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Manchester International Festival: Day 2

  • Richard Fair
  • 29 Jun 07, 12:03 PM

Back of Dennis Hopper's head I feel like a goldfish in one of those bowls that they tell you not to put them is as they can’t get enough air. I’m still gasping. Last night was probably, no defiantly, the best night I’ve ever had in Manchester.

I managed to blag my way behind the press barrier at The Palace Theatre with other members of the Paparazzi in order to get some fairly decent snaps of celebrities with the camera I invested my daughter’s university savings on so that I could bore the pants off people who come to visit – “this one is the back of Dennis Hopper’s head”, “that guy there was someone who looked really important but turned out to be a passing Big Issue seller”, that kind of thing.

To be honest I was expecting elbows in the face from the other photographers, but what a nice bunch of guys they were, most of the time. I suppose if you spend most of your life stood outside fish and chip shops in the pouring rain waiting to see that guy with the hair from Big Brother 2, you need some kind of professional camaraderie to keep the spirits up.

Of course all that goes out of the window when Dennis Hopper does turn up and you find yourself been thrust into his face by some guy with a lens longer that anything those dodgy e-mails can promise you. It just turned into a free-for-all. Cameras everywhere and me trying to ask politely if that was the guy from that film with a motorbike. Suddenly it was over. He was inside and the camaraderie returned as the woman next to me showed off her cracking picture she managed to get with her mobile phone.

I put my camera away and made my way to the other side of the barrier so that I could take my seat for the show. On the way past the photographers I put my hand up to avoid the flashing lights. I needn’t have bothered.

The show, Monkey: Journey To The West was amazing though and then at the after-show party I got to meet Alan Rickman, but those stories are for the nights when my friends don’t want to look at my photos.

Please let us know if you're blogging about the Festival and we'll give you a link.

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Yep, I sort of got the impression you had a good night from how enthusiastically and animated you were describing the events on the radio late last night!!

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