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The Year in Review

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Mark Kermode | 10:48 UK time, Friday, 13 August 2010

Seen anything good this year? I have, really, but lawks a mercy have I seen some rubbish too, dire, dire rubbish... See what I did there? Anyway, here are my top five worst and best films of 2010 so far.

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  • Comment number 1.

    I wise choice I have only seen a limited number than the good doctor but my top 5 are

    1. Inception
    2. Twilight: Eclipse
    3. Kick Ass
    4.How to Train Your Dragon
    5. Iron Man 2

  • Comment number 2.

    Top 5
    1. Inception- Its sci fi, its action, its intelligence, its thrilling, its Nolan...its brilliant. Acting, Directing, Story, Visual Effects, Score, Cinematography its all perfect...a dream of a film
    3. Kick Ass- Chloe Moretz deserves a best supporting actress nomination along with Marion Cottilard for Inception at the oscars as well as Nicholas Cage and Cillian Murphy for best supporting actor (in an ideal world anyway)
    4. Iron Man 2- Found it just as good if not slightly better than the first one, you have Rourke and Rockwell as villains...what more do you want?
    5. Toy Story 3- I may be the only one who was left disappointed with this film, yes the characters are wonderful, the animation is gorgeous, some of the scenes are stunning but overall i felt this film did not have the timeless emotion, magic and humour of other pixar films, repeated ideas the series had already covered before and could not match the greatness of 1 and 2. It is still however the best animated film of the year and perhaps number 5 is slightly harsh.

    Bottom 5

    1. Robin Hood- Russell Crowes accent is more confusing than Inception and this film is more boring than watching paint dry
    2. Nightmare On Elm Street- Dumb, not scary and a complete mess. I would of liked a modern darker look at Freddy but it was completely mishandled. 1, 2 the film was poo...3,4 it really was poor...5,6 its got not tricks...7,8 it sure aint great...9,10 never see again
    3. Clash Of The Titans- Sam Worthless is perhaps the most boring lead actor in Hollywood. Horrible 3D effects and am embarrassment for Neeson and Fiennes.
    4. The Last Airbender- Funniest film of the year by a long chalk, the 3D is the biggest con of all 3D cons...i watched most of the film without my glasses on and i got a more satisfactory viewing experience than when i had them on. Acting, Story was all terrible and the screening i saw it in was in fits of laughter constantly. Yes its awful but in a Batman and Robin way (meaning its great for a laugh)
    5. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse- Sorry Dr. K i have no issue with the "gender issues" of the film, its just plain and simple not my thing

    Am hoping that Edgar Wrights Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and David Finchers The Social Network will be demanding top 5 spots.

  • Comment number 3.

    Mark, its a shame you are off this week because I think this week offers a contender for your bottom five. According to the Americans the Airbender film is supposed to be really bad, I would love for you to do a review on it. It supposed to not be very close to the source material, which is usopposed to be good and turns it into well Night magic. I agree with your list apart from Ponyo and Twilight. Ponyo I havent seen so cant judge it and I just dont like Twilight. Inception is great and I really enjoyed it, hopefully it will prove you dont need 3 hours of robot or pirates just a good and iengaging story.

  • Comment number 4.

    Hello Dr K and sundry fellowes,

    This year has been a good year for films, as I have stayed true to my promise of seeing at least one every week. This may not seem much to a seasoned 8 or 9 a week man such as yourself (or some of the other film punters who view this very blog) but it was a lot more than I had done previously. Here are my top picks, based entirely on films I have seen rather than what was out. That's why SATC2 doesn't appear because, as I'm sure it was ghastly, I didn't watch it.

    1) How to Train Your Dragon - I'd forgotten this for a while, but as soon as I recalled it I began to well up. A truly beautiful story, and some good laugh t'boot.
    2) Skeletons - I actually had my eye out for this one long before Hello Jason appeared on the show, since it was filmed local to me in Derby; it did not disappoint, a gem of a film
    3) Kick Ass - Wonderful unashamed fun, so different from the comics
    4) The Road - Agony in film form, but cleansing for all that
    5) Micmacs - A misunderstood kids classic - with a few tiny cuts, it would rival chitty-chitty bang bang. And you have to cheer any film that ends in arms dealers being humiliated.

    - 1) The Lovely Bones - a giant cop-out of a movie whose audience is apparently historical style experts from the 60s and 70s. The grand uplifting finale in the corn field looked like a live yogurt advert, and the sentiment was so saccharine even a seasoned weeper like me couldn't get involved
    - 2) Repo Men - A reprehensible, dirty, badly acted nonsense trying to be several other good sci-fi films and failing. The ending was especially cheap and awful.
    And worst of all...
    - 3) Alice In Wonderland - A dreaful, sick-making candy bag of a movie with more holes than a hessian weave, this did EXACTLY what Friday the 13th appearntly did - taking something from childhood and kicking it into the dirt. Plus, Ann Hathway's hand movements made me literally want to break her fingers.

    Hope you enjoyed, y'all!

  • Comment number 5.


    1) Inception
    2) Un Prophete
    3) Bad Lietenant: Port Of Call New Orleans
    4) Valhalla Rising
    5) Mugabe & The White African

    Runners Up Skeletons, Treeless Mountain, Ponyo

    I haven't seen Still Walking, Four Lions, Toy Story 3, Oil City Confidential or any of your worst 5 yet.
    1) Precious
    2) Kick-Ass

    I've only seen two bad films this year, but Shutter Island, although visually amazing, wasn't very good.

  • Comment number 6.

    1) Inception
    2) Toy Story 3
    3) Kick Ass
    4) Black Death
    5) Crazy Heart

    Have to agree with Mark completly on Inception and Toy Story 3, instant classics, I suspect that most people, The Public and Critics alike will put Toy Story and Inception at the top of their lists. I Just loved Kick Ass, I don't think I remeber the last time I has so much fun in a cinema. Black Death, saw it on Marks advice. It was an unexpected treat of a film, delightfully combining History and Horror. I'm sucker for country music, so Crazy Heart really had to be in there somewhere.

    Won't be listing a top 5 worst films of the year, because I tend to avoid the drivel that Mark has to put up with. However, I was very disapointed with Alice in Wonderland, looked great, but it didn't work very well for me. Iron Man 2 should have been better, but it was okay for what it was, and I can't wait for Iron Man 3. I will say that the worst film I got dragged to see was Sex in the City 2. Horrible. Just Horrible!

  • Comment number 7.

    I agree with comments above Dr K. Please blog a full Kermodian Airbender rant soon. Along with Dr Mayo, you've been taking the Michael out of The Last Airbender's title for ages. The anticipation of a great rant has grown enormously, given how famously awful the film is supposed to be.

  • Comment number 8.

    Dear Doctor,

    I'd like to start by making an enquiry. Had the majority of British film critics (including yourself, Marky Mark) been struck over the head with a rusty mace before viewing the worst film of the year?

    1. A Prophet (pretentious, overlong, self indulgent poop)

    2. The Wolfman (Del Toro, why not redeme yourself by advertising an ice cream bar - oh...)

    3. Predators (fanboy pandering nonsense)

    4. Alice In Wonderland (An idictment of Burton's complete abandonment of originality)

    5. From Paris With Love (So insanely incoherent it's almost charming)

    I never endured any of your top five entries because I wasn't obliged to.

    Now for the good stuff:

    1. Kick Ass (so much fun, simple as that)

    2. Toy Story 3 (anthropomorphic legends breaking your heart as they accept death? Genius!)

    3. Inception (purely political this entry, love what it's going to do for future action films, good movie too I suppose)

    4. Hot Tub Time Machine (the rate of gags per minute is unbelievable)

    5. Green Zone (Greengrass and Damon are the new Robson and Jerome, they're THAT good!)

  • Comment number 9.

    I can only do a Top 5 as i haven`t seen that many bad films this year.

    5 - Kick Ass
    (This was a very enjoyable comic book film. it was quirky , modern and very fresh for the genre. Chloe Morentz is a dime in this film and Aaron Johnson really does himself justice as the main lead. Shame he isn`t the next Spiderman because he would be perfect for the role. Nicholas Cage is also good in this.)

    4 - Daybreakers
    (This is another film that was fresh for the vampire genre. It potrayed vampires as everyday people who were about to face extinction. It has a very dark tone to the story as all humans are close to extinction. Sam Neil is very good as the creppy villian who will do anything to keep himself a vampire and find a fresh source of blood. Ethan Hawke and William Dafoe also give great performances in this film. Never the less Daybreakers is dark , mysterious and a very chilling film.)

    3 - Lymelife
    (I went to see this in a cinema outside my local town. I was so glad i did because this film was great. I`m surprised Mark that you haven`t reviewed this film as it is a great gem. Emma Roberts gives a very charming performance as the girl next door character to the main character played by Rory Culkin. Alec Baldwin also gives a great performance as the father who is facing marital problems with his wife played amazingly by Jill Hennessy. There are so many performances to talk about but Mark if you haven`t seen Lymelife please do because it is a very special film to me and i will be first in line to get it on DVD.

    2 - Toy Story 3
    (For a while this was joint number 1 with my number 1 pick. Mark i completely agree with you on Toy Story. its the greatest trilogy ever mastered in film. The story in 3 is amazing for both kids and adults. The power delivered into making the characters fresh and exciting is unbelieveable. The climax made me cry my eyes out for the first time ever in film. Mark Toy Story will forever be remembered as the greatest trilogy of all time (And Yes its better than The Dollars Trilogy).

    1 - Inception
    (Nolan`s masterpeice. A story yet so cliche but so original at the same time. I saw The Dark Knight in New York and it was an amazing experience. But Inception was the better film. Nolan has a talent that is similar to Kubrick & Hitchcock. They both have never made a terrible film. Nolan follows Kubrick & Hitchcock as a talented and original director who broke into The American Market and will forever be known in History as a talented filmmaker. Inception is the film of the year (Fingers crossed for Kermode Awards , Oscars and all the rest).

