie with the source material. Watchmen was an ambitious project, but was the best Watchmen film you would get.

    • Comment number 3.

      Fine choice Dr. K. Can't say that I've seen Film Socialisme, but after seeing your reaction to it in Cannes, and also on 5 Live a few short weeks ago, you have left me in no doubt that it is nothing more than a great big piece of toilet. I suspect that not even a Jim McBride remake starring Richard Gere in silly trousers would repair the damage done by the mighty Jean-Luc in this instance.

    • Comment number 4.

      Dr Kermode, thanks to you I have seen none of those films. Long may you continue to save me from wasting my time and moey.

    • Comment number 5.

      worse than Transformers Dark Moomins? really? Transformers in French with one word in five in English would've been far more interesting 'Autobots transformer et le déploiement'

    • Comment number 6.

      Dr K I usually agree with your oinon on the Jean Luc Goddard film I think you maybe mistaken. Here is why, Film Socialisme seems like a companion to his masterpiece Weekend. Now I know you like to be challenged. So here is my challenge, watch Weekend, it a great movie and I think its a companion to FS. Now I havent seen FS however it sounds from what you describe to a be a Later period Goddard film. Weekend has similar tropes for example the subtitle Goddard uses English messages to make a point. He does this in Weekend. Its like complaining at david lynch for yusing industrial sound or complaing that Geoge romero filkms have zombies in them. That is the trope that Goddard uses to get his point across. So I would like you to revisit it after watch weekend. I think Film Socialsme may become a more understandable film after you have seen Weekend,

    • Comment number 7.

      what no Big Mamma: like father like son? that was bad!!!!!!!!!!

    • Comment number 8.

      Before watching the video, I'm going to take a wild guess and predict that Transformers: Dark Of The Moon *cough* SIX weeks now since 'Transformers 3 And The Truth About Blockbusters' *cough* is one of the Doc's worst of the year so far...

    • Comment number 9.

      Best thing about The Hangover Part Deux is that Bradley Cooper in an interview on your radioshow said he had so much confidence in Todd Phillips that he would make a shot for shot remake of The Hangover if the director were to ask him. Clearly that must have actually happened and the result was The Hangover Part II.
      (I assume all this on the basis of your reviews, haven't actually seen any of the Hangover films and that includes Due Date.)

    • Comment number 10.

      5. Source Code - although extremely far fetched nailed on by a silly ending(leaving it at the moment of 'finality' on the train more than sufficed) it really is a blast as they might say in the papers. Great leading role for Jake too.

      4. Rabbit Hole - looks at grief unlike Antichrist did..great performances all round. lighter than you would expect considering the source material.

      3. Black Swan - outrageous, tragic, dark, very 'Lynchian'. i like...a lot!

      2. Senna - Swoops you along and expalins about the man behind the wheel in a very inimitable, warm way. sensational stuff.

      1. 127 Hours - One man with his arm trapped under a boulder. Boring way!!! Franco, considering how wooden he was in Spider man, is beyond exceptional.

      Oh and hasnt it been a poor year for film? i think so...

    • Comment number 11.

      Whoops to do theworst, not sure how to delete my post and put it into appropriate section. oh well its there, people will understand im sure.

      So my worst...

      5. The Green Lantern - Vomit, vomit everywhere!

      4. Hangover part 2 - how did they screw this up so bad! horrid

      3. Sucker punch - scantily clad woman shooting guns. ummmmmm well i guess on one level it, just no!! i shall not let my perverted consious get the better of me.

      2. Transformers 3 - Money making machine destroying all aspects that make films watchable and the irony is.............. idioits!!

      1. Super - Horrible, pathetic, rip-off, unfunny, twisted, dirty little hell-hole of a movie. hated it!! take your wrench and crap acting and stupid name and 'Shut-up Rainn'!!

      good but underwhelming film - True Grit

      shoulda have been bad but was surprisingly good - Fast 5

      Film widely thought of as rubbish but enjoyed - tron legacy

    • Comment number 12.

      If Suckerpunch is a criticism on how women are portrayed in action movies...then that's another thing I don't get. It's something similar as something someone said about Kick A** too; that that particular comic book was a commentary on the violence in many comic books at the time. But in my opinion, it revels in the violence that that person claims it criticizes. Same here with Suckerpunch; if it is all criticism, surely it isn't meant to be enjoyed??? Surely, we'd all be expected to sit there, going "Yeah, he's right. It's terrible! Oh my, how objectionable." for two hours. But I may have completely misunderstood (and I probably have). Also, I haven't seen the film. I have to say I'm curious about it.

    • Comment number 13.

      No Pirates Dr K?

      Without any shadow of a doubt the worst film I have seen so far this year is Sanctum 3D. A film that was so soul crushingly boring it induced some sort of massive dizzy reaction in me, as I got up to leave the auditorium I found that I could could barely walk. I honestly thought I might end up developing narcolepsy thanks to this film. Avoid like the plague!!

    • Comment number 14.

