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I'll put a hex on you

  • Richard Fair
  • 6 May 07, 02:56 PM

Look, it’s the Sunday of a Bank Holiday weekend and I’m in work. Short straw? Upset the boss? No mates? Nope, none of those. It’s just that once every six weeks or so it comes round to being my go in the office and it just so happens that it’s my turn today, Bank Holiday or not.

So, I get a bit of extra time to gorge myself on Manchester Blogs (extra large latte to the right of me wine gums to the left – he I am stuck in the middle with you).

So what’s caught my eye? Stuart Brown’s Modern Life. “Modern Life is a blog about the web - development, design, search engines and statistics.”

Right. So what’s up first?

Hexadecimal Colour Mnemonics” - “For a fortunate few, working with hexadecimal colours comes naturally - my experience stems from working with colour palettes whilst programming in BASIC some 15 years ago,” says Stuart.

OK perhaps you have to be interested in this kind of stuff. What about another posting then?

5 Terrible Fonts You Shouldn't Use in Print Design” – “…Here are five examples which raise my typographical hackles.” Um. Actually, this is one of those subjects that does cause more trouble than it’s worth. I have been accused on more than one occasion of colluding with the Devil when using Comic Sans as my font of choice. (It’s OK, I’m a born-again Verdana now). And going by the amount of comments this particular posting has attracted, it would appear that it’s only a matter of time before talking fonts replaces discussions about the off-side rule in the drinking houses of Manchester.

Finally (I’m running out of latte here), one post on Modern Life that all Bloggers should read is Stuart’s “What's Wrong With My Blog?” - “Creating a blog is easy - but alas, building a readership is somewhat more difficult. So where do nascent bloggers most commonly go wrong?” he asks. Some great content follows with more tips and comment from dozens of readers. Stuart says, “If you have a decent amount of content in your archives, then new readers will be more inclined to stick around and subscribe to your feeds for future material.”

I’m going to top up the coffee now and have a dig around the Modern Life archives.

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This blog is great. Tell everyone in BBC Radio Manchester I said "Hi". Cheers from a BBC Radio Manchester Listener in Miami Florida. Roberto.

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