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Camper van dreams

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Mark Cummings | 10:15 UK time, Wednesday, 30 November 2011

This is Clive my camper van. He will appear all over Gloucestershire this winter so watch out for him. Many thanks to Paul from Chipping Norton for this splendid gift.

I've been banging on about my dream to own a classic VW camper for ages. This could be a marriage breaker as to afford one I might have to sell a comfortable modern car, loose one of the dogs and possibly we might have to let one of the children go!

If you share a passion for these vehicles please get in touch. I'd love advice on the best way to buy one, the magazines to subscribe to, photos of your own campers and the answer to the ultimate to do know you haven't bought a "hunk of junk" and tell

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Mark Cummings | 12:10 UK time, Monday, 28 November 2011

Wake up to the sound of the teachers and pupils from Balcarras school this week.

We will be speaking to the people who make the school tick...including the teachers past and present...a pupil who must be Cheltenham's answer to Alan Sugar...and some very talented musicians.

If you were a pupil here or at The Charlton Kings County Secondary which preceded Balcarras do get in touch with your if you can dig out any old school magazines I'd love to see me at

Let there be light

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Mark Cummings | 12:00 UK time, Friday, 25 November 2011

Have a great weekend and go and enjoy the Christmas vibe around the county.

Here is a list of some of the best...and I'll see you in Fairford next Friday.

If you didn't hear Phil Vickery on this morning's show I implore to visit the "I" Player and enjoy his thoughts on Rob Andrew!

- Cirencester Christmas Lights Switch-on
- Nailsworth Christingle Evening
- Dursley Xmas Lights Switch-on

- Moreton Christmas Lights 2011
- Newent Christmas Lights Celebrations

- Tewkesbury Festival of Christmas Lights 2011

- Tetbury Christmas Lights 2011

- Fairford Festive Market & Christmas Lights 2010
- Stroud Christmas Goodwill Evening 2011
- Bourton Christmas Lights Event - Victorian Late Night 2011

- Lechlade Christmas Festivities & Lights
- Christmas Under The Edge - Wotton-under-Edge

I love your views in the morning

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Mark Cummings | 12:03 UK time, Thursday, 24 November 2011

William got out of bed to take this! A stunning November morning in Newnham...keep them

Chilly start

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Mark Cummings | 11:53 UK time, Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Thanks to David for this early morning shot of Tewkesbury.

Some of us had to de ice today...could winter be on the way? All your winter photography will be much

First and Last...was it you?

Mark Cummings | 12:40 UK time, Thursday, 17 November 2011

I spoke to Harold Symmonds today who was the last civilian pilot to land on Moreton Valance airfield before it became the M5. Just south of Junction 12 the motorway is built on the old footings of the airfield. It is a very straight stretch of road.

This has got me we have any more people in the county who can stake a claim to being either the first or last at something? On Friday's show you'll hear from the woman who was first on the M5 in Gloucestershire after it opened...she travelled down it with a coach load of brownies!

Were you the last person to take the train from Kemble to Cirencester or Tetbury in 1964 ...the last to sound the hooter at The Gloucestershire Aircraft Company...the first to open an office at The Eagle Star building in Cheltenham?

Let me know at

Greased up for Children in Need

Mark Cummings | 11:59 UK time, Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Many thanks to everybody who supported us.

Grease is the word

Mark Cummings | 10:12 UK time, Friday, 11 November 2011

Come and join Claire Carter and myself this Tuesday for a special screening of the movie Grease

We will be at Gloucestershire's biggest cinema in Cheltenham introducing the classic film...all money goes to Children in join just log onto

Spott the sppeling mistook

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Mark Cummings | 11:39 UK time, Tuesday, 8 November 2011

If you happen to wander down Westgate Street in Gloucester look out for this classic.

Please furnish me with your photos of other

beauty or the beast?

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Mark Cummings | 05:06 UK time, Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tricorn House in Stroud...should it stay or should it go? A classic building or should it be demolished? Local people and politicians in Stroud are becoming increasingly annoyed by the presence of Tricorn house...a building which at its conception was seen by some as revolutionary.

But now, attempts to get the derelict office block renovated or demolished have been thwarted. This week councillors are calling on the Building's owner to get a move on with any plans it has.

updated Tuesday 8th...comments from Tuesday's show

Martin in Stroud says there is no difference between Tricorn House, Stroud police station, the multi storey car park or even Gloucester Land registry office. They are all buildings from the 70s and that's that. The only difference is the others are occupied and looked after.

Jane in Stroud doesn't love or hate Tricorn house but she suggests they paint it white rather than the dirty grey colour it is at the they did that with the new modern building at Stroud College and it seems to fit in well.

Look up and learn

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Mark Cummings | 12:55 UK time, Monday, 7 November 2011

All this week come on a journey of discovery with me

Find out what those white dangly things represent on The Robert Raikes house in Gloucester...come down "pinch belly" alley...find out what is behind the shop fronts of Westgate Street...and hear all about the building that isn't a building at is just a facade!

I will blog the best bits of my tour later in the week...if you have any suggestions for other buildings to visit with wonderful stories to tell email me at

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