      Lay off Transformers 3 Mark its a spectacal film and i enjoyed it as such,having just seen Rise of the planet of the apes i enjoyed that for the same reason (thanks to gazzauk for telling us about the credits). Tranformers does'nt linger long in the memory and certainly wont be my film of the year but was enjoyable none the less.

    • Comment number 15.

      I have nothing much to add because I was careful with not paying to see any bad/mediocre movies like you mentioned.

      However, SUCKER PUNCH was so offensive I have to call it out. Not only is it a pretentious and offensive collection of music videos, but it's also BORING for an action movie that you CAN'T turn your brain off to since the movie wants you take this seriously. If its tone was more like other tongue-in-cheek exploitation films that the Asian cinema have a stronghold on (Machine Girl, Tokyo Gore Police, etc.), I'd be willing to tag along.

    • Comment number 16.

      Ha ha, hilarious - Jean Luc Godard made a worse film than Michael Bay.

    • Comment number 17.

      I absolutely loved 'Sucker Punch' and 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon' so I'm not gonna get onto that...

      Here's my bottom 5:

      5. 'Hall Pass' - Ugly, unfunny, vulgar and typical.

      4. 'Blue Valentine' - I wanted to like it SO BAD but I couldn't stand it. I only sat through it's duration because of Gosling.

      3. 'The Hangover Part 2' - Unbelievably terrible and completely frustrating. I was actually sad to be amongst an audience roaring with laughter because they so clearly haven't been educated by proper comedy.

      2. 'The Green Hornet' - I usually like Seth Rogen but my word he was annoying here. Loud, pointless and incredibly boring. Gondry should stick to art-house.

      1. 'Just Go With It' - I didn't think Adam Sandler could get ANY worse but I was wrong to doubt the man. A generally hateful, misogynistic work that should be banned.

    • Comment number 18.

      Mentioned my number 1/number 97 on the Best Of comment, but here's my bottom 5...

      5. The Dilemma- for many of the same reasons as you mentioned, I despised this one. When Channing Tatum is the comedic highlight of your film, it might be better if you didn't inflict it upon us.

      4. Sucker Punch- again, also on your list. A film that values upskirt shots over characterisation and is at odds with itself completely. Only more confusing in its extended form. Incoherent nonsense.

      3. Just Go With It- a film that almost made me walk out just because I could, and I NEVER walk out of films. Adam Sandler's second paid holiday in a row, and another script from the writer of The Dilemma, Allen Loeb- my new nemesis.

      2. Mother's Day- foul, soulless, heartless, brainless guff, with delusions of grandeur. When the best I can say about it is that the cast aren't awful, there's not a lot to be said. This was repulsive crap.

      1. Something Borrowed
      Both crappier and more repulsing than the other four films, Something Borrowed is emotionally infantile horse manure. It is, finally, a romantic comedy that doesn't end the way you'd expect, but at what cost? The actual ending is not surprising so much as unbelievably crass and unconsidered, just like the rest of it. Self-consolatory, self-absorbed twaddle.

    • Comment number 19.

      1. Sucker Punch
      Zack Snyder is as bad as Bay. Sucker Punch is puerile masturbation fodder for 14 year old boys, much like Transformers 3, but made into the longest music video ever filmed. If you like looking at pretty girls in skimpy outifts just say so, instead of pretending there is substance there. It's all surface.

      2. Transformers 3
      You'd think Bay would have learned from his mistakes, even he admitted Transformers 2 was bad. Yet he manages to make a even more stupid film. Bay always gets the worst performance out of any actor/actress. Shame on Spielberg too for putting his name on this mess.

      3. Just Go With It
      Sandler films another vacation. Here's hoping he doesn't survive his next one.

      4. The Green Hornet
      Rogen at his most unsympathetic. He was so good in Freaks and Geeks - whatever happened to that guy?

      5. Atlas Shrugged
      Perfect example of bad filmmaking, it's even worse than you think. Tommy Wiseau could make a better film. In fact he has, it's called The Room.

      PS Film Socialisme is terrible, and yes I've seen Weekend

    • Comment number 20.

      I’m disgusted by the language in this video!

      The Dilemma is indeed awful. Jenifer Carpenter with Vince Vaughn? No, that’s worse than Meg Ryan being a helicopter pilot or Kate Hudson is a high powered lawyer. Boring, dull and not even funny in the slightest it’s a terrible movie made by a decent director who is just widely inconsistent.

      The Resident is also complete rubbish, we spend a whole hour watching Swank walk around her apartment, occasionally taking her clothes off to have a bath and the plot reveals to us who the stalker is VERY early on and as a result there is no mystery, no tension, no scares, no chills, nothing that will make the film watchable.

      Hall Pass. Apparently penises are quite funny...

      I tend to avoid the rubbish films so I have not seen The Hangover or Transformers. Your Highness isn’t any good and neither is The Eagle, the fight scenes were so boring because of the age rating resulting in the gore being pathetic. Can’t even get some enjoy from that but they don’t deserve to mentioned along with the films mentioned above.

