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Manchester International Festival: Day 3

  • Richard Fair
  • 30 Jun 07, 10:16 AM

I opened the front door this morning at exactly the same time as the woman next door. For a few seconds we both surveyed the day around us. “Miserable again”, she said. “Well I’ve not been up long,” I replied. But I’m sure my spirits will be lifted as day three of the Manchester International Festival turns its attention to food as Manchester Dines.

For three hours this afternoon I’ll be on-air stuffing my face with some of Manchester’s finest food, and not a Tesco in sight.

I once tried to eat my way around the world without ever leaving Manchester. I think I managed about twenty-five different countries before I had to break off for lunch in the BBC canteen. I got a real flavour of the diversity of food available daily. But the great thing about today is that I don’t have to drag my belly round town as all the food will be in one place, just outside the Festival Pavilion.

Meanwhile inside the Pavilion one of those famous chefs will be serving up his Chilled Summer Treats (just the weather for it). I was taught at catering college not to mess with food and I’m sure Heston Blumenthal would batter me over the head with a number one ladle if I even suggested for one moment that he was ‘playing’. I think he has a more scientific approach to his work. But is it any good? Or is it a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes (or Chef’s New Big Hat perhaps), with no one daring to say it tastes like that grey stuff they used to put gravy on in school and called ‘lunch’.

All this talk of food (apart from the school reference) has given me an appetite so I best get myself ‘in the zone’ as they say. With a bit of luck Greggs over the road won’t have sold out of sausage rolls just yet.

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