  • Comment number 10.

    Good mix of releases here, nice to see someone standing up for Micmacs. My best are quite dull (as you hint Dr. K) but my worst seem to be filled will disappointments more than strictly terrible films (which is much worse a crime).

    2.Toy Story 3
    3.Kick Ass
    4.Youth in Revolt
    5.Repo Men (the version I re-edited in my head)

    1.Alice in Wonderland
    3.The Lovely Bones
    4.Clash of the Titans
    5.Repo Men (Theatrial release)

  • Comment number 11.

    I would love to, Mark, but cinema tickets are so expensive and I am so unemployed that it's not often that I get to go to the cinema. I will say that Toy Story 3 was better than Inception so you're wrong about that one (although they are the top two for sure), and that Kick Ass would most certainly be in my to five somewhere, and The Lovely Bones would be floating somewhere around the middle.

    Luckily for me, it's not my job to go and see bad films so I tend to avoid all those horror remakes, crappy romantic "comedies" and films starring Danny Dyer.

  • Comment number 12.

    I saw Scott Pilgrim Vs The World at a preview last night and it is really great fun. It'll definitely be in my top 5 with Kick-Ass Inception and Cemetery Junction.

    As for worst, Repo-Men sticks out in the mind, and also the trailer for Did You Hear About The Morgans (I didn't watch the whole movie, but having to sit through the trailer a few times was bad enough!).

  • Comment number 13.

    The only film I thought is worth mention so far in this year is Polanski's "The Ghost Writer". A lot of this year's input has been rather blah... nothing to brag about.

    As for the bottom 5, Dr K seems to be on the Mark.

  • Comment number 14.

    Oh yeah I saw Shutter Island this year, that film was f-cking stupid.

  • Comment number 15.

    Ok, so my choices may not be overly sophisticated but it has still been a pretty good year for movies this year, I reckon.

    1. Inception
    2. Wild Target
    3. Ghost Writer
    4. Iron Man II
    5. Prince of Persia or A-Team (am torn)

    5. Alice in Wonderland
    4. Clash of the Titans
    3. Lightening Thief
    2. SATC 2
    1. Lovely Bones

  • Comment number 16.

    Thankfully my exposure to dire films is restricted thanks to twittertainment warnings and a deep aversion to remakes and romcoms. Best films i've seen so far in 2010 (though not all have been 2010 cinema releases):

    1 Inception
    2 Avatar
    3 White Ribbon
    4 Girl with Dragon Tattoo
    5 Shutter Island

  • Comment number 17.

    Hi, Mark.

    I really thought that Polanski's shivering Ghost Writer should make the Best Top5. A Czech animated film: In the attic or who has a birthday today is a clever European response to Toy Story 3.

    I agree with Sex and the city 2 being the worst film so far.

  • Comment number 18.

    I have to admit, I haven't seen as many films as I've seen in previous years partly due to being pretty skint lately but...

    1. The Road
    2. Youth In Revolt (just had a big grin thoughout it)
    3. Inception
    4. Shutter Island

    1. Avatar (the American history book version of Pocahontas in space)
    2. Alice in Wonderland (it wasn't horrible, it was enjoyable but if they stuck to the books, it would have been much better and Johnny Depp was dreadful)

    I'm really looking forward to Anton Corbijn's The American, The Social Network, Strange Powers: Stephin Merritt and the Magnetic Fields, I'm Still Here, My Son, My Son, What Have Ye Done, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Toy Story 3

  • Comment number 19.

    I forgot my fifth...
    5. Gainsbourg

  • Comment number 20.

    1. Inception
    2. Toy Story 3
    3. Kick-Ass
    4. Cemetery Junction
    5. The Disappearance of Alice Creed

    5. Shank
    4. Valentine's Day
    3. Old Dogs
    2. A Nightmare On Elm Street
    1. Jonah Hex

    The Last Airbender is languishing just outside my bottom 5 as the sixth worst of the year so far- I have little doubt it will end up in Dr. K's bottom 10 of the year. A rant is due!

  • Comment number 21.

    Top 5? Here's a top 2 instead.

    1. Inception
    2. Toy Story 3

    Why? Because cinemas are bloody extortionate, that's why, and I refuse to set foot in another cinema again.

    Inception cost me £8.50 per ticket at the Odeon. This included a 75p "booking" fee because, horror of horrors, I did all the work myself online and booked the ticket and chose the seats myself. A popcorn set me back £4.50. This came to a grand total of £21.50 for two tickets and a popcorn, whereas if I wait a few months, I can buy the DVD, brand new, for £10, make the popcorn at home, and watch the film in the comfort of my nice couch on a great 42" television screen.

    But the ultimate insult has to be Toy Story 3 in 3D. This was my first ever 3D film. I'd been studiously avoiding any and every 3D film that came out (even Avatar, because I was lucky enough to watch it for the first time in 2D on DVD, and realise that it is actually an awful, awful, film). I just knew, deep down, that it was all a con. However, I figured that finally, here was the one to watch, because Dr. K had finally seen a 3D film that he forgot was in 3D because it was done so well.

    Well, it will be my last 3D film.

    First of all, the VUE cinema charged over £11 per ticket. Already, we're at a whopping £22.60 for just two tickets. A regular popcorn and drink was over £7, so we've hit the £30 barrier; thankfully my wife doesn't like popcorn, otherwise it would've been higher.

    As for the experience, forget it. I spent the entire time completely aware that I was watching a film. The awareness of wearing these glasses completely ruined my ability to immerse myself. I found the 3D to be interesting, but it added nothing extra to the film at all, certainly not enough to warrant the almost extra £4 added to the bill. I felt as if I had to sit completely rigid in my seat, otherwise the screen didn't look right. Twice the glasses fell off.

    To add insult to injury, the exit to the cinema was guarded by electronic detectors that beeped should anyone have the gall to walk out with a pair of the 3D glasses at the end of the film. As if cinema goers were shoplifting lepers trying to walk out a department store with clothing stuffed into our pants, people were being forced to open their bags to be searched, and have the glasses removed.

    3D is an abomination, and the cinemas are nothing more than some Mafia-style operation meant to fleece us of our money.

  • Comment number 22.

    Top Films

    1- The Losers - It was what the A Team should have been, Action, one liners and blowing things up. Most fun I've had at the cinema this year.
    2- Toy Story 3 - Dark and disturbing in places but totally entertaining for kids and adults
    3- Ghost Writer - Great thriller in the classic style, good actors and a good script from a great book.
    4- Shutter Island - A wonderful trainwreck of a fiilm, Overblown in everyway, a retake on B movie but for all the wrong reasons, it is hilarious.
    5- Predators - Finally a remake or sequal that didn't suck this year

    Worst Films

    1- Inception - It's as cerebral as the Matrix. Wake up and smell the hype, "Oh yes you have to be really intelligent to understand this film" No you didn't, it's nothing special, if anything they just editted it badly. An action film that should make you think.. How about The Green Zone?
    2- Clash of the Titans - Just awful, with the added curse of Liam Neeson's Irish Zeus
    3- Nightmaree of Elm St - Another awful remake, why do they bother.
    4- Cop Out - I like Kevin Smith, I like the stars but the script sucked.
    5- The A Team - The curse of Liam Neeson strikes again with Irish Hannibal

  • Comment number 23.

    Best, so far(according to 2010 UK releases, so yanks and others better not start on me that 'so-and-so' was released 2008/9 or whatever):

    1. A Prophet
    2. How to Train Your Dragon
    3. Kick-Ass
    4. Toy Story 3
    5. The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo

    1. The Last Airbender
    2. Clash of the Titans
    3. Despicable Me
    4. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
    5. Daybreakers

    I too liked Ponyo (I've renewed the rented DVD again and again for a reason!) as it was so sweet, colourful and good-natured but I though HTTYD and TS3 were better, story-wise, than it, though. It's sheer charm that helps Ponyo, I think. Feel-good film, indeed.

    Haven't seen any of your bottom five, Mark, thank God!

  • Comment number 24.

    I hope The Illusionist enters my Top 5 when it's finally released over here.

  • Comment number 25.

    My top 5:
    1) Kick-Ass
    2) The Disappearance of Alice Creed
    3) [REC] 2. I don't care what anyone says, when Manuela Velasco showed up brandishing a camera I absolutely popped like a bally balloon!
    4) Inception
    5) Four Lions

    Notable outsiders. Dead Hooker in a Trunk. Black Death, 44 Inch Chest.

    Bottom 5 tricky because I don't tend to see films that I know I won't like.
    1) The Wolfman.
    2) A Nightmare on Elm Street. What a balls up.
    3) Alice in Wonderland, made worse by the 1 minute flashback of the actual Alice in Wonderland I was hoping to see.
    4) Predators. I think the Predator is a flawed villain. Like The Hulk it's a one note film that has been done perfectly well in the past with two politicians.
    5) .........haven't got one.

  • Comment number 26.

    1. Green Zone
    2. The Time that Remains
    3. A Prophet
    4. Mammoth
    5. The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans

    1. Inception
    2. Alice in Wonderland

  • Comment number 27.

    I can't believe that Shutter Island is ending up on some people's top 5.


    As I popped the Shutter Island DVD into the player I thought to myself: "Self, I hope this isn't one of those really lame movies where it turns out that the protagonist was a patient in the asylum all along. I mean, that might have been edgy in 1920 when it was done in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari but surely a director as slick as Scorsese would never go for anything so teeth grindingly predictable."

    Reader, I hoped wrong.

  • Comment number 28.