      The biggest disappointment by far is Julia’s Eyes (see Top 5 Movies of the far for more info.)

      Anyway. I'm gonna watch The Wild Bunch.

    • Comment number 21.

      I really didn't like Attack the Block. Not a bad film, per se, I just couldn't stand the horrible children in it, and the social preaching by the end got a little too much.
      From a story POV, it wouldn't have been so bad if the gang leader was taught a proper lesson before he was allowed to be a hero, but this was not the case.

    • Comment number 22.

      I was surpised that Film socialisme was the good doctor's worst film so far. I would have thought either Transformers Dark of the Moon or Just Go With It were.

    • Comment number 23.

      I'm sure you're right absolutely right about Film Socialisme. I just have one question: do we know if it made (any) sense to French-speakers?

    • Comment number 24.

      My current Top 5 (as opposed to "Best") so far (with five honourable mentions in alphabetical order)

      Top Five
      1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
      2. 127 Hours
      3. Sucker Punch
      4. Black Swan
      5. Never Let Me Go

      Honourable Mentions:
      Captain America: The First Avenger
      Rise of the Planet of the Apes
      Source Code
      Super 8

      Bottom Five so far (as opposed to "Worst") (alphabetical order)
      Fast Five (aka Fast and the Furious 5)
      The Hangover Part II
      The Smurfs
      Your Highness (though I'm tempted to swap it with Bridesmaids)

    • Comment number 25.

      And since when was Watchmen a terrible film???

    • Comment number 26.

      I have only seen 3 films this year that I would not wish upon anyone else and only one more that was mediocre ENOUGH (X-Men) to put on my own list (and "yes", I did see the new Transformers movie:

      Since I could only come up with four, I cheated as Mark did and picked a film from last year (that I only just recently viewed). The Good Doctor endorsed this film by saying "It's not terrible". I would strongly diagree with that and if this wasn't 2011, would be much higher (or lower) on my list.

      5 Skyline (2010)

      4 X-Men:First Class

      3 Green Hornet (Haven't posted that one... Pending.)

      2 Battle:Los Angeles (which might as well have been called Skyline.)

      1 Sucker Punch (Where I used much of the same words as Dr. K in describing this prolonged music video. Works better as static frames.)

    • Comment number 27.

      Well needless to say I doubt I will check out your number one pick for worst film but I cant imagine how in any circumstances it could be worse than the Vile Transformers 3D which is in fact the worst film ever made.

    • Comment number 28.

      I am surprised that Doctor K is so rude about Sucker Punch given his praise for Inception since at their heart they are basically the same film - if film is the right word: they are really just intricately plotted video games committed to celluloid (hmmm - that word is almost meaningless nowadays, isn't it?) As opposed to, say, Transformers which was just a video game on screen without bothering with the intricate plotting bit. They all of them succumbed to the curse of the endless CGI action sequence though; I wonder if the reason "documentaries" are on the rise again might be related to the fact that people are getting tired of the non-tension that CGI has brought?

      I suppose that because Inception played it straight while SP clearly does it for laughs is what separates them, but in the end I'd almost rather have the one that didn't take itself quite so seriously.

    • Comment number 29.

      I was quite surprised at the sheer level of "Guidance". I half expected the pop-up to tell me to remove my shoes, belt and show my passport... Ridiculous.

    • Comment number 30.

      @Scurra (28) Inception and Sucker Punch basically the same film? thats a bit like saying The Third Man and Oh Mr Porter are the same film because theyre black and white.
      Inception is a deep considered story with action scenes cleverly interwoven into the plot.
      Sucker Punch is a series of action scenes strung together to make a plot, thats not to say Sucker Punch is a bad film (I actually quite enjoyed it) but it is nowhere near the same league as Inception.

    • Comment number 31.

      @keyser_sozes_ghost (30): Please don't get me wrong - I don't think SP is a masterpiece, nor do I think Inception is a pile of crap. What I was saying is that they both use the same sort of structural tricks to tell their story, and are designed to leave the viewer to draw their own conclusions about exactly what just happened and where exactly the story really ended up. (This is clearly a fertile subgenre that seems to be growing in popularity.) They are a lot closer in those terms than the slightly facetious comparison you have used.
      I do happen to think that SP had more of a considered plot than you give it credit though. But I can also see why the OTT surface gloss made it more unbearable to sit through; given the choice I'd take Inception any day myself.

    • Comment number 32.

      @You how about instead of "Kermode Uncut" we call it "Kermode Tightly Controlled". Anyway, I did think that the worst film I have seen this year, so far, was "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1"; Boring... Structurally not even a film, more an interlude. Cynical salami film making. It did not even spur me onto wanting to go and see the other Part... I've got a funny feeling the new "Hobbit" will attempt the same strategy.

    • Comment number 33.

      The "contains some strong language" Guidance bit is kind of funny. The only things he really says is "utter balderdash" and "taking the p**". I mean come on... Now if he was sitting there using the F word left and right that would have been something else but... haha I can't imagine Mark doing that!

