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Can you mix hard and soft objects?

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Mark Cummings | 10:36 UK time, Friday, 29 April 2011

On Southgate in Gloucester, a new 'shared space' scheme has been introduced. This means cars and pedestrians share the road.

On Tuesday's show we will be exploring the science behind it, the worries, and the reasons for it.

Right royal co hosts

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Mark Cummings | 09:55 UK time, Friday, 29 April 2011

We had fun on this Friday's Breakfast Show with a couple of special guests!

Hilary Allison from Vivid Pr and the Breakfast Show Bard Peter Wyton joined the fun.

We talked to people heading out of the county at the crack of dawn to London...those setting up the street parties in Minchinhampton, Tetbury, Ampney Crusis and Randwick...and the Cheltenham man camping out overnight outside Westminster Abbey.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend...enjoy the Cheltenham Jazz Festival...Tewkesbury Food and Wine extravaganza...Prescott Hill Climb...whatever you are doing, work or play, I'll be back with you 6;00am Tuesday.

Will you be watching?

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Mark Cummings | 12:04 UK time, Thursday, 28 April 2011

Here is a sense of what people will be up to this Friday. Some heading off to London...some catching a bit on the telly...some avoiding it like the plague!

Janet in Cirencester will be glued to the sofa tomorrow watching the event and she thinks anyone who doesn't like the royal family should move!

Ray emailed to say he's very excited about tomorrow he's got three tins of paint for the garden fence, a few cans of amber nectar and a few selected friends so we can watch paint dry!

Eric in Hucclecote won't be watching tomorrow as they haven't invited Gordon can he be snubbed but not other former prime ministers?

Andy in Quedgeley says as his invite to Westminster Abbey still hasn't arrived we're having a garden party instead. For some time our drive has been deteriorating so we're having it re-done. Tomorrow the pavers start so we're busy in the garden all are welcome and we would like to thank all neighbours, family and friends who've helped us out so far.

Fiona in Cirencester is taking her 13 year old daughter to London. "We're catching the 6.15am coach in the morning leaving the men at home."

Dave emailed to say royal wedding "pah!" I'll be driving to Leeds in preparation for watching our failed play-off attempt on Saturday.

Linda in Coleford... tomorrow I'll be watching the wedding on the sofa.

A bluebell biblical experience

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Mark Cummings | 09:59 UK time, Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Sometimes you don't need words.

Thanks to John...taken on Cam Peak over Easter

Shell shocked on the Severn

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Mark Cummings | 12:13 UK time, Tuesday, 26 April 2011

This one is real!

Well done Danny Gill for your photo taken on the River Severn just upstream from Tewkesbury on Monday afternoon.

Danny's dad Nick emailed...

" We had taken our boat out on the river and spotted this creature on a log that was sticking out of the river and enjoying the bank holiday sunshine...we manoeuvred the boat as close as we could and Danny took this appears to be a turtle or terrapin of some sort. It was about 10 inches long and it hissed at us when we got close to it"

Anyone else ever spotted a similar creature in Gloucestershire?

Big cat spotted in Nailsworth

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Mark Cummings | 11:42 UK time, Thursday, 21 April 2011

On the Thursday Breakfast Show we investigated sightings of a massive panther-like creature spotted on the Cotswold Escarpment.

This encouraged Bob from Nailsworth...obviously an expert wildlife send in his exclusive photo of a the "Beast of Market Street"

So if you are heading into town for a spot of shopping be careful...very careful. If you have any stunning wildlife photography I can share with the world please send in your own stunning

Fake or bake?

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Mark Cummings | 11:31 UK time, Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Who has the best tan?

I went to The Canaries for a week...paid for a hotel, air fare, food and drink and spent seven days by a pool a stone's throw from the end of a runway!

My partner in crime on the radio Claire Carter spent 14 pounds on a spray tan and is now addicted. No red bits for her!

Which works the best? Is it best to use those god given sun rays or cheat a bit. Feel free to post a comment on which tan looks the best...or email

Oh those summer nights

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Mark Cummings | 11:46 UK time, Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Jim from Hardwick...thankyou!

This dreamy photo was taken on a calm, moonlit sky at Saul Junction. It has already become the most popular screensaver in our office!

Enjoy every moment of this wonderful week for weather...always welcome your stunning

Good morning campers

Mark Cummings | 16:17 UK time, Friday, 15 April 2011

Carry On Camping - Copyright Rank Organisation

The breakfast show will be out and about on Monday morning with happy campers in the Forest of Dean.

Breakfast reporter Amanda Akass will be on the look out for a bacon butty as she puts the results of some new research to the test.

The show is live from 0600 on Monday .. have a good weekend.

A Bloomin' Update

Mark Cummings | 12:01 UK time, Thursday, 14 April 2011

These could be Gloucestershire's first blooming Bluebells.

Thanks to Sue Wheeler who sent me this picture that she took a fortnight ago in the bluebell woods near the Sewage Works just outside Leonard Stanley.

Thanks to the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust who also tweeted me with their facebook from Lower Woods

Where are the early bloomin' bluebells?

