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Best seat in the house

Mark Cummings | 12:39 UK time, Wednesday, 18 May 2011

What is the best seat you've ever had? We are looking for your stories of a seat that you'll never forget!

On this morning's show we heard from a listener about a company who make uncomfortable seats on purpose. She was involved in a project to design a chair for an ice cream parlour to keep the customers moving through. After 7 minutes most people's buttocks began to ache and they decided to move on.

On Thursday's show we want to hear about the seat you sat on that just happened to be next to your future partner...or the one at Wembley where you watched the World Cup final...

updated Friday the 20th...a selection of comments with some cracking stories split into different sections. Enjoy!


Viv Hargreaves remembers her little brother George letting her sit in the cockpit of a KLM jet he was captain of on a flight to Amsterdam.....a great seat!

Peter emailed in to say his best seat was on a cruise with his wife Pat. Thanks to his brother who worked on the ship, Peter managed to sit on a high seat on the bridge of the ship and watch his son do his work. Made him very proud.

Dave tweeted from Australia to say his favourite was at the age of 17 when he was given the spot of head of the table for the family Christmas dinner. Truly honourable moment.

James emailed in. His was next to his wife at their wedding. They toured through Cheltenham for the first time as husband and wife and they felt like royalty.

Jo in Bream says hers was in the back of a clapped out old Volvo during a car share to work in the 1980's. The driver is now her husband!


Gail in Gloucester says her best seat was a first class flight to Switzerland. She took her school in a party of 40 and all were upgraded....

Pam in Cheltenham won a competition and got a trip to Mexico. Best seat was flying first class - treated like royalty.

John from Cam had a free flight from London to Denver. Then it turned out economy was fully booked so he went 1st class.

Brian in Coleford said his best seat was the co-pilots seat on an 8 seater plane from Vegas to the Grand Canyon.

Jackie says it was when she was upgraded to a 1st class trip to the Falklands - 15 hours of pure comfort!


Jezz in the Cotswold managed to get a seat behind Nick Clegg at a Lib Dem conference once. He didn't get to talk to him but his friends were texting him to say "stroke his hair!"

Gloria in Brookthorpe got to sit with all of the heads of state at the trooping of the colour event in London years was all by accident because her and her husband
got there early!

Lorna from Cheltenham tried to sit on the Queens seat! She was getting on a Cheltenham train and soon realised nobody else was boarding it and there were a number of guards surrounding her. Lorna was soon asked to leave!

Linda's best seat was being invited to watch the Queen's Birthday parade at the Civil Building over looking the Horse Guards Parade. Fabulous view.

Dave in Longlevens had his best seat after fainting at a Plymouth/Spurs football match. He came round and got to see the rest of the match from the touchline with the paramedics.

anymore crackers?



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