    Best, in no particular order:

    The Road
    Iron Man 2, at a push. Mainly due to this list including every film I've seen in the cinema this year and me struggling to think of others.

    The Wolfman
    Alice In Wonderland

  • Comment number 29.

    Top 5:

    5 Knight and Day - An incredibly silly and frivolous action film with decent stunt work and solid martial arts.

    4 The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - A surprisingly good adaptation of the book

    3 Shutter Island - A slightly dodgy ending doesn't spoil a really well made, tense thriller.

    2 Inception - clever, nailbiting action/adventure.

    1 Whip It - a lovely, smart and fun film which passes the Bechtel test a hundred times over. Had me in a really good mood all day.

    Bottom 5:

    5 The A-Team - Wasn't massively terrible but there weren't many terrible films what I've seen.

    4 Kick Ass - Two problems with Kick Ass. Swearing is not humour and the main character was completely unlikable. If the film was about Mark Strong, Hit Girl and Big Daddy, fine but they kept having that whining idiot spoil everything.

    3 9 - too dark for the kids, to dull for the adults. One of a very short list of films where things would have been better for all concerned if the main character hadn't gotten involved.

    2 Iron Man 2 - made me swear off comic book films as they seem to refuse to obey known laws of physics, let alone bother having a decent narrative.

    1 A Serious Man - Nothing happened. For the entire film. It also wasn't funny, which didn't help.

  • Comment number 30.

    Top 5:

    5. Four Lions
    4. The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
    3. Ponyo
    2. Toy Story 3
    1. Inception

    Bottom 5:

    5. Alice in Wonderland
    4. The Wolfman
    3. The A-Team
    2. A Nightmare on Elm St
    1. Zonad

    Something tells me few people outside of Ireland saw Zonad (in fact few people inside of Ireland saw Zonad) but it's definitely the worst film I've seen this year but a long stretch. Now, it's nothing on how bad the worst films of last year were, but that's not saying much.

  • Comment number 31.

    1. The Ghost Writer
    2. Inception
    3. Shutter Island
    4. Toy Story 3
    5. The Runaways

    I'm surprised you didn't include Polanski's newest film in your top 5.
    It's one of the best thrillers in years. Again Polanski proves that subtlety and smooth build up results in much greater suspense than shock and gratuitous action could ever achieve.

  • Comment number 32.


    Huh. Seriously, watching Shutter Island to me was exactly the same as watching The Sixth Sense would have been if someone had helpfully informed me that Bruce was dead all along just before the movie started. I can't see how anything can have tension and suspense when you know how it's going to turn out before the movie starts. To me that's like biting your nails over whether Ben Stiller will end up with the girl.

  • Comment number 33.

    1. by far - Toy Story 3
    2. The (new) Bad Lieutenant
    3. Shutter Island
    4. Kick Ass
    5. The Ghost Writer

    I'm really sad that dr. K didn't put Toy Story on top :( Think of the children!

  • Comment number 34.

    I'm not very good at doing this ranking stuff, but I'll give it a shot.

    Top 5:

    1) Winter's Bone (very, very easily)
    2) Kick-Ass
    3) Exit Through the Gift Shop
    4) Toy Story 3
    5) Shutter Island

    I saw Bad Lieutenant, Fish Tank and Dogtooth all earlier this year and they would all be up there easy, but I think those are technically 2009 films so I'll leave it at that.

    Ponyo was amazingly cute and close to making it too, but I bumped it for Shutter Island which too is ridiculously fun. Is it a bunch of cliches roped together? Yes. Do you know exactly how it is going to end five minutes into the film? Yes. Is there a scene where the protagonist is climbing down a cliff face only to have a document with important clues on it float down and conveniently pin itself to the rock, just within arm's reach? YES.

    Whatever you guys, that movie is awesome.

    Bottom 5:

    1) Greenberg
    2) A Nightmare on Elm Street
    3) The Last Airbender
    4) The Wolfman
    5) Clash of the Titans

    Fortunately I'm not a film critic, so I'm not forced to see films like Sex and the City 2.

    Greenberg gets all of my hate... okay, the other movies are bad, and that movie may not be technically AS bad because it's very well put together and well acted, but not even Nightmare on Elm Street actively annoyed me as much as Greenberg did. I left the theater in a terrible mood and angry. I was so angry the rest of the day. I hated every character in that film, I hated the person who made it and now I'm angry because I have to write about it.

  • Comment number 35.

    Earlier this year, when holidaying in London (Londoners are so spoilt cinema-wise!) I attended a screening of a hungarian film "Transmission" at the SF film festival. Not sure if that would count as "this year" cause I think it was made a few years back and didn't get a UK release...Anyway, "Transmission" would be up there among the best for me.

    "Un Prophete" was far and away my number one choice this year - I got the same feeling after watching "Cidade de Deus (City of God)". I also really liked the Israeli warfilm "Lebanon".

    My postings on the "Lost and Found" thread might imply that I didn't like Eclipse. On the contrary, I did actually enjoy myself watching it, I'm just a bit wary of the messages it sends to the core audience.

    I don't tend to go to see bad films but like a lot of folk was disappointed by "Alice in Wonderland" - it should have been dark and gothic but just didn't really hang together. Making the Mad Hatter into a revolutionary hero didn't work either; he certainly wasn't "mad" enough for my tastes.

  • Comment number 36.

    Unfortunately I don't get to see as many films as a critic so I may be missing some good ones from my list. Also, unlike you, I can avoid the films i think will be terrible - so no SATC2 or Leapy Ear on my list.


    1: Toy Story 3 - Easily the best movie of the year in my opnion. This will be recognised as a classic in years to come and the Toy Story trilogy will be irrefutably the greatest film trilogy of all time.

    2: Bad Leiutenant: Port of call New Orleans - Yet more proof for me that Werner Herzog is the greatest and most interesting director working today. He has made 3 films in the pat year, all excellent. This movie also shows what a magnificent, courageous actor Nicholas Cage is on his day.

    3: A Prophet - The best prison/gangster movie since Goodfellas. May have a few cliches here and there, but still a magnificent piece of film making.

    4: Inception - In my opinion this movie is massively overrated yet it was still good entertainment. Comparisons between Nolan and Kubrick are laughable - Kubrick never did these kind of "concept" movies, and had he made a movie set inside someone's mind, I imagine he would have been much more visually daring. The characters are not really characters at all. Our sympathy for Dicaprio's character comes from Nolan using the old "dead wife" routine. Also, the Disney-style family values within it are vomit-inducing. In general, a gimmicky movie but one that has a fun premise and is beautifully edited to stop the various strands ever becoming confusing.

    5: Kick-Ass - Fun movie, lots of laughs and Cage's Adam West impersonation is priceless. Yes, i'm a big Cage fan.


    4: ROBIN HOOD - Extremely boring movie that somehow makes the simple Robinhood story into a confusing mess. A cynical attempt by has-beens Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe to create a franchise because they made the mistake of killing of the protagonist in the far-superior Gladiator.

    3: Wolfman - I was expecting a cheesy piece of schlock horror, instead i got an absolute mess. I dont want to further elaborate because this movie isn't worth it.

    2: Prince of Persia - Lived down to my expectations and more - just awful. (My girlfriend made me go).

    1: Killers - By far the worst movie i've seen. This makes Prince of Persia look like a masterpiece. I usually avoid romcoms which star the type of actors who have made the leap from sitcom to film (hence no Jennifer Aniston movies on this list). But yet again, girlfriend made me go. Ah, the things we do for love...They should make a hilarious romcom about my life staring Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler. Or not.

  • Comment number 37.

    My top 5 so far

    1. Inception - I really enjoyed it but like The Dark Knight it lacked a certain emotional depth to me, theres still one there but the execution of it still made the film....well flat, only word I could think of to describe it without giving away too much of the film.
    If you are going into this expecting The Dark Knight, you will be disapointed. The film works very similar to Memento with the narrative sometimes being in three structues, or better put a dream within a dream and then another dream lol
    So aka no toilet breaks for this one if u wanna keep up with it.
    But its still a good blockbuster and even though it was as long as The Dark Knight, it never dragged like that film.
    Very good film for everyone.

    2. Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans - Cracking film Cage's best film and perormance ever in my view. Didn't feel long at all and Cage was on fire throughout the film.

    3. Toy Story 3 (in 2D) - Watched it in 2d as 3d gives me a headache. Thought it was the best of the three but I didn't cry at the end, so I must be completley heartless.

    4. The Road - Really good film and the boy in it is gonna be a star in the future, he's fantastic in this film.

    5. A Prophet - Really good film, started off a little slow but the rest of it was gripping. Best gangster film since Gommora. Suprised this wasn't in your top 5 Mark :)

    The worse top 5

    1. The Killer Inside me - Oh dear....
    A complete mess of film with some of the most stupidest characters in a film since Open Water 2.
    Casey Afleck is good in it mind but this is such a poor film I would be amazed if I met someone who actually liked it.

    2. Date Night - Terrible film walked out of the cinema after an hour.

    3. Exam - Really disappointed was hoping for so much more.
    It felt to me this was originally a short film but ended up getting stretched into a feature film with a silly sci-fi element added to it as well as bland characters.
    The whole film was a build to the ending and it was a very poor ending not worth waiting for.

    4. The Wolfman - Total mess of a film.
    The makers didn't know if it was suppose to be a horror film or an action adventure film.
    Made by money men rather than filmmakers. Walked out after an hour.

    5. Robin Hood - Rubbish and too long with nothing happening most of the film. Russell Crowe's accent wasn't that bad except at certain parts where some how he can do about 6 different accents in the space of two minutes.
    I think that's Oscar worthy tbh but I did laugh at one point when he's fighting and he briefly did Jamacian.

  • Comment number 38.

