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12:40 UK time, Wednesday, 23 January 2013

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The first scandal of President Obama's second term is how the Guardian puts it.

Was Beyonce miming? Or was her version of the Star-Spangled Banner at the inauguration ceremony for real? Another Watergate looms, the paper deadpans, as it becomes clear that her recital was recorded in a studio the day before.

The Times broke the story on its website and is keen to own it. A beatific picture of the singer dominates the front page with the headline: "Oh, say could you see Beyonce was just miming?"

Inside, the paper names its Deep Throat - the Marine Corps Band. Its musicians gave the game away by seeming to mimick "the action of blowing into their instruments".

When the paper contacted the band, a spokeswoman said. "We did pre-record it. It was Beyonce's decision at the last minute."

Beyonce's agent however, did not respond.

For some the news was just too much. "My life is over" wrote Ingrid Van Vizzle on Twitter.

Ed Potton's commentary puts forward a number of theories. Well three actually - money for old rope this writing business innit? - plunging temperature, nerves and being rusty after taking time out to have a child.

"The smart money says that this Texan girl was put off by the Washington chill," Potton writes.

But he has something else on his mind. "How did she manage to coax her hair into those gravity-defying curls? If her singing was artificially aided, her locks were positively supernatural."

Down boy.

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