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Kermode Uncut


  • After 10 great years Kermode Uncut is coming to an end. To mark its passing I am listing my best and worst films of the past decade over the next two weeks.

  • Douglas Rain who so memorably played the the computer Hal in 2001 died recently. His voice was what made him famous - who else is better known for how they sound in the movies?

  • Michael Caine’s new book singles out a handful of film critics - I was surprised and delighted to find myself in some very esteemed company…

  • I turned up recently to play a gig with Henry Priestman of the band Yachts - imagine my surprise when the director of one of my favourite films turned out to be there too…

  • Some Like It Hot is back in cinemas this Friday. As a double bass player I have a special relationship with the film and here's why...

  • I have a question about Secrets Of Cinema.

  • I talk to producer Stephen Woolley about the glory days of the hugely influential Scala Cinema.

  • I talk to Lord Of the Rings director Peter Jackson about how he made his astonishing World War One documentary which premieres tomorrow.

  • Coralie Fargeat's retina-scorching thriller Revenge is out on DVD this week. It has been hailed a game changer in the genre but is that really the case?

  • There’s a new version of A Star is Born released next week but the one I would really love to see was nearly made in the 1970s.