    • Comment number 34.

      'Battle: Los Angeles' gets my top prize for stinking out the cineplexes this year. A joyless, incoherent mess of a movie with the most nausea-inducing deployment of shaky camerawork since Gaspar Noe's interminable 'Enter The Void'. When are filmakers gonna start hiring cameramen with tripods again?!!

    • Comment number 35.

      Scurra: Sucker Punch and Inception? Come on. That's a ridiculous comment.

      I don't even know where to start with it. And to say Inception succumbed to CG action sequences...

      The action is hardly the most engaging thing about Inception - but the thing is, it's action is incredible. It's actually interesting to watch - for example, the fight with changing gravity - not exactly a heavy use of CG, except for editing out some wires - it's an amazing scene.

      I don't think the crowd that fill up the general audience for Transformers and other actual CG explosion filled borefests have begun to move to documentaries either.

      Finally, lots of people, Kermode included, list Captain America as being alright, or good. I couldn't believe how awful it was. Every section was tired and predictable, there was no interesting 'action' in it, no tension (no plans!), montages of him running and shoving don't really do it for me.

      I also saw it in 3D, the only film other than Avatar I have seen in 3D. Annoying and pointless, I now totally agree with Mark on this and hope he continues to rant about how rubbish 3D is.

    • Comment number 36.


      Apologies, missed your second post. I see the comparison you're making, but that doesn't in any way mean Mark should be more generous to Sucker Punch. You can take a good idea or topic and ruin it. Surely that's even more criminal in a sense?

    • Comment number 37.

      The 5 worst films of the year so far are –
      5) The Resident – really really REALLY boring ‘home invasion’ thriller.
      4) The Mechanic –
      3) Paul -
      2) Hobo with a Shotgun – Even worse than Machete. Please, enough with these Grindhouse spin off movies that think aping the worst elements of exploitation cinema is somehow ironically entertaining.
      1) The Tree of Life – Interminable self-indulgent rubbish. Like watching a stranger’s home movies about his childhood intercut with Walking with Dinosaurs & Wonders of the Universe. Malick’s meditations on life the universe & everything are inanely twee, repetitive & tiresome. The Fountain dealt with similar themes in a far more entertaining way.

    • Comment number 38.

      Jean-Luc Goddard is rubbish.

      Now let's not waste more time on that pretentious plonker and move on.

    • Comment number 39.

      The only truly bad film I've seen this year was The Green Lantern, should have been good but was just dire overall, the only highlight of seeing that film in a small indie cinema with only 5 other people was that towards the end of the movie one old woman left and loudly announced to the usher "I'm leaving because I don't find this film to be very realistic" ....was more entertaining then the actual film! ....on the Zack Snyder topic, I really don't think his films are terrible, Watchmen was the best film of that year in my opinion and I liked it a lot more than the graphic novel (for one the ending in the film actually made sense! ...giant alien squid, honestly) and if I remember rightly in his review Mark said he didn't want to go back and read the graphic novel again even though it might make him look at the film in a different light. The whole point about watchmen is that it was set in the 80's, the costumes were meant to be like that, the music used in the film are referenced in the source material and as a comic book film it is certainly one of the better comic book films around

    • Comment number 40.

      I'm surprised there haven't been more mentions of 'Your Highness', which can only mean:

      a) Everyone really likes it.
      b) Nobody went to see it.
      c) People are actually too embarrassed to admit to having seen it.

      I'm guessing either b) or c).

      *hangs head in shame*

    • Comment number 41.

      I'm not going to do a list because I haven't seen enough films this year for a bottom 5, but there is one film I'd like to nominate:


      I’m not saying that this is the worst film released this year, because it probably isn’t, but I’ve made sure to avoid films that look mind-blowingly awful e.g. Transformers 3, The Smurfs, but it annoyed me to the point that I want to complain about it instead of going to sleep at a reasonable hour.
      I had high expectations going in to watch Submarine, mainly because of the reviews/Richard Ayoade directing, but left extremely disappointed, and I can quite clearly say why- the protagonist, Oliver, is boring and extremely unlikeable. It was at the point where (spoilers ahead) he basically shrugs off his girlfriend’s father having cancer that I realised that he was impossible to identify with and, quite frankly, an idiot. The films conclusion, which was basically Oliver getting everything he wants and a happy ending, seemed to say that this kind of stupid and unrealistic behaviour had no long lasting consequences, which, probably because I’ve been through experiences similar to the themes portrayed in a light hearted way in the film (namely cancer), I found kind of offensive. Furthermore, I have no idea how critics praised the film for being an accurate representation of what being a teenager is like- I’m only a few years older than Oliver is in the film, and I saw nothing of myself or anyone else I know in him. The portrayal of teens in Superbad-esque comedies is by no means perfect, and Kermode can complain about them as much as he wants, but in my opinion films like Superbad portray more realistic characters, and show better/more realistic examples of consequences, than Submarine does.
      And on top of all that, the film itself is pretty dull- the same ‘coming of age drama’ that every first time director notable for their TV work seems to make as their film debut. Films like these only really work when the protagonist is actually likeable, and since he wasn’t, I lost interest pretty quickly. Plus, it suffers from trying too hard to be ‘indie’, such as using unnecessarily loud and pointless sound editing- though to be fair, it isn’t as pretentious dialogue wise as films such as Juno are.
      This is my first time trying to write anything about a film, so I guess that my points may come across as a bit messy (I've also only just realised how long this is,though I didn't want to post a comment consisting only of something along the lines of LOL IT SUCKS) but overall I just found Submarine dull and extremely unlikeable, despite going in really wanting to like it. The only thing I got out of it was to not trust the opinions of films critics too much.

