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Clare’s story

  • Richard Fair
  • 13 Apr 07, 09:42 AM

Clare talking with Richard FairManchester blogger Clare Sudbery says that she’s just about coping with her recent miscarriage, an experience she decided to share with readers of her Boob Pencil blog.

“A lot of the time I think I’m absolutely fine and then suddenly I will completely fall apart”, she told me when I met her, just twenty four hours before she had to go into hospital to have the womb lining removed.

So why did Clare decide to share, in sometimes graphic detail, what she’s been going through? “I’m the kind of person who likes to talk about things and because I’m a writer and blogger, talking about things often takes the form of writing them down and broadcasting them to the world.”

It’s her way of coping and her readers have been supportive. “People feel moved by what I write,” she says. “They instantly feel like they want to say something supportive or helpful or give me a hug. But I think people often want to say something but they don’t really know what to say.”

Clare is already planning on trying again for a child, “I’m just really hoping that we get pregnant really quickly again”.

To hear the full interview with Clare click here.

If you want to find out more information about miscarriages The Miscarriage Association have a very useful website.
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