Mark Cummings | 11:15 UK time, Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Despite our warm start to 2011, I was surprised to see the bluebells in my Grandad's garden in full bloom.

On Wednesday's show we decided to go in search of the beautiful blue bloomers in Gloucestershire's woodlands.

However, we heard our reporter Simon Williams scouring the Forest of Dean without any luck.

Have you seen any in Gloucestershire's wild gardens?

If you've got any photos you'd like to share, email them to me ( and I may well be popping yours up on the blog.

This morning John in Cam sent me this email....

Hi Steve,

I went out in search of bluebells yesterday and went to the Damery woods near Nibley. There was a smattering of them there but not worth photographing - but in a week's time they will be lush.


So in the meantime here's a few cracking photos that he did manage to take...

Spot the dog clue 2

Mark Cummings | 11:48 UK time, Tuesday, 12 April 2011

This one's proving pretty tough, only one right answer so far.

Well done Dave in Tetbury!

Here's the next clue...

Stroud's National Success

Mark Cummings | 12:11 UK time, Monday, 11 April 2011

Hope you enjoyed the weekend's sunshine, and you're not as burnt as my producer Mary 'Deep Fried Colonel' Sanders.

It was a fabulous weekend for sports fans, with the US Masters golf keeping me up past midnight the night before a week on the Breakfast Show - ooops!

On Saturday, were you cheering on Ballabriggs at 14-1 in the Grand National?

Friends of Stroud's winning jockey Jason McGuire certainly were. His fiancee Lauren Kitchen (no relation) watched from home as she wanted a change of luck for him - and what a change!

Jason has been living in the County since 1999, and he joined me on Monday's show to look back at how the race was won, and how he nearly didn't ride in the race at all.

In order to see this content you need to have both Javascript enabled and Flash installed. Visit BBC Webwise for full instructions. If you're reading via RSS, you'll need to visit the blog to access this content.

Hope you can join me all this week from 6
Steve Kitchen

Spot the dog ...3

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Mark Cummings | 11:10 UK time, Friday, 8 April 2011

I shall leave this one with you for the next week. Where is that mysterious mutt? If you struggle with this I will post a "wider" shot in a few days. Post a comment or email me at

I'm off for a short break so Steve Kitchen will be looking after things...I haven't told him the answer so he might need some help!

Lambing live

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Mark Cummings | 11:49 UK time, Thursday, 7 April 2011

It's been the big hit on TV all week. A simple concept of watching lambs being delivered!

We were invited to our own personal viewing in Edge near Stroud. AHHHHH!

There should be a brilliant orange sunset tonight because of some Saharan sand high in the atmosphere. If you manage to capture I'd love to publish it on the out for the next Spot the Dog on the way over the next few days.

Getting drastic with the plastic

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Mark Cummings | 12:03 UK time, Wednesday, 6 April 2011

So Cheltenham's all new recycling system as been introduced this week. How has it been for you?

We are getting reports of only partial plastic collection...the recycling hotlines being engaged for two days...and recycling bins not being delivered...someone received two sets of food recycling boxes one week apart...

On Thursday's show we will get to the bottom this saga. Post a comment or leave an email with your

Love your councillor

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Mark Cummings | 11:57 UK time, Monday, 4 April 2011

The nomination period for those wanting to stand in this year's local elections is this lunchtime.

Five out of the six district councils are having votes on May the 5thy. This morning the Breakfast Show Bard Peter Wyton added his little bit of magic to the issue.

Be kindly to your Councillor,
he isn't very bright,
or he wouldn't take a job
where you could ring him up at night
to tell him that your drains are blocked
or that your garden gnomes
have been pilfered by a fine arts thief
disguised as Sherlock Holmes.

Be charming to your Chairperson,
don't make your language graphic.
She doesn't dig the roads up
to obstruct commuter traffic.
She doesn't sanction power cuts
or sever sewerage pipes,
or permit your neighbour's children
to behave like guttersnipes.

Don't vilify your Mayor
when he attends official functions.
His digestion's being ruined
by all those civic luncheons.
Don't make hurtful, cutting comments
when he's robed up to the teeth.
For all you know, he might be
drop-dead gorgeous underneath.

Pamper local politicians.
Remember, we elect them
and it's in our vital interests
to encourage and protect them.
If they feel so undervalued
That they won't get out of bed,
The government might make us all
Be Councillors instead!

Have a rubbish weekend

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Mark Cummings | 11:43 UK time, Friday, 1 April 2011

Some of you in Cheltenham might spend the next two days working out your latest recycling rules and regulations. Do you know your caddies from your wheelie bin? Good luck!

On Monday we will discuss the new changes and ask the question...could we just have one simple system for the whole county? Any comments most welcome on the new rules and
Seriously I hope you have a fantastic weekend...lots happening with daffodil walks, Joe Meek tributes and thousands expected on the streets of Gloucester to cheers on The Riffles parade.

I'll be back with my bin liner and educational video 6;00am on Monday.

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