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Meet the world's thickest dog

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Mark Cummings | 12:05 UK time, Friday, 26 August 2011

This is Tyler my rescue lurcher who is loveable but stupid.

This is how he lies in his chair...every now and then we hear this massive crash and yelp as he falls headfirst onto the floor...time after time...You would think he would learn!

I'll be taking him to Westonbirt this Bank Holiday weekend for "The Festival Of The Tree". I hope you enjoy the last big summer weekend...enjoy the delights of the Tall Ships Festival at Gloucester Docks...Frocester Beer Festival...Greenbelt Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse...playing football in the Windrush in Bourton...and all the other fantastic events on this weekend.

If you have any photos of stupid pets...late summer scenes etc...please email them to me at

Get connected

Mark Cummings | 11:41 UK time, Wednesday, 24 August 2011

How far have you gone to a get a mobile phone connection?

We were looking at the places in Gloucestershire where it can be a bit of a challenge. Where have you ended up trying to get a signal? Here are a few examples from today's show...

Alistair in Shurdington was on Holiday in East Prawle last year and to get a signal we had to stand on a bench on the village green and then we broke it!

Katie Fforde tweeted us to say when she used to have a house in Scotland there was a time when you had to stand on a rock (only big enough to stand on 1 leg on) in the loch near her house.

Amy tweeted us from the Lake District and says the signal is better from the third step of her stairs facing towards the wall!

Adam - has to stand on the sofa in lounge...

Liz emailed...When I lived with some friends of mine for a few months the only place I could get any network was in the far corner of their back bedroom. It had bunk beds and I had to lie down on the bottom bunk to make calls! It was a bizarre time as I was in the middle of a divorce and had to speak to my solicitor on frequent occasions whilst prone!
Have you got any wonderful stories of where you have ended up getting a mobile a comment or email me at

Do I not LIKE that word!

Mark Cummings | 11:49 UK time, Tuesday, 23 August 2011

How do you get your teenager to stop using the word "like" ten times every sentence?

On today's show we were looking at the words that are being phased out of the English dictionary and I casually asked what words would you love to see disappear.

LIKE was number one because of the way it is abused by our youth! I count how many times my 14 year old says it...16 times in one sentence this week.

Here are a few comments...

Karen texts to say record your daughter saying the word "like" and the play it back to her so she can hear how daft it sounds.

Jackie in Cheltenham says that as well as ''like'' she would like to see ''you know'' as quite regularly she doesn't ''know'' and would like you to attempt to describe your thoughts and ideas to her rather than guessing them.

David in Cirencester says the word "like" drives him mad. his worst nightmare is if he hears someone on the TV or radio using it constantly.

Will will have some useful tips on Wednesday's show! If you have any ideas on how to rid the world of the oversue of "like" please, please, please get in

Frosty welcome home

Mark Cummings | 12:24 UK time, Monday, 22 August 2011

Many thanks to Steve Kitchen for looking after the show and the blog for the last two weeks.

After spending a blissful time by the pool in Spain, this morning felt a bit chilly at the crack of dawn. Thanks to John for this picture of Frocester Hill just before 6.00am.

I can never escape from work even on holiday. I ended up getting people in the hotel to look at the blog to prove to them that you can get all your clothes into hand luggage! (See the video on the "can we travel light...yes we can" entry)

Plus I was reading Stephen Fry's diaries and he mentioned going to a prep school in Gloucestershire and regularly raiding the Uley stores for sweets and chocolate. Does anyone remember Stephen Fry as a youngster in this county?

All comments and emails very

A Severn stroll

Mark Cummings | 13:47 UK time, Friday, 19 August 2011

Steve Kitchen writes:

I've really enjoyed our series this week with BBC Radio Gloucestershire's Claire Carter walking with Countryman Brian Bailey along the old Severn bridge.

The footpath alongside the old Severn bridge

You may, like me, have driven across the bridge many times without appreciating what was all around. The bridge for me means summer holidays. Each year our holiday started by dropping the dog off at my Nan and Grandad's in the Forest of Dean. From there it was down to, and then across the Severn Bridge to get us back on the M5 and southbound to the seaside.

The bridge celebrates it's 45th birthday in a couple of weeks, and unlike it's younger sister, there's a 7 mile round trip walkway that allows you to discover more.

We've heard Brian's memories of times before, during, and after the bridge building. Claire told us of the experience of walking along a bridge that springs to the rhythm of the traffic that rumbles by. Plus of course there were the many sights to look out for, from Oldbury Power Station to the Lydney Docks, and even the top of May Hill.

Unfortunately it was a wet and windy walk, as you can see.

If you missed out this week, hear the highlights by tuning in to Claire Carter's programme this Saturday from 12 midday. Listen again

Mark's back with Breakfast on Monday, when you can catch me back on Drivetime from 5pm.

Have a great weekend

Early Risers

Mark Cummings | 12:47 UK time, Thursday, 18 August 2011

Steve Kitchen writes:

As I approach the end of my fortnight looking after the breakfast show, I can also get ready to adjust my alarm clock forward from 3.45am.

However I've got used to seeing and hearing some familiar friends over the past two weeks.

