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15:12 UK time, Friday, 1 February 2013

'Police watchdog 'woefully under-equipped''? Collar, bowl, basket, dog food...what more does it want?
Mark, Reading, UK

Iceland banned the name Blaer? If only we'd banned the name Blair in the fifties ...
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

Blaer, which protests.
Paul Greggor, London

Thank God Basil is still with us (Wednesday's letters).
E Q-P, Leeds

Re: Aqua Suliser's letter (Monday's letters) about the gender of Paper Monitor. The correct term is "intersex", not "hermaphrodite" - which is considered a slur and highly offensive to intersex individuals. Meanwhile, why all the fuss about PM's gender - does it really matter? Might I advance "pangender" (of all genders) as a solution for those who really must have a label to stick on everyone?
Karen, Gloucester, UK

Simon (Thursday's letters): Cars! What happened to our beloved double-decker buses?
Jonathan, Freising, Germany

Edward (Thursday's letters), I don't know if 8,000 counts as a best seller or not, but I'd happily but a copy of Finnegans Wake in Chinese. Even though I've never studied the language, it probably makes more sense than the original.
Simon Robinson, Birmingham, UK

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