    • Comment number 42.

      So far I'd say :

      1.Transformers: Dark of the Moon
      2.Sucker Punch
      3.The Tree of Life

    • Comment number 43.

      I too agree completely with @danfranciswarren - post no. 4. Due to the good Dr K's utter trashing of these movies, I fortunately haven't seen any of them.

      However, I believe the worst movie I've seen so far in 2011 is Pirates of the Caribbean 4 - On Stranger Tides. UTTER, UTTER, UTTER UBER BORING!

      A poor excuse to milk the populace with another go at the PotC cash cow.

    • Comment number 44.

      My Bottom 5 (surprisingly this is quite hard to think)

      5: Tree of Life - It's not bad, but it's not Malik's best film. I would have much rather seen a more a straight forward film with the sean penn just looking back on his childhood in the 50s. The Doug Trumbell universe and planets being create is really good and some of the surrealism of it is pretty well done, but it's just out of place and less said about the part with dinosaurs the better.

      4:X-Men: First Class - It's not bad, but just not good. (Spoiler) Did anyone else laugh at the point where James McAvoy lost his ability to walk "My dear I'm so sorry, but I can't feel my legs." and what was going on with Michael Fassbender's accent.

      3: Insidious - This did have some redeeming qualities to it (the surrealism of family in the ghost world thing), but at the end of the day the story and script was just complete rubbish. 1/2 jump scares and then 10 minutes of boring drama. Not as boring and over-rated as paranormal activity was/is but not oustanding.

      2. Paul - Enough with the sci-fi film references already!

      1. Super 8 - Now I know I'm gonna get shot at down for this, but I don't care. Basically E.T. meets The Goonies meets Cloverfield i.e. 80s family films that are cheesy (I don't do anything cheesy) with a bit of Cloverfield chucked in to appease older people. The ending is just complete and utter crap. (Spoiler) The alien can read your thoughts by touching you, so no doubt that it's going to touch the kid at some point and realise humans are nice after all. THe train crash as well could have been much much shorter. It was like "yeah I get the point. You don't need to show me every cartridge exploding into a million pieces.
      Also WHATS WITH THE LENS FLARES!!!!! No they do not any kind of enhancement to film, they distract you from it cos it doesn't work or look right. rant over

    • Comment number 45.

      I cannot believe anyone is criticising Attack The Block. If you think the boys didn't learn their lesson, then you didn't pay attention to the film. Or maybe you went into it with prejudice against the portagonists?

      And as for The Resident, I thought it was a good example of how to bring Hammer's old suspense chillers - which I preferred to their straight horror output - into the modern age.

    • Comment number 46.

      Patrick (#41) - you are spot on about Submarine which I found to be a massive disappointment as well.

      I wanted so much to like it and for the first half hour or so it was fine but after that I found myself thinking I'm not laughing much (neither were the rest of the audience) and nothing of any consequence is happening - slowly. No amount
      of great shots of kids running with fireworks can make up for this.

      Agree with your assessment of Oliver as well - dull - a real struggle to empathise with him so just found myself less and less interested in what was happening to him.

      Mark's thoughts about 'The Dilemma' can just as easily be attributed to Submarine... it's not very funny and it's not very dramatic... so what is it?

      Richard Ayoade obviously has a great flair for visuals and I hope in the future he
      tackles something on a meatier subject, maybe with a more experienced screenwriter.

      Still, it wasn't as bad as Transformers 3.

    • Comment number 47.

      The worst 5 films of 2011,

      Transformers 3
      Pirates 4
      Cowboys and Aliens
      Adjustment Bureau
      Hangover 2

      I was also unimpressed by both Green Lantern and Captain America.

    • Comment number 48.

      I appreciate it hasn't been a vintage year for film but to include Blue Valentine (#17) is nuts! Besides being released last year, I think such an honest and engaging film should be applauded. Few relationship drama have bypassed Hollywood standards so brazenly to deliever something truely personel.