    Only seen 4 films in the cinema this year but here they are in order of preference:

    1. Toy Story 3 (3D)
    2. Alice In Wonderland (3D)
    3. I Love You Philip Morris
    4. Shrek Forever After (3D)

  • Comment number 39.

    Is the Doc aware of the video "THE KERMODIAN RANT - Danny Dyer" on YouTube? Bliss...

  • Comment number 40.

    err.. Four Lions? you clearly forgot to put this in your best of list, put it in the middle and knock out twilight

  • Comment number 41.

    WHAT ABOUT DOGTOOTH?!?!?!?!?!?

  • Comment number 42.

    1.Four lions
    3.Toy Story 3
    4.Shutter Island

    1.Avatar (because of what it has done to films)
    2.Clash of the titans
    3.Shrek forever after
    4.Knight and day
    5.Percy Jackson

    couldnt see a lot of good films because im 12 and cant get into 15s (i have only seen four lions and shutter island due to dvd and a friend working at the cornerhouse)

  • Comment number 43.

    Hi Mark,

    With regards to the last shot in inception,

    I I only just got to see it, i couldn't stop myself listening to the podcast and as soon as Leo explained his totem I guessed what the last frame would be... damn.

    I dont blame you... This reminds me of Drag me to Hell, when Dileep Rao gets the envelopes mixed up its very obvious. It took all the tension out of the rest of the film don't you think? I loved everything else about it.

    I think Karate Kid was very entertaining, im going to email this in to the show when you finally get back.

  • Comment number 44.

    This was harder than I thought it'd be. I can barely fill the bottom 5, I've been frugal and avoided a lot this year, clearly.

    1 - Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
    Super-good fun, intelligent, distorted, brilliantly shot, fantastically performed by Nicolas Cage and Brad Dourif, hugely funny, moments of Herzogian ecstatic truth, and a terrific use of soundtrack.

    2 - Heartless
    Despite what I thought were flaws first time around (alarming, jolting changes of tone, some of Noel Clarke's AUTHOR MESSAGE lines) it's a brilliant film, emotionally resonant, with some terrifying and awesome urban-gothic-gruesome imagery and another impressive use of music. And it changed my opinion of Jim Sturgess, unfortunate alumnus of the diabolical Across the Universe.

    3 - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    I knew very little going in, and I was very surprised at the turns the film took, from an hour of mysterious conspiracy and sexual brutality, to both a completely gripping 90-minute whodunit, and an intelligent thriller about sexual politics power struggles, with two intriguingly dissimilar leads. I was also massively pleased with the ending, as I didn't realise it was the beginning of a trilogy. Looks set to be 2010's Mesrine. Maybe even a little more violent.

    4 - The Kreutzer Sonata
    Extraordinarily perceptive, smart but not smarmy, terrifically acted (Elisabeth Rohm was especially sharp and striking) with an unctuous, malicious voiceover and yet another interesting use of music.

    5 - Lourdes
    Uneven and a little too long, but in the year of Inception (i.e people complaining about exposition) a good example of how to tell a story, and create interesting themes and tension with so little dialogue. Very post-Haneke, but better for it.

    Honourable mentions for A Single Man, Toy Story 3, Four Lions, Katalin Varga (last year, but I only saw it recently and it's really worth mention) The Book of Eli, Inception...

    I don't feel REALLY, powerfully strong about most of these really though, I'm looking for something which I really take to in the latter part of the year. Maybe Enter the Void, if it EVER gets a UK release date.

    1 - Sex and the City 2
    ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTY-SIX MINUTES LONG, soulless, disgustingly sparkly and vile to look at, shockingly poorly written, both morally vacuous and agonisingly fascist, both anti-woman AND anti-man...the list goes on. It brought me to tears of anger, and self-hatred - I paid to see it.

    2 - Alice in Wonderland
    Excruciating. Soulless, badly-performed (mostly), marshmallowy and transparent, overblown, shoddily written (yes, WE KNOW IT'S ON THE FRABJOUS DAY ALREADY), obsessed with its celebrity cast (OH LOOK, WELL DONE, YOU GOT CHRISTOPHER LEE TO SAY ONE LINE AS A DRAGON, HOW SCARY), irritating to watch. Just such a huge disappointment. I doubled up seeing Johnny Depp Futterwacking. Epitomised the whole experience. Also completely hypocritical. It's all about how Alice is punky and has the power of choice, but her destiny is already written in stone! And don't bother bringing up the idea of a self-fulfilling prophecy, because the film never once discusses this possibility, this young girl's hand is forced, full stop. It's just a shame Pan's Labyrinth, a PROPER story of a young girl choosing her way, is a little inappropriate for younger viewers.

    And the end - we're sailing to do worldwide business on the flourishing trade routes?!! YAAAAAY!! What a superb ending for a family.

    -- From here I'm happy to say I struggled a little. --

    3 - Iron Man 2. Just a big, unentertaining mess. And no fun at all, which is such a shame after the first film. Favreau clearly thought he was making Godfather II, but...well, he wasn't.

    4 - I Love You Phillip Morris. Not one of the worst film's by any means, but it's another muddled piece. Not as funny or intelligent or emotional or perceptive as it seems to think it is. Messy performances. But the snowballing golf-joking really made me burst out laughing.

    5 - The Killer Inside Me...Precious...Gainsbourg....meh.

    Killer Inside Me was by no means this bad (none of these three were), but good as Casey Affleck was, it was somewhat glib and wilfully obscure, I couldn't tell whether the plot was at all important, or unimportant enough to reflect the insanity which (apparently) is present in the lead, and the violence wasn't horrible enough (which I do think is a fault, for me) and reminded me just what a stunning job Irreversible did with this kind of brutality and controversy. I need t'see it again.

    Precious was massively overrated, again not horrible enough (the dreams are too much of a cop-out on several occasions for me), Mo'Nique was good....but treated SO badly at the end, it really spoiled the film for me. It's such a hypocritical ending, I have very little respect for the film.

    Gainsbourg was just incredible boring. Read my review.

  • Comment number 45.

    I know it's a limited list, sorry.

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
    Winter in Wartime

    1. Wild Target
    2. Alice In Wonderland

  • Comment number 46.

    Top 5 = Bad Lieutenant

    Toy Story 3

    Shutter Island

    Un Prophete &

    A Single Man.

    Bottom 3 = The Lovely Bones (I brought this up with the good doctor at one of his book signings were I asked him if he thought it was as terrible as I thought it was and he proceeded to agree with my girlfriend in that it wasn't a travesty, endless ribbing)

    The Ghost Writer (a thriller?! I fell asleep, excellently directed and all of that but that can't acount for being terribly paced)

    Alice in Wonderland (It's entirely possible less happens in this than in the Ghost Writer)

  • Comment number 47.

    I've deliberately not read any posts yet as I don't want to be influenced in any way. This should be an instinctual reaction...

    Best films of the year so far, don't think I need to explain why they are no particular order...
    The Road
    Please Give
    Toy Story 3

    ...can honestly say that haven't seen any that I have really disliked as I tend to stay away from films I'm pretty sure I'm not going to like. Being a film critic must be hard sometimes, having to sit through utter dross that you would ordinarily avoid given the choice. I kept well away from Leap Year!

    By the way Mark, will Film Socialisme be on your list at the end of the year?? ;D

    I can tell you that I was disappointed with...

    5) Solomon Kane - I really should have liked this. However I found it to not have much of a plot, what little plot there was was by the numbers, pretty lazy filmaking...James Purefoy was ok. Hoping that lessons are learned from this one as the open ending suggests there may be more installments.

    4) Hot Tub Time Machine - I don't know what I expected really?

    3) Brothers Bloom - Hey look at this quirky movie with quirky characters that do quirky things isn't it just quirky and adorable? UHHH NO!

    2) Shutter Island - Visually great, script wise very poor, predictable, way too long, trying too hard.

    What am I saying...there was one I really didn't like...

    1) It's a Wonderful Afterlife - So very very disappointing, lame humour, constant fat jokes that were really not funny and grated like sandpaper, didn't deliver what it promised on the tin, a real stinker of a movie.

  • Comment number 48.

    I haven't seen as many films as some people - Ponyo definitely looks worth a try from what Mark says. But here is my Top 5 so far:

    1. Kick-Ass. The only film I've gone back to see again. A deliriously entertaining and funny take on the genre, I was roaring with laughter even the second time around.

    2. Toy Story 3. I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried at the end. The plot of all three films may essentially be the same, but they each tread very different emotional ground. A perfect trilogy is a rare thing indeed. (Yes, I saw it in 2D.)

    3. Inception. Not quite the masterpiece I was hoping for - I don't think it's as difficult to wrap your head around as some people are suggesting - but still a good movie. I was disappointed to find that some of the most stunning visuals from the trailer were essentially a long exposition sequence, and the GoldenEye: The Videogame stuff in the snow got boring, but the film deserves its success. I hope the high box office and inevitable awards will enable more intelligent big-budget films to be made in future.

    4. How to Train Your Dragon. Saw it in 3D, which I wasn't convinced added much, but it was fun and, despite being entirely predictable (it is a kids film, after all) sweet without being saccharine.

    5. I'm really struggling to think of a fifth film. I've seen plenty more, but I don't feel any of them deserve a place in the Top 5 as they weren't really up to scratch. So instead, in 5th place, I shall put the trailer for Scott Pilgrim, since I know it's going to be a thing of 100% pure win.

    And now for the bottom 5:

    5. The Ghost Writer. Despite some really quite atmospheric sequences - you really feel the damp chill of the place at times - it was totally ruined by the god-awful, "did they really just do that, do they think we're stupid" ending in which the sort of code that 7-year-old chldren use manages to fool fully grown, supposedly intelligent adults.

