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15:42 UK time, Tuesday, 2 April 2013

My favourite example of a Cupertino (as described here) is from my old PC that once updated 'Celine Dion' to 'Feline Din', which I thought was most appropriate.
Jo, London

I will admit, I've always thought of it as "defriending" (as with 'deheading') rather than "unfriend"...
Malcolm Rees, Aldershot

Talking of throwing food as we were, this article on the five-second rule really needed to also test the food before it was dropped on the floor to see if the germs were on it already, rather than all coming off the floor.
Ed Loach, Clacton, UK

Nominative determination alert for the name of the fish-testing laboratory in this report.
Paul Greggor, London

BBC News Website Invents Time Travel. I clicked on BBC News website this morning at 09:18 to find that it had been updated this morning at 10:11. Looking forward to the Lottery results!
Pete, Warrington

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