      Super - I enjoyed it more than Kick Ass. There, I said it. It's a better film. Kick ass was praised for its original spin on the super hero genre but a year later (though it was actually made at the same time) Super is derailed because its too weird???!!
      Here are the real stinkers:
      Sucker Punch - is undefendable - pure trash (and whats with that GOD AWFUL cover of the Pixies' 'Where Is My Mind?' - the movie's most heinous crime).
      Sanctum - How on earth did they manage to make it so very boring!!
      Battle Los Angeles - Why hasn't anyone mentioned this? Its a 90 minute marines reqruitment promo for the xbox generation no? The most cliche ridden garbage imaginable.
      Hobo With A Shotgun - enough with the grindhouse revival, this one didn't even have the good grace to include a charismatic villain (at least the poor Drive Angry did that much), numbing violence without a sense of fun.

      PS: Mark, you are overly harsh on Watchmen. Re-apprasal I say!!!

    • Comment number 49.

      Good list Mark!
      ... and if at some point I was thinking of going to see Film Socialism, now I've just made up my mind and I think I might give it a miss.
      I completely agree about the Dilemma! Yes, there are probably worse films out there (the latest big mama), but what made the dilemma so so so bad, was the actual talent wasted on that film!
      Here's the review I posted at the time If anything I hate it even more today...

    • Comment number 50.

      Having seen and enjoyed 300 and Watchmen (yes, I think they are brilliant movies) I went in to Sucker Punch with high expectations. Although I disagree with Dr K about Watchmen, I agree with him about Sucker Punch. This film is a shambolic mess. It's a 100 minute slurry of OTT FX and half dressed ladies and drab action sequences in search of a coherent plot.

      I did kind of like Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Loon but afterwards by brain could not remember anything remotely memorable about it. I hope someone in Hollywood reboots the franchise on a smaller scale as then it could be very good and......sorry, I have to go. The men in white coats are coming at me again.

    • Comment number 51.

      Rightflyer, I loved your 'Dark Side Of The Loon' reference to the Transformers film! Maybe a Pink Floyd tribute band should use the spacey bits of Terence Malick's 'The Tree Of Life' as a back projection for a future tour.

      And I was gobsmacked to see a movie's been based on Ayn Rand's 'Atlas Shrugged' - I can just see the DVD being bought by Rush fans.

    • Comment number 52.

      Absolutely spot on. All five films were utterly dreadful, but the one which really took the biscuit was Jean Luc Godard. I was one of the stream of exiting audience in London. I'm only surprised that Dr. Kermode wasn't even more vitriolic. I don't always agree with him, particularly when he criticises actors, but on the subject of the director and and the whole concept, he is almost always on the mark, and fearless in his criticism of the general sub-dumbing down of the commercial cinema.

    • Comment number 53.

      Re post 45 from Chris Page –

      Hi Chris.
      I actually quite liked the other boys, and was glad that most of them did quite well. In my original post I actually said I had a problem with the gang leader (Moses), rather than ‘the boys’. I felt that he was a thug at the start and a thug at the end. Perhaps, like you say, I wasn’t paying attention, but I don’t think this was the case.
      I’m also fairly certain that I didn’t go into view the fictional account of an alien invasion with pre-conceived prejudice against the characters, on account on not being mental.

      All the best.

    • Comment number 54.


      I think Moses atoned for his actions when he realised that he alone had to confront the monster at the end, regardless of the personal consequences.

    • Comment number 55.

      Re Attack The Block, it was OK & directorially a very accomplished debut from Mr Cornish. But sadly not funny enough to be a comedy nor scary enough to be a horror. It was basically a UK remake of Critters 3. . .

    • Comment number 56.

      Interesting that there's equal appraisal and dismissal of Tree of Life on both "Best..." and "Worst..." comments. Maybe because it's a very personal film, with hardly any plot, so either you have a dialogue with it by relating it to yourself or it ends up as a preachy monologue. I don't think anyone hating the movie are disregarding it based on the quality of the filmmaking.

      I'm more in the former camp, but that's because I've been brought up with religion. I also related to the duality of the parents, parent-child relationship, and full on childhood nostalgia attack with kinetic camera angles.

    • Comment number 57.

      Moeez, I’m disregarding Tree of Life on the basis of filmmaking (as well as many other failings), its visuals are simply lazy clichés aiming for profundity. Kinetic?! Malick's style here is the complete opposite of kinetic.

    • Comment number 58.

      Had my fingers crossed that Transformers would be there, annoyed with myself for falling for the ad campaign. Genuinely the only time I've been the cinema and not only been willing the film to end (a problem because transformers was so long) but actually considered walking out halfway through. Thankfully I haven't had the misfortune to see any of the others.

    • Comment number 59.

      Sucker Punch was bad but could have been alot worse, for me the worst films so far this year have been The Green Hornet (which I didn't even want to see in the first place) and Bridesmaids - had its moments but the fact that I was on a date was the only thing which stopped me from walking out!

    • Comment number 60.

