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10 things we didn't know last week

15:46 UK time, Friday, 8 March 2013

Snippets from the week's news, sliced, diced and processed for your convenience.

1. Monkeys avoid selfish people.
More details (Scientific American)

2. Lily pollen is poisonous to cats.
More details (Daily Mail)

3. Nigel Farage writes a column for Total Sea Fishing magazine.
More details (The Times)

4. Concrete can heal itself.
More details (Economist)

5. There are more deer in the UK now than at any time since the last Ice Age.
More details

6. Archbishop Justin Welby used to smuggle Bibles behind the Iron Curtain.
More details (The Times)

7.The renewable energy agency for the South West of England has a poet in residence.
More details (Regen SW)

8. Freezing an Android phone renders a user's confidential data accessible.
More details

9. "White" magic remains legal under Indonesia's revised criminal code.
More details (The Times)

10. People drum better in virtual reality when their avatar looks laid back.
More details (New Scientist)

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