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15:22 UK time, Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Has MM been at the Christmas sherry? 3 lots of Monday's letters!
I'll get my quill...
Pete, Cheshire

Why do presenters insist on pronouncing sixth as sickth? It sounds ludicrous. Is this some new pc thing? The media keep messing about with our language - the word is sixth and not sickth!
Trish, Ormskirk

Rather concerned about the somewhat arbitrary and meaningless illustration of hydrostatic forces on HMS Astute's pressure hull given in the 'stats box' of this article. Surely everyone knows the MI (Monitor Internationale) unit of pressure is the Double Decker Bus per Football Pitch?
Brachi O'Pod, London

What's going on on the BBC website? Editors slurping too many pre-Christmas sherries? I had to click on the "unnamed page" rated at #10 on the Most Read list just to see what it was. And now Magazine Monitor's Monday letters appear three times. Sort it, out people!
Margaret, Christchurch, NZ

With the letters being published three times yesterday, does that I mean I owe Daniel & Co. a triple helping of kudos?
Anthony, Berlin

So the motto "Pile it high and sell it cheap" is ascribed to Tesco founder Jack Cohen? Having recently had the pleasure of visiting one of his emporia, I bet he's turning in his grave now.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

So, Peter Jackson says "most of the world has moved to CDs". No. Most of the world has long moved past CDs. I haven't bought a CD in ten years since I started buying MP3s.
Basil Long, Nottingham

David Davis defending himself as not being homophobic because he once boxed a gay man... If you were trying to show people you do not hate gay people - then I think using an example where you organised a situation where you could punch one is not a great way to get your point across.
Tom Webb, Surbiton

So yesterday I complained about the 'blue/purple' pin issue. And today I recheck the story and the website has changed the accompanying caption to mention 'the purple pin'. Conspiracy, much??
Daniel, London

I'm impressed by the guy who claims to have successfully made hoax calls to Paris Hilton and Jedward, because those are some smart cookies.
MJ Simpson, Leicester

Rob Falconer, of Wales - yes you are absolutely right. But in this, as in so many other instances, it's really the hug that counts!
Paul Morris, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Devon

What's the word for thinking that you have seen something twice before? Deja vu applies on the first repeat, but is there a word or phrase to cover the second repeat? "Deja vu encore" perhaps? Anyone reading the letters today will want to know what the right term is.
Francis, Watford

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