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I'm a pedant and I'm proud!

Mark Cummings | 12:07 UK time, Wednesday, 22 February 2012

It is NOT a train's a railway station.

If the temperature goes from 12 to 6 degrees it has not halved.

It isn't a pin is a pin

We are celebrating the joy of being a pedant on the show at the moment. Over the next few days I will be publishing the "pedant of the day" email. I will explain the above if they make sense to you and publish your thoughts.

Be proud of being right even if people accuse you of excessive pedantry. What mistakes are made that get your goat?
On Thursday's show we will be looking at when and when not to use the phrase union jack/union flag. Enjoy the following email

Hi Mark

Understand one of your subjects tomorrow will be the use of Union Flag (on flag pole) or Union Jack (on Jack staff) - (very simplified). A related point is the use of the word "the" when talking about a Royal Navy vessel.

As "H.M.S" is an abbreviation for "Her (or His) Majesty's Ship" it is not right to say "the H.M.S Daring" (for example), as that would be the same as saying "the Her Majesty's Ship". She should be referred to as "H.M.S. Daring", or as "the destroyer H.M.S. Daring".

Listen to your programme every morning on the way to work. Brilliant!



  • Comment number 1.

    Hi Mark,

    What about BBC presenters who can't speak English, let alone make make little errors like the ones listed above. I've lost count of the number of times I've winced as I heard Steve Claridge say that some footballer "should of" done something or other. He might well be an ex-footballer and not an English professor, but as he represents the BBC surely someone should take him aside and teach him some rudimentary English?




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