    4. Prince of Persia. There were two films this year that (a) featured Ben Kingsley, and (b) had an entirely predictable ending that rendered pretty much all the preceeding events irrelevant. This nudges Shutter Island out of the bottom 5. Why? It's about 15 years out of date in its by-the-numberiness, with some quite terrible effects and dodgy sound (might have been the screen I was at). The casting was just bizarre - Jeff from Coupling as Persian royalty? Eh? And my boyfriend fell asleep after 10 minutes. He didn't miss much.

    3. Legion. The first 5 mintues were actually quite promising, given that I was in the mood for some silly pseudo-horror action nonsense. It was all downhill from there, passing sea level after an hour, and continuing on down to the molten core of the earth.

    2. Iron Man 2. I actually quite like the first film - it was breezy, fun, slightly cocky but didn't take itself too seriously. The sequel, alas, had 20 minutes of plot padded out to 2 hours, an entire hour in the middle in which nothing happened beyond "unpleasent people do boring things", and a final act that only served to remind me why I avoided Transformers like the plague. Oh yes, and apparently, there's no red flag safety system in motor racing.

    1. Alice in Wonderland. Boring, stupid, barely-functioning 3D, it was little more than a series of vaguely-related scenes in which badly designed characters with recognisable voices do unfunny and tedious things. Boyfriend fell asleep again.

  • Comment number 49.

    Some possible contenders that I haven't seen:

    Winter's Bone
    Air Doll
    Exit Through the Gift Shop
    Enter the Void
    Blue Valentine

    If anyone who's seen some of these wants to give me a spoiler free review of how they were, I'd much appreciate it.

  • Comment number 50.

    Anyone that has Inception on their Bottom 5 list needs to rethink their list. Inception is a great film.

  • Comment number 51.

    The Girl Who Played With Fire
    Bad Lieutenant: POC New Orleans
    Book of Eli

    (I haven't seen TS3 yet)

    The Imaginarium of DR P
    The Lovely Bones (yawn)

  • Comment number 52.

    Doc, I agree on Inception 100%. I've seen it three times and it's gotten progressively better.

    But where on earth is A Prophet? These blog posts are "reactively moderated". I dare say that your list should exist under those same conditions.

    Also, a real pleasure to see a return of that impeccable Danny Dyer impression. When you stated that you "couldn't be bothered" to do it anymore, I worried that you'd been bitten by the same bug that inspired almost every critic in the country to give Nick Love's worst film (The Firm) a pass, probably because of that wonderful Youtube video featuring highlights from the Outlaw commentary.

    I think you should review at least one film per week in the style of Danny Dyer.

  • Comment number 53.

    "dire, dire rubbish... See what I did there?"

    The problem I have with Danny Dyer is that I think he's an actor with potential and some genuine presence.

    Some of his early films and performances were good and reminiscent of the young Ray Winston: e.g. Borstal Boy, The Business and The Trench. But since then Dyer's films have got worse and worse.

    Perhaps it's because he's now so typecast he only gets offered lowlife parts in low budget British crime dramas that seem to get progressively worse; but if the worst came it the worst he might liven up EastEnders if the film roles dry up.

    But I live in hope that one day, as Aronofsky did with Rourke and The Wrestler, someone will offer Dyer a part that will give him the chance to redeem himself.

    Gerard Butler and rom-coms go together like napalm and the Chelsea Flower Show.

    Good to see Bad Lieutenant getting so many mentions.

    It's not been that great a year so far, but there have been some films that deserve more consideration than they're getting so far.

    The Princess and the Frog (Classic Disney 2D, and produced by John Lassiter of Pixar fame.)

    [Rec] 2. (And if you haven't seen the original [Rec] if definitely worth a watch too; a horror that has some real OMG moments.)

    Black Death

  • Comment number 54.

    I'm a bit slow on the uptake as usual... I've only seen one film at the cinema this year (Inception, which I really liked) but the best film I've seen by a country mile this year was...

    The Hill (Sidney Lumet)

    Such a shame it came out 45 years ago though. I said, I'm still catching up.

  • Comment number 55.

    Agreed, Black Death was pretty good!

  • Comment number 56.

    Pretty alarmed at how many people put The Lovely Bones as their worst film of the year. I mean, really? You thought it was that bad? It certainly wasn't great but at least it was interesting. I think if they released a cut that was an hour shorter it would be great. Get rid of Susan Sarandon's character, essentially, and yeah, just make it shorter. The only issue I had with it outside of that was the unrelenting misery of it (which was only made worse by Sarandon's comic relief, much like the comic relief in Last House on the Left), but that's just down to the source material more than anything else. Jackson bit off a little more than he could chew with it, sure, but all in all I was engaged enough and found it to be genuinely quite moving in parts.

  • Comment number 57.

    Cool... I love top film lists!

    My top five would be... so far (and I am going on UK release date of course)...

    24 City (Zhang Ke Jia, China | Hong Kong | Japan, 2008)- can't beleive no one has mentioned this film yet... a stunning piece of work by one of the most celebrated directors working in the world today...

    Ajami (Scandar Copti & Yaron Shani, Germany | Israel, 2009)- fantastic first film... set in Tel Aviv, five chapters, five characters (kinda)... one of the best vector-ish films made...

    Four Lions (Christopher Morris, UK, 2010) - good to see this got a couple of mentions above... Morris is a comic genius, and the film was both brave and very funny...

    White Material (Claire Denis, France / Cameroon, 2009)... Clare Denis, say no more...

    Inception (Christopher Nolan, USA | UK, 2010). Complex, complicated... people getting really upset about what other people made of it... is it all a dream? is the end a dream? is it real..? hahaha... brilliant when a blockbuster can get so many of us going 'what the **** happened there'.

    I wont do my bottom five... I try and avoid stuff that is obviously bad... and paradoxically, usually enjoy bad films anyway...


  • Comment number 58.

    To Mark: Erm... What's not to like about 'Bounty Hunter'... me and me daughter (9) have watched it twice... but then we are big Friends freaks... just finished the boxset a second time...

    ... and, why wasn't 'that' Goddard film on your worst five list... lol... better than your Danny Dyer rant that one...


  • Comment number 59.

    Can't believe I forgot Wolfman (kudos to those who mentioned it in their bottom 5) I only saw it on dvd recently and was relieved that I hadn't paid the price of a cinema ticket to see it.
    This could have been so good, a lovely homage to old style horror movies. What we got was utter dross with no direction. How were we supposed to buy Benecio as Antony Hopkin's son? It was just ludicrous. No peril whatsoever, no coherent storyline and what the heck is going on with Antony Hopkins lately? I saw him a good few years ago in the theatre playing Uncle Vanya, he had such presence and a wonderful delivery.
    Hollywood loves actors like him, British (Welsh), classical, some great roles in his career. However, since he has moved to America he seems to be sleepwalking through any role he gets, delivering his lines with a robotic drone and putting in zero effort; but no, it's all great 'cos it's Anthony (emphasising the 'h') Hopkins. If you've lost all the love for your craft Mr Hopkins then don't do it any more; and to any future directors, lose the rose tinted specs and make him work for his money!

  • Comment number 60.

    Thanks for waking me up doctor!

    A few things first,

    1: is it just me or is june the halfway point??

    2: i saw ponyo(2008) before christmas around same time as where the wild things are - just saying.

    3: i think that doing a bottom 5 is silly!, if they aren't in the top 5 let's just assume that every other movie so far this year is rubbish!.

    cos let's be honest - that's probably true.

    i woke up to watch inception and it wasn't what i was expecting but still good so i'd say that.

    Wake me up in december when Tron, True grit and Blue valentine come out.

    till then - goodnight

  • Comment number 61.

    Top Five-
    1. Bad Lieutenant:Port of Call New Orleans
    -absolutely hilarious, brilliant performance from Cage

    2. Toy Story 3
    -really funny and really haunting

    3. Four Lions
    -again, very funny

    4. Ghost Writer
    -fun thriller

    5. Shutter Island
    -beautifully atmospheric

    Worst- definately The Road: gruelling and tedious.

  • Comment number 62.

    I can't do a bottom 5 as I'm quite selective with what I see at the cinema, but I'm amazed by some of the brilliant stuff that has been on;

    1. Enter the Void
    2. Dogtooth
    3. A Prophet
    4. Ponyo
    5. The Headless Woman

    Toy Story 3 is sitting in there at number 6 by the way.

  • Comment number 63.

    My top 5 and bottom 5 of the year so far:

    1. [i]Inception[/i] - Enough has been said about this, so I'll skip to the next one.
    2. [i]Valhalla Rising[/i] - [i]Aguirre, The Wrath Of God[/i] meets [i]Stalker[/i] meets [i]Satantango[/i], directed by Lars von Trier. Epic just doesn't cut it.
    3. [i]Crab Trap[/i] - An excellent Colombian film about the aculturization of the country due to the Western/American invasion, told through the story of a conflict between a native village and a "legal" landowner planning to build a resort in that region, seen through the eyes of a white foreign fugitive. It's a really interesting, tense film with a very particular visual style of its own.
    4. [i]Zona Sur[/i] - Sundance-prized Bolivian film about the illusion of wealth held by a high-class family as another subgroup takes over the country's social hierarchy. It's very a very critical, often rather sardonic approach to the culture clash issue in Bolivia although still keeping itself fairly distant from either side.
    5. [i]Kick-Ass[/i] - Bucketloads of fun, plain and simple.

