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Paper Monitor

15:01 UK time, Thursday, 31 January 2013

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

Paper Monitor likes a good mystery.

In the spirit of viral news website Buzzfeed, here are seven from today's papers.

1. Why is there a big then-and-now picture of Antonia de Sancha on page 13 of the Daily Telegraph. No explanation is included. And page three of the Daily Mail.

2. Why is the Daily Express still calling itself "The World's Greatest Newspaper"?

3. Where do they get the actors for the photo casebooks in the tabloids?

4. Who actually enjoys the diary columns in newspapers?

5. Why is the average quick crossword so easy and the average cryptic one so hard? Couldn't they have an intermediate one?

6. Are there people who perversely get a kick out of those hyperdull paid-for supplements that plop out of newspapers? Sample advertising feature opening line: "It's been a slow burn for unified communications?"

7. Do Daily Star editors have any discretion over the volume of Big Brother coverage in the paper?

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