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Your Letters

12:07 UK time, Friday, 29 March 2013

"Random stat - 288 questions fielded by mothers per day". I asked my mother how many questions she was asked each day and she replied, "that's 289 now".
Rob, France

Just a final point on the flapjack flap. What will the school do when the children realise that they can snap the flapjack in half diagonally to make not one, but two triangular flapjacks?
Basil, Nottingham

Rich (Wednesday's Letters), if you tessellate the flapjacks, then what will the preparers have as their own pick-me-up snacks?
Dragon, California, US

Regarding the Daily Mirror article on the lamb curry containing no lamb, but potentially containing dog or cat, was I the only one to find the following comment amusing?
"One expert said: 'It was quite amazing to find something with no stray ingredients'."
Oh dear...
Fiona, Gloucestershire

Graham (Wednesday's letters), forget about lost keys, I am more concerned that someone has lost the plot.
Henri, Sidcup

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