    1. [i]Aguas Verdes[/i] - An Argentine [i]The Room[/i] of sorts, as in a purposely inept film about nothing whatsoever. In a way it attempts to be some kind of "so bad it's good" film but ends up being so bad it's just boring rubbish.
    2. [i]The Recount Of The Damages[/i] - yet another Argentine film, this time a re-telling of [i]Oedipus Rex[/i] in a modern setting. The film boasts some interesting ideas to link the play to a modern Argentine setting and some occasionally nice photography, but it's incredibly overwrought and fails to understand what makes the original play the timeless classic it is. In the end the anagnorisis is reduced to a simple farewell, eliminating any form of catharsis in the film, as a political commentary it fails to say anything at all, and with scenes like a girl sitting solemnly on her piano strumming a couple of notes with one hand it's hard to label this as anything other than a pretentious, stuck-up mess.
    3. [i]Dear John[/i] - Nothing to explain here, really. It's a Nicholas Sparks melodrama aimed at tweens, probably based on a Green Day videoclip.
    4. [i]Shutter Island[/i] - A bunch of cheesy nonsense, really, with a lame twist. Some people have established a connection between this and [i]Inception[/i], but whereas [i]Inception[/i] remitted back to Cortázar's [i]The Night Face Up[/i], [i]Shutter Island[/i] only brought back the painful memories of [i]Identity[/i].
    5. [i]Carancho[/i] - Third Argentine film in the bottom five, and while it's not really as bad as any of the other four it was my biggest dissapointment of the year, as so far Pablo Trapero had only been growing and getting better as a filmmaker. This, however, plays as a clichéd crime thriller with an awkward central relationship between Ricardo Darín and Martina Gusmán (two actors who are usually wonderful) and a lame, predictable punchline at the end. A missed opportunity, really.

  • Comment number 64.

    What happened to The Back Up Plan? Surely the film made of cheese should have made the cut for the bottom five? And how about the Disappearance of Alice Creed? Surely the greatest film of the year? Mark......I hope you're thoroughly ashamed of your self!

  • Comment number 65.

    Top 5.

    Like Mark, I would also put Toy Story 3 and Inception at the top of my list but would reverse the two, Toy Story 3's effortless charm and well placed humour just nudging out Inception's mindbreaking insanity and (slightly) baggy third act.

    1: Toy Story 3
    2: Inception
    3: The Killer Inside Me
    4: Shutter Island
    5: The Ghost

    As for bad films, I've mainly managed to swerve the bad this year but one film that really disappointed this years was Iron Man 2, an excessive, clunky, over the top, tension free, whizz-bang special effects show case in which even the charms of Downey Jr, Rourke, Paltrow, Rockwell and Johansson couldn't even elevate it into ,at least, mediocrity. A real let down.

  • Comment number 66.

    1. Micmacs ( innocent pleasure)
    2. The Crazies ( interesting film)

    I was only lucky enough to see three films in Cinemas, this year, and the one I have a mixed feeling for the most is: Inception. I am not sure what to make of the film.I doubt I ever will make my mind up about Inception.

  • Comment number 67.

    I can understand enjoying the Twilight saga if you happen to be a teenage girl (for whom the story by all means just emotionally clicks), but not on a critical level. The characters are arrogant, way, way too serious, and the film as a whole makes, granted, emotional, but unproductive statements about the nature of romance. And the acting I find uninspired. It'd be closer to my bottom five than my top.

    Alice in Wonderland is surprisingly close to my top. Visual splendour, and a light story that delighted everyone I know who went to see it not expecting one of Tim Burton's darker, more potent films. I think he was just taking a break from films like Sweeney Todd, and made something that is as quirky and enjoyable as the books.

    Couldn't make any top or bottom 5 decisions, unfortunately, simply because I'm not that great at choosing. I'd put Inception at the top so far; an original, clever, well-told belter of a heist film. I expect Toy Story 3 will overtake it in my affections, however, mostly because someone had the wonderful idea to unite the consistently marvellous Pixar studio and their brilliant Toy Story series, with the guy who wrote the script for Little Miss Sunshine, which is one of my all-time favourite films. I'm seeing it in 2D at the suggestion of Mr. Kermode, and am looking forward to it very much.

  • Comment number 68.

    Top 5
    5. Kick-Ass
    Extraorignally entertaining and one of the best action films of the year. It was a great parody of a superhero film, a parody of love, particularly of Spider-man with the style, elements of the story, the music and Aaron Johnson voice and performance. Chloe Moretz really steals the show.

    4. Shutter Island
    Well it's a Martin Scorsese film and even when his weakest films are still better then the majority of films that come out. It was a well written and terrifically acted film, an interesting and entertaining thriller.

    3. Toy Story 3
    Whilst the 3D was pointless Toy Story 3 is a perfect family, offering verbal and physical humour, drama, action and great characters, old and new. Spanish Buzz is a great comic creation. The Toy Story series can join Lord of the Rings, The Bourne Series and the Original Star Wars Trilogy as a rare example of a perfect trilogy. And most important Barbie and Ken are reunited.

    2. The Road
    A film that was horroribly overlooked at the Oscars and in my opinion should have won best film. It was a great emotional film about a father and son during the worst event imagination. Viggo Mortonson and Kodi Smit-McPhee were great together and John Hillcoat's direction was pretty much perfect.

    1. Inception
    People are willing to pay to see intelligence, well plotted film. Christopher Nolan was able to make a complex film in an engaging, complex fashion, combining intelligenial ideas with great action sequences. An early contender for Best Film at the Oscars.

    Lebannon and A Prophet just missed out on my list.

    Worst Films
    3. Predators
    Its not to a terrible film but its just a B-Movie with stock characters we can not care about. The script was very weak and it was a pointless exercise of a sequel. Just watch the original film.

    2. Knight and Day
    A really mediocre film, with average actions, a underdeveloped plot, mid-90s level CGI and well, not funny enough. Cruise and Diaz and all the other actors do their best but there do not have a lot to work with. It would have been better if Cruise's character really was unhinded. It's surprising that James Mangold directed this and everyone who was involved is better then this.

    1. Remember Me
    Remember Me is really just a glorified TV film with a plot that would have been in a Frat Boy comedy. It is really an unremakeable film, with no good reason to be set in New York in 2001. A film about Ruby Jerins' character would have been more interesting.

  • Comment number 69.

    Edit: Just wanted to add that the characters aren't even arrogant in a genuine flawed human way, but a look-isn't-this-character-cool kind of way. Not one of my least favourite films, Eclipse, but like the first two, nothing of particularly good quality. Deals too simply with raw emotions, without balancing such strong themes with a little wisdom.

  • Comment number 70.



    I know an earlier cut showed at the LFF last year, did you see the finished version this year?

    Don't be giving me any spoilers, I'm just curious. Because I'm REALLY looking forward to it and I know very little. I wish I had the money to fly to America for opening day in September.

  • Comment number 71.

    My top 5 would be
    1. Dogtooth
    2. Fish Tank
    3. The Killer inside me
    4. A Prophet
    5. Looking For Eric

    My Bottom 5 are
    1. Clash of the titans
    2. Predators
    3. Mac Gruber
    4. Alice in Wonderland
    5. The Wolfman

  • Comment number 72.

    So Toy Story 3 took film of the week over Inception but Inception is ahead on film of the year? I can't really fault the logic as which one I prefer is purely mood based, trying to compare the two makes the whole idea of a top 5 seem ridiculous!

    @Craig S - Since I started paying monthly at the cinema my tolerence of average films has shot up, I have seen the aforementioned Inception and Toy Story this month and so the A-Team and Knight and Day were basically free and therefore enjoyable, had I paid £7 a go I may not be so chilled out about their flaws.

  • Comment number 73.

    In what has been a slightly underwhelming year for films, there have been a few great ones. Here's my top 5:

    5. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, a twisty and consistently involving thriller built around memorable characters rather than chase scenes and explosions

    4. The Secret Of Kells, which was nominated for a Best Animated Feature Oscar at this year's Academy Awards, and is one of the more beautiful films you're likely to see this year.

    3. Toy Story 3, a final chapters in a trilogy that measures up to, and at some points exceeds, the high benchmark set by the previous two films.

    2. Inception, which, as the good Doctor puts it, is a blockbuster with a brain. Its strong box office performance leaves me hoping for similar fare in the years to come.

    1. The Ghost Writer, an understated and well-acted thriller in the Hitchcock vein that unfortunately got overlooked by many due to the Polanski factor.

    I could make a list of my top 5 worst films of the year, but instead I'll just give you the winner. That would be Alice In Wonderland, a collage of Tim Burton's worst qualities that substituted the original story's sense of wonder with wordy exposition and boring action. Throw in some poor performances, awful sound design, and an overreliance on CG environments, and you have the biggest dissapointment of the year.

  • Comment number 74.

    I have difficulty choosing lists. However, my favourite movie of the year so far was probably The Ghost (or The Ghost Writer). Which I'd love to hear your opinion on Dr. Kermode. I also loved Inception and Toy Story 3, but I still can't understand the attraction of the Twilight movies. I don't feel the movies are in any way patronising to women or anything like that…I just see them as shoddily made movies. I found the concept of Twilight quite promising and thought that it would lead to many debates with friends concerning the themes of the movie. But I was let-down by the fact they are just badly made. Especially Eclipse: Too long, baggy, stale acting, awful dialouge, dodgy effects are just some of my problems with it. Although I do like Robert Pattinson admittedly.

    Absolutely despised Sex & the City 2, Leap Year, Did You Hear About The Morgans, Clash of the Titans & The Bounty Hunter.

  • Comment number 75.

    My Top Five of The Year

    5. Un Prophete (A Prophet)
    With Un Prophete, Jacques Audiard has created one of the epic prison dramas. Well acted (particularly from Tahar Rahim and Niels Arestrup) with a believable storyline which walked the tightrope between realism and avoiding the glamourisation of prison life.

    4. Inception
    If I felt I had fully understood all of the various nuances this film has, it probably would have been my number 1 or 2. Whilst I agree completely with the Good Doctor that it is nice to have a blockbuster which treats its audience as being intelligent, it is even nicer to see a blockbuster using a mixture of well-used CGI and physical effects.