There are the tawny owls that exchange hoots in the field opposite as I leave the house each day. There's Mr, or Mrs Hedgehog, who tends to be strolling along one of the neighbours' lawns. They tend to gather pace once caught in the glare of my headlights.

Once I make it into Cheltenham town centre, at the top of the High Street there's an explosion of scattering seagulls who are desperately trying to scoff any remaining late night chips or kebab traces before the street cleaners spoil their feasts.

The Golden Valley Bypass is normally very quiet, unlike my journey home when 'Superstitious Steve' seems to be constantly saluting magpies.

The odd sly fox roams around Longlevens, and as I park up I keep my fingers crossed that the Gloucester gulls don't take revenge on my shiny car for their buddies in Cheltenham.

However my very early rise means that I miss the sunrise, and this week I've had calls saying that I've missed some treats.

If you've taken any super sunrises, please send them to me at

The morning after the night before

Mark Cummings | 13:32 UK time, Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Steve Kitchen writes:

On Wednesday's breakfast show I had the unfortunate pleasure of bringing you the overnight story and latest news after around 60 yobs decided to smash shop windows and start fires in Gloucester.

Our reporter Richard Lawson was with the police and fire service during the night and in the morning's aftermath.

Lets hope that's the last of events such as this in our county.

As one text read this morning: "If these youths want conflict, sign up for the army."


Mark Cummings | 10:37 UK time, Tuesday, 9 August 2011

With riots and violence dominating the headlines, I wanted to share this lovely picture with you.

Thanks to Jean Jeffries who sent in this shot she took at 5.57am on monday morning looking over to Crickley Hill from Coopers Hill.

Enjoy the oranges of a beautiful Gloucestershire sunrise rather than those of burning businesses and vehicles.

Look what the cat dragged in

Mark Cummings | 12:45 UK time, Monday, 8 August 2011

What a great start to my (Steve Kitchen) two weeks with you on the breakfast show.

During Mondays show I mentioned a Cats Protection survey that listed the bizarre things that Britain's cats had brought home.

These included a bra, christmas lights and a £10 note. However you went a few better!

Here are some of my favourite cat calls, texts and tweets...

* Adam: "My cat Leo's most impressive hunting was whilst I was getting ready for work one morning. In the space of half an hour he went out, caught, killed and brought back to my bedroom a Red-Legged Partridge. The two most impressive things: 1. That he managed to get it through the cat flap at the same time as himself. 2. We live in Matson, not exactly Partridge country."

* Hamstall: "A donner kebab and pitta bread."

* Linda: "My cat once brought in a pack of bacon. We couldn't think where he'd got it from then I overheard a conversation in the local shop where the landlady of the pub next door was buying bacon because she couldn't find the packet she had put out."

* Amanda in Cheltenham: "We once had a cat that used to brought in pork chops and roast potatoes through the cat flap. They were worried that he'd stolen somebody's Sunday lunch."

* Bradley: "My neighbours cat took my knickers to them. Fortunately they were from the clean washing pile. I was mortified."

* Pink Sky: "Whilst decorating the bathroom he brought me two Dulux colour strips of blues and greens. Clearly he didn't approve of beige."

* Vince from Stanley Down: "My cat is always bringing living things in. The biggest was a stoat!!!"

And the award for laziest cat in Gloucestershire goes to.....

* Fred in Gloucester: "Last week one of my three cats brought in a mouse - still attached to a mouse trap."

Thanks for some great stories.

Text 'Glos' and your message to 81333 or tweet @BBCGlos

Beauty of the balloons

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Mark Cummings | 11:56 UK time, Thursday, 4 August 2011

We've had the early morning it is time for an evening display

Many thanks to John again for capturing this from Stinchcombe Hill.

Up, up and away

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Mark Cummings | 12:00 UK time, Wednesday, 3 August 2011

The skies above the Vale of Berkeley have been filled with hot air balloons this week...

The British National Championships are being held there until Sunday...The Balloons are aiming to take off from Berkeley at around 6am and 7pm every is the sight from Dursley this morning.

Tune in each morning and I'll tell you where to look!


Mark Cummings | 12:32 UK time, Monday, 1 August 2011

It seems from reading Monday's papers that Gloucester Rugby Captain Mike Tindall skipped a night's sleep after his wedding day, and there'll be no rest in the form of a sun seeking honeymoon.

This week his new wife Zara Phillips is launching her own children's clothing line, whilst getting ready to ride at Gatcombe's Festival of British Eventing at the weekend. All that's going on whilst Mike is sweating out any possible excess training with England for this weekend's World Cup warm up fixture against Wales.

So are Mike and Zara exceptions to the rule, or is the honeymoon no longer an important part of getting married?

More and more couples live with each other and holiday together before they get married. So as the price of the big day goes up, is the honeymoon paying the price?

Mark wants to hear your honeymoon tales on Tuesday's show. How important was the honeymoon to you? Did you wait to pack your bags as man and wife? Is the honeymoon an overrated, and usually over expensive luxury?

Call Mark on 01452 307575 ot text 'Glos' and your message to 81113

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