      Having not seen Sucker Punch yet, I cannot say I like/dislike it, but I am looking forward to watching it. Your comment about The Watchmen makes me suspect you have not read the graphic novel and enjoyed it. As the film is a great adaption of that material. Although I cannot speak for the entire comic community, certainly those in my social circle enjoyed Watchmen. To me its on a par with Dark Knight

      As to why do people go to these event movies like transformers?, perhaps people don't want to be challenged all the time, and just want to be entertained by big robots bashing each other up, i personally am not really bothered about seeing that movie myself as I didn't rate the last one very highly.
      But Event movies in my experience are a good chance to see something fun and less taxing on the brain. I was glad to see Tron: Legacy did not make you top 5 bad movie list. Again its not going to win any oscars, but I found it an entertaining movie, and visually stunning, alot like the much maligned Avatar movie, which critics also love to hate.

      Whilst some event movies are better than others they are there to entertain for a couple of hours and take us out of our often dull workaday lives, not every movie has to challenge us in some way.

    • Comment number 61.

      @Scurra re: Inception/Sucker Punch "similarities"(sic)

      SPOILER WARNING - this post contains plot details for the following films: Inception, Sucker Punch, Brazil, The Descent, The Last Temptation of Christ. Please stop reading if you don't want this to happen. You have been forewarned...

      Anyway... I think you are confusing elements of superficial plot similarity with a similarity in quality. Both films use elements of "dreams within dreams", however the clear distinction between the two is in the execution.

      When I was watching Sucker Punch, as soon as Don Draper...ahem... I mean John Hamm approached our lead damzel with that nasty-looking instrument, I knew we were headed for yet another re-hash of that hoary old "Incident at Owl Creek Ridge" twist - namely, that the character is revealed to have dreamed/hallucinated the previous drama at the moment of their death (or lobotomization). It's a movie cliché that's been employed in everything from dystopian satire (Brazi), through transgressive arthouse (Last Temptation) and onto schlocky horror like "The Descent" (the UK edit, of course). To its infinite credit, Inception does NOT use this plot device, whereas predictably, Sucker Punch dives in feet first.

      Inception used dreams merely as the jumping off point for an intellectual exploration about the nature of reality, perception, memory and loss - big, weighty themes for the audience to chew over and consider long after the film is over. Contrast that with Sucker Punch - it made vague illusions to some random objects which became symbolic for the characters escape (or not) and there were references to her making sacrifices for... something. In fact, her eventual fate was completely unnecessary and felt shoe-horned in.The rest is explosions and music. There was no great theme being worked through, despite what Snyder says (coming from someone who liked "Watchmen" incidentally).

      Everyone worth their salt knows that the currency of the best SF is in its ideas. Inception is cash rich in that regard. Sucker Punch, on the other hand, is intellectually bankrupt.

      p.s. given that we keep saying it was just a music video, the music was probably the best thing about the film - I quite liked the version of "Tomorrow Never Knows" and it's always good to hear a bit of Bjork every so often...

    • Comment number 62.

      Here are my five worst films of the year so far:

      5. Limitless: I found that it was a film that was more style then substance, whilst Neil Burger did try to make the film very visual it was also very empty. It was nothing remarkable.

      4. The Tree of Life: easily one of the most overrated films around and I felt like Mr. K with Film Socialiste. It had great music, visuals and acting, but it was just an overlong bore. I feel that if Tree of Life was directed by an unknown then critics wouldn't have been falling over themselves to praise it and would have seen it as I saw it: pretentious twaddle. And it needed more dinosaurs.

      3. Bad Teacher: this is a rare case that the trailer not only showed the best bits but it was also for a different movie. When I went to saw it few people were laughing. It's an unfunny little film, Jason Segal was the best part of the film.

      2. Season of the Witch: basically Nicolas Cage needs to stop saying yes to every script he recieves. Claire Foy does show promise as an actor but it is pretty much straight-to-dvd fodder. An unremarkable film.

      1. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World: a crude, cheap, unimaginative film that has no heart behind it. It has bad acting, comedy, special effects and action. It did not need to be make and Robert Rodriguez better atone for his sins by finally making Sin City 2!

    • Comment number 63.

      Here are my five worst films of the year so far:

      5. Limitless: I found that it was a film that was more style then substance, whilst Neil Burger did try to make the film very visual it was also very empty. It was nothing remarkable.

      4. The Tree of Life: easily one of the most overrated films around and I felt like Mr. K with Film Socialiste. It had great music, visuals and acting, but it was just an overlong bore. I feel that if Tree of Life was directed by an unknown then critics wouldn't have been falling over themselves to praise it and would have seen it as I saw it: pretentious twaddle. And it needed more dinosaurs.

      3. Bad Teacher: this is a rare case that the trailer not only showed the best bits but it was also for a different movie. When I went to saw it few people were laughing. It's an unfunny little film, Jason Segal was the best part of the film.

      2. Season of the Witch: basically Nicolas Cage needs to stop saying yes to every script he recieves. Claire Foy does show promise as an actor but it is pretty much straight-to-dvd fodder. An unremarkable film.

      1. Spy Kids: All the Time in the World: a crude, cheap, unimaginative film that has no heart behind it. It has bad acting, comedy, special effects and action. It did not need to be make and Robert Rodriguez better atone for his sins by finally making Sin City 2!