    3. Up In The Air
    This took me by surprise as Up In The Air is not the sort of film which I usually like but I really tapped into the mixture of ennui and bravado which accompanies Clooney's jetsetting lead. Superbly written with fine performances from Clooney, Vera Farmiga and Anna Kendrick.

    2. Cemetery Junction
    Another pleasant surprise of the year, Cemetery Junction is very much of its period and the central coming of age story is well written. Unlike most romantic comedies, supporting characters are given their own screentime and back story to develop. The young characters have great camaraderie and Emily Watson is heartbreaking in a supporting role.

    1. Toy Story 3
    The perfect mixture of drama, comedy and sentimentality. The opening sequence is one of the best dramatisations of the way that children play I have seen. I managed to hold off crying (just) but it is easy to see why Dr K and many other did.

    I have also had the misfortune to see some real stinkers:

    5. Did You Hear About The Morgans?
    Proof that Sarah Jessica Parker has no screen charisma whatsoever and the traditional rom-com formula of sticking two stars on screen and hoping for the best just doesn't work.

    4. Legion
    I can't believe that Dr K enjoyed this! I humbly suggest that he may have been blinded by the sight of Paul Bettany on screen. If you've seen the trailer, you have seen all of the best bits. One of many films where the internal logic of the film doesn't make sense with a clunky script and a laughable final 20 minutes.

    3. The Wolfman
    A complete mess which shows the scars of multiple cuts and rewrites. So predictable that the tension is completely dissipated from the opening scenes. Benecio del Toro is weak and Anthony Hopkins is hammier than Porky Pig as his father.

    2. All About Steve
    Yes, I did see it and to be honest, I can't believe this is the worst film of the year. I have never cringed so much in the cinema and I have to seriously question what Sandra Bullock was thinking when she took this on.

    1. Killers
    A romantic comedy which clearly pinned all its hopes on putting Ashton Kutcher with his top off in the trailer. Not romantic and with zero laughs, not a comedy. Proof is any more was needed that Katherine Heigl is a charisma vacuum and desperately needs a new agent.

  • Comment number 76.

    @Stephen Glass

    Yeah, I want the scoop on these movies! I haven't seen it but I know an unedited version of Enter the Void was shown at Cannes. I think there also have been some screenings in NYC of the final cut. There was also a special screening at the Cleveland Epilepsy Center (i kid, i kid).

  • Comment number 77.

    @Stephen Glass

    I was extremely lucky enough to have caught a showing of it at the London Film Festival (and I mean lucky - I only managed to get a ticket about ten minutes before it began!). It blew me away and shook me to my core, and at this point in time might well be one of my ten favourite films. A cinema release for this film can not come soon enough as I am desperate to see it again! I hope you love it when you see it :)

  • Comment number 78.

    as long as you pronounce your love for twilight like that, i for one have no issues with it!

    Best so far in my opinion

    Bad Lieutenant - There was this one review that summed it up completely for me, which was something along the lines of ''It makes you realise how boring everything else'' which i really agree with.

    Black Death - this movie really had a lot more to it than i had expected. It is still nested somewhere in the back of my brain and i really do feel it is more intelligent then the title seems to suggest. I am not saying Black Death is a better picture then Inception, it just managed to take me completely off guard and move me more profoundly and as a result it has stayed with me far more effectively.

    Inception - i basically expected something to rival blade runner (which is one of my favourite films of all time) but it didn't. Still, a very good piece of film and I am proud to say i payed to see it twice.

    Ghost Writer - What i really like about it are two things. First, the actors who all do a great job in merging with their screen characters. Secondly, the mood or atmosphere. It is just laid so thick, and dense that it is just marvellous. I really do think it is a movie that is going to age very well.

    Secret Reunion - A little gem from south Korea starring one of my favourite actors kang-ho song. A sort of offbeat drama/thriller that manages to flip back and forth between melancholic and lighthearted in a really interesting way. It has also got a nice spy edge to it that really works (in my opinion). A different film that only gives more proof (for me) that south Korea is turning into powerhouse in interesting quality cinema.

    About worst, i don't know. I don't see movies like bounty hunter or Leap Year. I have a wonderful girlfriend who would rather go to see Pan's Labyrinth or Zodiac (lucky me). So my worst list is a bit short and i apologise for that. Also, i thought Prince of Persia was pretty ok, but not bad-bad. Likewise Iron Mane 2 (which i found to be a disappointment), it wasn't bad-bad, just ok.
    Therefor the only truly ghastly film I've seen so far was Clash of the Titans, which quite frankly was utterly appalling.

  • Comment number 79.

    Replace Twilight with Micmacs and call it a deal:)

  • Comment number 80.

    This doesn't scan with your logic, Dr.

    If Toy Story 3 makes the Toy Story Trilogy, the greatest trilogy in cinematic history, then Inception is greater than approximately 33% of the greatest trilogy in cinematic history? That's... quite a statement. Even if you think Toy Story 3 is the weakest of the series and should be assigned a lower percentage, is Inception really better than 20% of the greatest movie trilogy of all time? Or even 10%?

    Come now. I mean, Inception is fun and all, but it's just The Prestige with explosions. The cast is strong but their characters are merely ciphers in another of Nolan's puzzlebox movies, where the many permutations of what's truth and what's a lie don't really matter on the grand scheme of things either emotionally or thematically. You know it's not a gamechanger like any of the Toy Story films either taken on their own or as a whole.

    Sssss - looks like teacher's already screwed up on following the marking scheme.

  • Comment number 81.

    I haven't seen much but I'd have put A Single Man as my favourite so far. Sadly I'd have to put Inception as the worst as it bored me senseless. Interesting idea wasted on some big budget action rubbish. Winter's Bone is also excellent.

  • Comment number 82.

    Not seen too many films at the cinema this year, so here is my top 5 (in reverse order) of what I have enjoyed the most this year.

    I haven't seen Toy Story 3 yet, so that is not on the list. Also, not seen Avatar as I just cannot work up any interest for it in the slightest.

    5)The A-Team

    Yup, it's a mess. But it's a fun one, with more laughs (in the screening I was in) that most films this year. Excellent casting too.

    4)A Nightmare On Elm Street

    Could've been better, don't deny that. However, some good ideas, good jumps, great ending - infinitely better than the original's - mean that, as far as I'm concerned, this was an effective horror. And I have to say, when Dr K said it was creepy and nasty - erm, look at the main character. Isn't that the point?

    3)Solomon Kane

    Almost in here on the strength of James Purefoys accent alone. But I really enjoyed this, a throwback to the 80's to be sure, not without it's flaws, but plenty of charm, ideas, action and atmosphere. I hope there's a sequel, though I doubt it'll happen.


    After all the debate, discussion, etc etc . . . really enjoyed it, a really good thriller, with great ideas all over the place. That said, it isn't a re-invention of modern cinema, it has (if you are of that mind set) holes all over the place. And it was easy to follow (sorry, but it was). Still think the 2 keys to this film are the pacing, and Marion Cotillard, who I think was terrific - and believeable, in the context of the film - as an almost demonic presence.


    It did it's job simply and efficiently, and Adrian Brody was brilliant as an Arnie rip off. It has been for me, the most purely enjoyable - in context - film I've seen in the cinema this year so far. I do agree with the Predator / Hulk comparison though.

    In terms of worse, I've only seen one film that I would say stank outright. And that was Clash Of The Titans. Terrible 3D, boring plot, boring action, Sam Worthington - mmm, charismatic. I love the original, and had high hopes with Louis Leterrier directing, but the film was just utter dreck.

    The other films I've seen this year thus far have been Kick Ass (good in parts, poor in others), Iron Man 2 was more of the same, just less so, Prince Of Persia was okay, just seemed very, very long.

    Looking forward to seeing Piranhas, Salt & The Expendables next week!

  • Comment number 83.

    Top 5:

    5: Kick Ass
    4: Shutter Island
    3: Inception
    2: (Having seen it already) Scott Pilgrim
    1: Toy Story 3

    Bottom 5:

    5: The Last Airbender
    4: Cats and Dogs 2 (So disappointing as the first is the most underrated movie of all time - it was rubbish in the best way possible - but the follow up is just rubbish.
    3: Alice in Wonderland
    2: Leap Year
    1: The Rebound

  • Comment number 84.

    Oh an an honourable mention on the Top 5 has to go to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which was completely and utterly brilliant, and which I wish could have made the list but didnt quite.

  • Comment number 85.

    Dr. K.

    Twilight Eclipse really? Okay, fine each to his own.

    Anyway here are my top 5 for the year thus far:

    1. Inception (Obvious reasons)
    2. Dogtooth (A film that has stayed with me in every single detail since I left the cinema)

    3. The Secret in Their Eyes (I was captivated all the way through)
    4. Kick-Ass (One of if not the best comic book movies of recent times)
    5. Toy Story 3 (Obvious reasons again)

    Bottom 5:

    5. The Losers (Name speaks for itself)

    4. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

    3. The Bounty Hunter

    2. Death at a Funeral

    1. Legion

  • Comment number 86.

    enough with the maths :-)

    If you had trouble believing Benicio was Hopkins' son, I couldnt buy Peter Vaughan as his Dad in Remains of the Day. But the most incredible Hopkins casting was in the Human Stain where he is a disgraced professor who has an affair with his cleaning lady (Nicole Kidman!) and then finds out to his own surprise that he was actually a black man all his life [ I kid you not].

    It's a bit early in the year for this considering all the "best" films will be jockeying for Academy members' attention at the end of year. I don't go to see kids movies so don't expect any namby pamby stuff.

