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14:21 UK time, Thursday, 28 February 2013

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The fashion police have been busy, and their charge sheets are spread across the papers for all to see.

A BBC Breakfast presenter has been charged with one count of wearing her dress the wrong way round on air.

And no-one really noticed, not even a fashion commentator drafted in as an expert witness for the prosecution (aka the Daily Express):

"On closer inspection, the neckline is too high."


And an APB has been put out for Prince Harry, snapped in a pinny. The Sun, and others, carry photographic evidence.

The defence might argue that he is fully dressed underneath. But so too might the prosecution.

Another mitigating factor that may find favour with the judge is that he seems at last to have ditched that leather necklace of the type so beloved by gap-year "travellers" and university rugby types. The necklace that identified him as the naked strip billiards player that time in Vegas.

Or maybe not. Turning to the Daily Star, which has a double-page picture extravaganza of Harry-in-a-pinny, close inspection shows he may just have tucked it inside his shirt.

The necklace is said to have been given to him by a Botswanan shaman to protect him from evil spirits. Like, say, a press pack?

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