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16:24 UK time, Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Anyone else just said sixth and sickth repeatedly aloud to try to spot the difference? Thanks Trish (Tuesday letters).
Sarah , Basel, Switzerland

In answer to Francis of Watford's question... well deja revu obviously. I'll get my manteau.
John, France

I hate Christmas. Hey, if you can repeat yourself, so can I.
Angus Gafraidh, London

"The first African city edition of the famous board game Monopoly has been launched in Lagos." Interesting, especially as I remember playing the Salisbury (now Harare) version in Zimbabwe when I was a kid. Some new definition of Africa I wasn't previously aware of, perhaps?
Manny de V, Portsmouth

I wish you would write about the proper pronunciation of Macedonia. The c seems to be universally said as "s" in the West. However, when the Serbian Army went into Kosovo in 1998(?) I saw a BBC reporter on TV asking fleeing Kosovars (through an interpreter) where they were going. They answered unmistakeably "Mack-uh-donia", with a "k" sound. Elucidate, please.
John Lapham, Sacramento, US

Francis (Tuesday's letters), I believe the correct term would be something like "deja vu deux fois". However, since the literal meaning is "already seen", why wouldn't it apply the third time you see it?
Sharon Cutworth, King's Lynn

In this article, the Magazine pages pop up sometime between the Beslan siege and the 7th July bombings. When did Magazine really go online? It's difficult to tell from the chart due to the absence of a suitably large spike.
Jonathan, Freising, Germany

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