    • Comment number 64.

      While I actually agree with the selections... so far I tend to stray from Kermode's Comedy opinions because good comedy is entirely dependent on the tastes of the audience and thus not really subject to critique from one point of view.

    • Comment number 65.

      Totally agree with @danfranciswarren at no 4. I am most grateful to Dr K for helping me avoid his top 5 worst movies. I really wouldn't have bothered seeing them anyway but I generally trust his opinion and appreciate him confirming my suspicions.
      I can't think of anything that I've truly hated, but there have seen some that have disappointed me.
      The Green Lantern was pretty poor but not totally beyond redemption.
      Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides really was atrocious, no script, no plot utterly boring couldn't wait for it to end. Each subsequent Pirates movie has seemed more and more like a money making vehicle for the sleep walking Johnny Depp. He can be a quality actor when he tries so I can only think it must be the money that keeps drawing him back to this rubbish. (hate is a strong word, but I really didn''t like it, not one jot!) What in the heckings is Geoffrey Rush doing coming back for more as well? I just don't get it.
      Bad Teacher was just awful, I don't know what I was expecting really.
      I'm sure there are worse movies as listed in Dr K's and other people's top 5 but thankfully I haven't seen them.

    • Comment number 66.

      i tend to avoid badly reviewed films but 2 films that I regretted seeing in the cinema this year were

      1 Green Lantern, worst film of the year, a complete disaster of a movie, rubbish, boring, expensively cheap looking, crap 3d, derivative, cheesy, non-sensical...Martin Cambell, what happened? Joe Johnston has actually made a film far superior to yours

      2 Rango, really impressive animation and some nice injokes for the adults but the story was a complete mess and it was far too long, they could have easily edited out a half hour from the film

    • Comment number 67.

      Rented Sucker Punch last night on DVD, and just listened to Marks Review of it again. I have to say that I disagree, whilst not as involving a story as I had hoped for, it was by know means a dull movie. But then I am clearly not a cynical person who has to sit through watching dozens of movies and pull them apart each week for a living. If you don't like a particular genre of movie then don't go and see it, why would you, unless you are being paid to!

      Overall I would give Sucker Punch a 6.5 /10, it could have had more depth to it, but in no way is as bad as Mark makes it out to be. I was far more dissapointed with the fourth Pirates movie. Having enjoyed the previous three of those I found myself keep checking the time to see how much longer the movie is, a bad sign...

    • Comment number 68.

      thank you all for dragging up to memory films i'd successfully banished but surely you've forgotten: love's kitchen, mr popper's penguins, the beaver, mars needs moms, the roommate, the eagle and hall pass. none of which have i seen and nor shall i; which is surely the sign of a bad film.

    • Comment number 69.

      Mark should advertise his services on the TV:

      "I see crap films, so you don't have to!"

      Thankfully I haven't seen any of those films. Partly because I heed Kermode's advice, but also because I haven't been to the cinema since Men in Black.

    • Comment number 70.

      Judging by some of the posts on here berating many American comedy films I think we need to admit something: American 'comedy' isn't funny. In the same way that a road accident isn't funny.

      American comedy just seems to be nasty, mean-spirited and very dated (they still think the Focker gag is funny enough to make 3 films about it). Discuss.

    • Comment number 71.

      Just like to say that if I hear one more person acting all superior because they think they were the only one that 'got' Sucker Punch's faux psychological insights, while all the haters didn't, then I'll scream.
      Yes we KNOW that the main character was actually Sweet Pea and all the other female characters were representative of her mental state. But you know what? It still stank. To high heaven.
      Sterling Jodrell material though.

    • Comment number 72.

      Top Tip; Transformers for free - grab a couple of Transformer toys, jump in a bin and have someone roll you down a very big hill. Not only a 3D experience but also Sensurround!

    • Comment number 73.

      After seeing the trailer for Apollo 18, promising what seemed liked an original sci-fi/horror ladened with suspense, mystery, horror and conspiracy. I went in anticipation to one of my local cinemas yesterday, only to be bitterly disappointed.

      No sooner than 10 minutes elapsed, had my eye lids started to go heavy. At is core nothing is believable, and nor does it even attempt to evoke any believability.

      It's a predicable crass boring, boring, boring! Unashamedly clichéd Blair Witch takes a holiday to the moon. That occasionally makes attempts to warrant your attention by having things jump in front of the camera. Only to 5 minutes later want to put you back to sleep again.

      It should never have gotten to theatres, and had just been released straight to DVD. Then following week be in bargain bin at the checkout in Tesco, and forgotten all about.

    • Comment number 74.

      I had the misfortune of watching Hell's, I mean Love's Kitchen recently. The most odious cinematic experience I've had in a long long time -

    • Comment number 75.

      The worst film of this year so far was Sucker Punch by a hefty margin. I have not seen another completely terrible film this year, seen my fair share of bad films but none were close to how bad this is. It was a shallow, immature mess of a film.


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