    1. Inception. Much has already been said.

    2. The Secret in their Eyes (according to imdb this is supposed to come out in the UK this weekend so do yourselves a favour and take a tip from the antimode to go and see this one. I havent listened to Floyd and Boyd's podcast yet but I noticed it is not on the list of films to be reviewed. What were they thinking?)

    3. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (I also saw the second one which is not quite as good as the first but leaves you hanging for the final installment)

    4. Agora (I have a feeling that Kermode would not like this one)

    =5 Up in the Air
    =5 Sherlock Holmes Both of these came out end of December '09 so I am squeezing them in

    Now for those who didnt see their favourite films above, stay tuned because they just may be coming up next. ;-)

    Not so much the worst films of 2010 but the films I liked the least.
    I suspect the worst films are films I haven't seen like SATC2, Twiglet, Clash of the Titans, MacGruber, The bounty hunter etc. etc.

    5. SALT (You'll see)

    4. Legion. Maybe only Mark liked this. What was he thinking?

    3. Robin Hood. worst version and Russell is the worst Robin. Kind of looked like Monty Python and the Holy Grail in the final beach scene. I expected the police to come in and arrest them all.

    2. The Expendables. Sylvestor Stallone and his buddies go to an Oliver Stone banana republic paradise to slaughter countless mercenaries in the name of entertainment. There are actually some decent moments of interaction between Statham and Sly and particularly Mickey Rourke but Stallone didnt learn anything from the last Rambo debacle. Nice to see Arnie back on the screen with a good gag inserted.

    1. Fight Club

    No, just kidding. Of course it's Shutter Island. I might not have realised what was going on before it started or even 5 minutes in as other bloggers did but when I saw where it was headed, I thought, no, don't go there but it did anyway. What an utter waste of of time. It's a mystery why others like this one including Kermode but at least one of F&B had it right. Hate it when the director lies to me like that.

    I'll just add that Micmacs, Brooklyn's Finest, A Single Man and 44" Chest just missed the worst 5 list.

    I hope you enjoyed my picks ;-), my work here is done

  • Comment number 87.

    1. A prophet
    yes this did come out this year in the uk!
    2. Shutter Island
    3. the bad lieutenant
    4. I love you philip morris
    5. four lions

  • Comment number 88.

    MY mistake, B&F did review Secrets in their Eyes, this week

  • Comment number 89.

    5 alice in wonderland
    4 twilight eclipse
    3 Cemetery Junction
    2 day breakers
    1 youth in revolt

    ALL of which were utterly utterly dissapointing as i was expecting them to be half way decent (hence going to see them).

  • Comment number 90.

    my best films is limited list.

    Best films:

    4. Kick-ass - I just found it fun really. Although I did find the stealing of every good soundtrack annoying and stupid.

    3. The Girl with the dragon tattoo - I brilliant, character based thriller. It would have been higher, if I hadn't read the book before hand as I already knew the story. I look forward to The girl who played with fire in a couple of weeks.

    2. The Road - I really good father and son story thats well made with a good script.

    1. Inception - I'm quite into that kind of dream-like or (to give it more an accurate title) surrealist films, so I was kind of bound to like inception. Visually stunning and well made, complex blockbuster, which just shows that a blockbuster doesn't have to be roberts fighting each other or an adaptation of a comic book.

    Worst films:

    4. Shutter Island - Although it is an interesting concept; it's bad. It's not the worst film and i'll admit I'm not a big Scoresse fan (taxi driver being one of the most anti-climatic films I've ever seen), but the way it's edited (if anyone notices the slight jump cuts it does, that are meant to give the impression of a memory and insanity) but just look likes it's edited by a 10 year old. Also the over dramatic sound track and Ben Kingsley going "sit down for half an hour Leonardo Di Caprio while I explain the entire twist to you, which includes a 10 minute flashback"

    3. Alice in wonderland - I've got a hot and cold relationship with Tim Burton and this one was -50 degrees C. it's like Burton is saying "look at all these well known actors that I've got". The Johnny Depp dance at the end was just really really embarassing.

    2. Nigfhtmare of Elm Street remake - It's a completely pointless remake and I'll leave it at that.

    1. Avatar - Saw it last year in 2D and this year in 3D and I prefer the 2D one much better as I have to wear glasses all the time and found wearing the 3D ones uncomfortable. Anyways I've now seen a total a 4 James Cameron films: Aliens, The Abyss, Titanic and Avatar and I didn't like any of them. Avatar (although visually stunning I'll admit) is just a done million times before, drawn out, badly writtin , piece of utter crap. Being a massive science fiction fan, I found it utterly stupid. I'm sorry but my level of enterainment is higher than just giant smuffs riding on birds. I hated it and Cameron's quickly becoming one of my most hated directors.

  • Comment number 91.

    Best movies of the year so far.

    5. [Rec 2] - Takes ideas set up in the original and expands on them in a brilliant way, which is what a proper sequel should do. Great ending too.

    4. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo - A gripping, adult thriller with wonderful performances. The remake won't be this good.

    3. Kick-Ass - Simply the most fun action movie of the year. Wipes the floor with Iron Man 2, and the rest of the comic book movies from this year.

    2. Toy Story 3 - The ending of possibly the greatest trilogy ever made is as thrilling and funny as the first 2.

    1. Inception - Easily the best movie of the year so far. A plot that may seem complex, but is very easy to follow, excellent performances, stunning action, and good use of CGI that doesn't overshadow everything else going on. As the good Doctor (and others)said, the proof you can make a so-called summer blockbuster movie with intelligence. Hollywood take note.

  • Comment number 92.

    My god, looking back on my own reviews for the past eight months I've just realised that the majority of five star reviews are for old films which received retrospective screenings here (Citizen Kane, La Dolce Vita, The Shining, Nosferatu) but going on the 2010 releases my top five would go like this:

    1. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
    2. Brothers
    3. Shutter Island
    4. Harry Brown
    5. Zombieland

    No, Toy Story 3 and Inception are not in there because I had given them three stars each because while I found them technically brilliant they just didn't do anything for me at all and I was quite bored with both of them. I wasn't one of those who needed a rescue dinghy sent in to the screening room to save me from drowning in my own tears at the finale of Toy Story 3.

    And the worst, of which I could make a top hundred easily:

    1. The Bounty Hunter
    2. The Back-Up Plan
    3. Remember Me
    4. Date Night
    5. 44 Inch Chest

    Quite a bad year for cinema but not as bad as 2009. Ah well, at least my local cinema had a John Hughes and Arnold Schwarzenegger season last week, those films are easily the best experiences I have had in a cinema all year, particularly Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Predator.

  • Comment number 93.

    I haven't seen many films that have come out this year, usually only taking the time and money to go to the cinema when there's a little visual spectacle on display. But from what I've seen this year, here's my top and bottom three! (May well change when I see Toy Story 3).

    1 - Inception (For reasons stated earlier)
    2 - How To Train Your Dragon (Absolute pure entertainment with literally no baggage whatsoever, and surprisingly little fluff. Funny, thrilling, sometimes meaningful, and just a decent film)
    3 - Alice in Wonderland (For reasons stated earlier. Yes, I know, I did really like it.)


    3 - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Actually don't have too much against this film, as it was part of a very nice day I spent in the city with my friend and cousin, but essentially it's just an emptier Harry Potter, with much, much less panache. Or originality for that matter.)
    2 - Clash of the Titans (I could honestly, in all seriousness, write a better screenplay. When an 18 year old says that earnestly, a film's got a problem - even if it does also have Mads Mikkelsen.)
    1 - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (I was at a loss to find anything bad enough to claim the top spot. Luckily, the sheer stupid awfulness of Transformers 2 has broken the boundaries of time and jumped forward a year, propelled by heaps of metal hitting each other and surrounded by strange, uncomfortable sounds that may have once been an attempt at humour. Fine, I cheated.)

  • Comment number 94.

    I only have a Top 4 so far as I'm saving a space for Scott Pilgrim and to be honest haven't yet seen a lot of the films that interest me:

    1. Inception
    2. Toy Story 3
    3. Kick Ass
    4. Shutter Island

  • Comment number 95.

    Yet to see Inception or Four Lions which are on my 'must see' list, Top 5 so far:

    1.Toy Story 3 (THE best trilogy ever)
    2.Kick Ass
    3.Shutter Island
    4.Day Breakers
    5.The Crazies

    I tend to avoid the drivel i.e SATC2 etc because I can, only real stinker so far is Kevin Smith's Cop Out, yes, the same guy who brought us Clerks....just dire.

  • Comment number 96.

    DOH!!! I forgot [REC]2, every bit as good as its predecessor. (In at No.3)

  • Comment number 97.

    My Top 4 are (I have seen 5 but one of them was from 2009)

    1. Inception
    2. Iron Man 2
    3. Clash of the Titans
    4. A-TEAM

    Clash of the Titans is quite good but it is not as good as the original.

    Inception was Amazingly Good.


  • Comment number 98.

    Based purely on what I've seen...

    The Best.....

    1. Inception
    2. Shutter Island
    3.The Road
    4.Toy Story 3
    5.Iron Man 2

    The Worst.....
    1.The Wolfman.....Lon Chaney must be spinning in his grave.
    2.Robin Hood ........I felt I'd been robbed... of the ticket money.
    3. Clash of the Titans .....Why?
    4. Predators ..Adrien Brophy trying to be butch...stick to playing the piano son.
    5.Twilight Eclipse ( sorry Doc) But will someone please slap boring Bella for me, surely the most irritating lacklustre character on screen.

    The End

  • Comment number 99.

    sorry guys should have read Brody............BLAME THE HANGOVER:-)

  • Comment number 100.

    as a swed, it is fun to see a lot of people mentioning the girl with the dragoon tattoo. but could i just ask you two questions. was there anything in the movie that made it feel particularly ''swedish'', and two how does the swedish language sound in you ears?


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