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15:19 UK time, Thursday, 7 February 2013

On Gif vs Jif - given that GIF stands for Graphics Interchange Format sure the pronounciation debate is over!
Mike Thomas, West Kirby, UK

I am pleased to announce to your Royal Dining Etiquette expert that every single one of the members of the Royal Family who works in my office and ate at their desks this lunch time (a couple went to KFC so I discounted them) followed his recommendations.It makes me so proud to be British!
Colin Main, Berkhamsted, UK

I wrote exactly the same letter as Howard (Wednesday's letters) and you printed his. I was so excited to see the headline on the Magazine page make reference to my letter. Only it wasn't mine. Sulks.
Henri, Sidcup

This is the least surprising news this year. After all, everybody knows that the internet is powered by photos of cats.
Basil Long, Nottingham

Fi (Wednesday's letters), you're thinking of a brand of surface cleaner, which was rebranded to prevent confusion with a brand of lemon juice. The rebranding worked, and my pancakes taste a lot better as a result.
Simon Robinson, Birmingham, UK

The video on the front of the news page was entitled What do moving planets sound like? I excitedly clicked on the link, full of awed anticipation, that I was about to hear some audible recording, or at least a simulation of what a planet might actually sound like as it moves through space. By the end of the video, that question remained unanswered. However, if I had clicked on the link, excited to finally know the answer to "What does a man playing a violin sound like?" then I would have been deeply satisfied and sitting in silent awe by the end of the piece.
Christian Cook, Street, UK

Thanks for cleaning that up Fi, Gloucestershire (Wednesday's letters). I'll get me marigolds...
Jennifer, Dundee

A "labelling issue? Could this be a nomination for understatement of the year?
Fi, Gloucestershire, UK

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