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10:30 UK time, Friday, 28 December 2012

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The papers are often in a quandary at this time of year. Christmas is over. New Year hasn't quite arrived.

And yet as (nearly) everyone is still on holiday, there is no news.

So it is hardly surprising that many are suitably excited by Kate Winslet's "secret wedding" - to the newly named Ned RocknRoll, formerly known as Abel Smith, and also nephew of Sir Richard Branson - to splash them across their front pages.

No matter that the wedding was three weeks ago. Even better, it seems, considering no-one knew about it. "Kate weds No3 - but doesn't tell parents," reports the Daily Mail, which quotes "friends" saying they were married in a "really romantic, private ceremony".

"Certainly, the fact that she has embarked upon another union without any kind of pre-nuptial agreement to protect her £12million fortune certainly marks her down as a romantic", the paper's Alison Boshoff muses.

However perhaps slightly less generously, the paper points out this is her third marriage. "Is this the Winslet way? It seems she is in the habit of leaving less time than is entirely polite between ditching one man and taking up with another," it asks.

The Daily Telegraph takes the same theme on a different tack. "Third husband at 37? That's very RocknRoll, Kate," it says. "Marriage No3 as Kate weds her Ned," is the Daily Express' version, which goes on to reveal that Kate was given away by her Titanic co-star Leonardo DiCaprio.

Meanwhile the Sun has an "exclusive" in the form of Sir Richard's wedding present. "I'll make the Earth move for you, Kate," it gushes. The gift? A 60-mile Virgin Galantic flight into space.

Paper Monitor imagines the couple are over the moon.

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